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Kabul, Afghanistan

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GRNlive English to Africa Service, Voice of America FM4 / Osterreichischer Rundfunk CBS News Radio

Sune Engel Rasmussen

I report from Afghanistan for The Guardian, The Economist, Foreign Policy, The New Republic and more. I do regular TV live-crosses and phone beepers for CNN, Sky News, CBS Radio, CBC, Deutsche Welle, TRT World and more.

I have lived in Afghanistan since June 2014, after moving here from Iran where I spent two years. I have a Master's degree from Columbia Journalism School in New York.


Danish English

For the Guardian: Death toll rises in suspected US airstrike on Afghan hospital. Nine staff dead and up to 37 injured in Médecins Sans Frontières hospital as charity says bombing continued for 30 minutes after it raised alarm


For The Economist: Distant hopes. Optimism flickers for peace talks with the Taliban.


For The Guardian: Hamid Karzai seen as an increasing threat to Afghanistan's political stability.


For the Australian magazine Good Weekend: Our questionable legacy in Afghanistan.


For The Guardian: He was the saviour of Afghan music. Then a Taliban bomb took his hearing.


Video for the BBC: Life as an "illegal" rockstar in Iran's Islamic state.

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