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Susana Lay

Distrito de Lima, Peru
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About Susana
Susana Lay is a freelance researcher and writer focusing on socio-environmental issues. She has worked as a freelance scriptwriter at Media Networks for programs focusing on travel, sustainability, and Peruvian ancestral cultures, and her stories have appeared in media such as the Los Angeles Times, Altaïr (Spain), El País (America), and El Malpensante (Colombia) among other local publications.

She has conducted research on aging diversity in Peru during a pandemic with Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health at the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI). She is a Rainforest Journalism Fund and Pulitzer Center grantee now covering Peruvian Amazon topics such as illegal logging at Madre de Dios.
English Spanish
Feature Stories Research Investigative Journalism
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Jhon Narváez, like a fish in water

03 Jan 2023  |  Coolt
Jhon Narváez, an actor from Cartagena, prepares for a challenging casting for the movie 'Rebelión,' directed by José Luis Rugeles, where he must embody the iconic Colombian salsa musician Joe Arroyo. Narváez, who studied Linguistics, Literature, and film direction, has a history of engaging in cultural activities and television acting. His dedication to the role includes studying Arroyo's music, receiving vocal training from Noelia Castilla, and learning from Gustavo García Pantera, a seasoned musician. Despite initial concerns about his singing ability, Narváez's portrayal impresses the director, and he is eventually offered the role. The article details Narváez's emotional connection to the character and his methodical approach to embodying Arroyo's spirit.

Pamela Rodríguez empieza de cero

27 Sep 2022  |  Coolt
Pamela Rodríguez, a Peruvian singer, discusses her move to Galicia, Spain, and her new beginnings both personally and professionally. She reflects on her musical journey, collaborations with notable artists, and the impact of Galicia's environment on her work. Rodríguez's upcoming projects, including her solo work and involvement with the electronic group Los Pilotos, are highlighted, showcasing her evolving artistic direction and the challenges of starting anew in a different country.

The endless battle of the forest guardians against the timber mafia in the Peruvian Amazon

16 Apr 2022  |  El País América
Forest rangers in the Peruvian Amazon, such as Yury Cáceres, face an ongoing battle against illegal loggers who target valuable tree species like shihuahuaco. Despite the efforts of organizations like SERNANP and Junglekeepers, corruption and logistical challenges hinder effective protection of the forests. Rangers like Cáceres and Yony Guevara, who have firsthand experience with logging, now work to protect the forests, engage with local communities, and offer sustainable alternatives. The dangers are real, with 14 environmental defenders killed since the pandemic began, according to the SPDA. The region has seen record deforestation rates, with 203,000 hectares lost in 2020, driven by agricultural expansion, gold mining, and logging. Legal and institutional obstacles, such as unresponsive authorities and a lack of enforcement, exacerbate the situation, leaving rangers to document and witness the destruction with little hope for legal recourse.

Shihuahuaco, God of the Forest and Global Commodity

07 Apr 2022  |  Coolt
Ancient tree species like the shihuahuaco in the Peruvian Amazon, which predate many historical events, are now threatened by human activity and the global demand for wood. Peru set a deforestation record with over 200,000 hectares lost in 2020. The shihuahuaco, capable of reaching 50 meters in height, is particularly targeted, with 184,000 trees felled annually. Forest engineer Tatiana Espinosa argues that the slow growth of these trees makes their logging unsustainable. Despite the ecological value of the shihuahuaco, the economic drive for wood, especially for luxury flooring, continues to fuel illegal logging and environmental degradation. The Environmental Investigation Agency reports ongoing illegal timber exports from Peru, and the National Forestry and Wildlife Service faces pressure not to list the shihuahuaco as a threatened species. The article calls for urgent action to halt the devastation driven by economic interests.

Shihuahuaco: The Story of the Millenary Amazonian Tree and Its Journey Before Reaching a Floor in Hong Kong

10 Feb 2022  |  El Comercio Perú
The article discusses the plight of the shihuahuaco trees, ancient Amazonian hardwoods that are being illegally logged and exported. Yony Guevara, a former illegal logger, now works with Junglekeepers.com to protect the forests. Despite the efforts of conservationists like forest engineer Tatiana Espinosa, who recommends halting the exploitation of these trees due to their low regeneration rate and crucial role in the ecosystem, a network of state officials and large timber entrepreneurs continue to profit from the trade. The Agencia de Investigación Ambiental (EIA) highlights the lack of reliable data and the prevalence of fraudulent documentation in the timber industry. The article also mentions ARBIO Perú, a non-profit organization working to protect the Amazonian forest.

The Other Beirut

27 Jan 2021  |  Altaïr Magazine - Cultura viajera y periodismo para ir más lejos
The article describes a journey through the Peruvian district of Corosha to the private conservation area of Hierba Buena-Allpayacu, home to Andean bears and other wildlife. The travelers, guided by locals including Víctor Ramos and Jorge Meléndez Juárez, traverse challenging terrain on horseback and on foot, observing the rich biodiversity of the cloud forest. They encounter various species, including the once-thought-extinct yellow-tailed woolly monkey. The narrative highlights the efforts of Yunkawasi, an organization working to protect the area's biodiversity, and the personal experiences of the travelers as they immerse themselves in the natural environment.

Somos Magazine: This article, written in Spanish and published in the Saturday supplement of El Comercio, discusses the issue of illegal mining destroying one of the Amazon's most biodiverse regions.


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