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Susanne Gottlieb

Wien, Austria
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About Susanne
Susanne Gottlieb is a journalist based in Wien, Austria.
German English
News Gathering Feature Stories Content Writing
Arts & Books Film & Theatre Entertainment & Celebrity

Alexander Horwath on 'Henry Fonda for President'

01 Mar 2024  |  cineuropa.org
Austrian film curator Alexander Horwath discusses his video essay 'Henry Fonda for President', screened at Berlinale Forum, which explores the narrative of America through the biography and roles of actor Henry Fonda. The film intertwines Fonda's life with US history up to the early 1980s, inviting audiences to reflect on democracy's complexities. Horwath emphasizes the potential for a kind of authorship through performance, and the difficulty in separating an actor's personal life from their on-screen personas.

Alexander Horwath • Director of Henry Fonda for President

01 Mar 2024  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
Austrian filmmaker Alexander Horwath discusses his video essay 'Henry Fonda for President,' which explores the biography of Henry Fonda and its intersections with US history. The film, screened at the Berlinale Forum, delves into Fonda's life, his roles, and the broader historical context, including figures like Jodie Foster, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump. Horwath reflects on the complexities of separating an actor's real life from their fictional personas and invites audiences to consider the ongoing relevance of historical themes in contemporary democracy.

Catherine McCormack and Colin Firth to topline Sky and Peacock series Lockerbie

01 Mar 2024  |  cineuropa.org
Catherine McCormack and Colin Firth are set to star in the Sky and Peacock limited series 'Lockerbie', directed by Otto Bathurst. The series, based on the book 'The Lockerbie Bombing: A Father’s Search for Justice' by Jim Swire and Peter Biddulph, explores the 1988 air disaster and its aftermath. McCormack will play Jane Swire, wife of Dr. Jim Swire, portrayed by Firth, who lost their daughter in the attack. The series will provide an intimate account of Dr. Swire's pursuit of truth and justice. The show is a co-production between Carnival Films and Sky Studios, with David Harrower as the lead writer.

New in Cinema: Which Films Are (Not) Worth Watching

10 Jan 2024  |  www.kleinezeitung.at
The article reviews several new films, highlighting their plots, themes, and overall reception. 'Im letzten Sommer' explores a complex affair and its consequences, 'The Beekeeper' is an action-packed revenge story, 'Smoke Sauna Sisterhood' is a documentary about women's rituals in Estonia, 'Animalia' presents a sci-fi world with human-animal hybrids, and 'Baby To Go' imagines a future where pregnancy is technologically managed. Each film is critiqued for its unique elements, with varying degrees of praise and criticism.

Loser und welche Filme nun starten

03 Jan 2024  |  www.kleinezeitung.at
The article reviews several films, including 'Next Goal Wins,' 'Der Junge und der Reiher,' 'Priscilla,' and 'Sterne zum Dessert.' 'Next Goal Wins' tells the story of the American Samoa football team and their journey under coach Thomas Rongen. 'Der Junge und der Reiher' marks Hayao Miyazaki's return, blending elements of his past works. 'Priscilla' by Sofia Coppola focuses on Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, offering a critical look at Elvis Presley. 'Sterne zum Dessert' follows the true story of Yazid Ichemrahen, a French pastry chef who rose to fame. The reviews highlight the films' themes, direction, and emotional impact.

Director Lila Avilés: One should never try to force a message

07 Dec 2023  |  www.kleinezeitung.at
Mexican director Lila Avilés, known for her successful films including 'Tótem' and 'The Chambermaid,' emphasizes the importance of organic storytelling without forcing messages. 'Tótem,' which explores themes of grief, loss, and hope through the story of a young girl dealing with her father's impending death, has received widespread acclaim and numerous awards. Avilés' work often delves into the emotional landscapes of both children and adults, highlighting the resilience and understanding of young minds.

New in Cinema: 'Wish' and which movies are (not) worth it

29 Nov 2023  |  kleinezeitung.at
Disney's centennial celebration film 'Wish' is criticized for its lack of originality. 'Souls of a River' is a poignant documentary about the Evros River, resonating with viewers. 'Totem' is praised for its careful portrayal of a girl dealing with the impending death of her father. 'Auf dem Weg – 1300 km zu dir' is appreciated for its nature shots and introspection but criticized for its storytelling pace.

Streaming portal THIS IS SHORT is here to stay

21 Nov 2023  |  cineuropa.org
The streaming portal THIS IS SHORT, curated by six European film festivals, will continue to operate year-round starting 20 November 2023. Initially launched during COVID-19 lockdowns, it has been supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA strand of the EU and developed by ThisWayUp, with design by Uniforma. The non-profit project, part of the European Short Film Network, aims to support European and international short films and filmmakers. It will feature 100 films from around 30 countries, focusing on the short format as a source of innovation for film art.

Societal injustice, war and female emancipation rule the Viennale awards

02 Nov 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
The 61st Viennale concluded with awards celebrating films that address societal issues such as war, social injustice, and female emancipation. The main prize went to 'Signs of War' by Juri Rechinsky and Pierre Crom, while 'Europa' by Sudabeh Mortezai received a special award. Other notable winners included 'Losing Faith' by Martha Mechow, 'Rickerl' by Adrian Goiginger, 'Shadow of Fire' by Tsukamoto Shinya, and 'Smoke Sauna Sisterhood' by Anna Hints. The festival saw high attendance and numerous sold-out screenings, reflecting its success and popularity.

Social Injustice, War, and Female Liberation Dominate the Viennale

31 Oct 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
The 61st Viennale concluded with a celebration of films addressing social injustice, war, generational trauma, and female emancipation. The Vienna Film Award for Best Austrian Film was awarded to 'Signs of War' by Juri Rechinsky and Pierre Crom, documenting the war in Ukraine. 'Europa' by Sudabeh Mortezai won the Special Jury Prize, while the Erste Bank MehrWERT Award was shared by 'Losing Faith' by Martha Mechow and 'Rickerl' by Adrian Goiginger. 'Shadow of Fire' by Tsukamoto Shinya received the DER STANDARD Reader Jury Award, and the FIPRESCI Award went to 'Smoke Sauna Sisterhood' by Anna Hints. The festival saw high attendance and numerous sold-out screenings, reflecting its success and popularity.

Critique: LaRoy

26 Oct 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
In Shane Atkinson's feature debut 'LaRoy,' a small-town murder and stolen money disrupt the lives of its citizens, leading to a series of comedic and touching events. The film, set in the backcountry of Texas, explores themes of respect, fragile male egos, and the pursuit of dreams in a town marked by economic stagnation. With a blend of humor and heart, Atkinson highlights the challenges and absurdities faced by the characters, culminating in a narrative that critiques the pursuit of masculine identity in a country unprepared to handle its darker aspects.

Review: LaRoy

26 Oct 2023  |  cineuropa.org
In 'LaRoy,' Shane Atkinson's feature debut, small-town citizens in Texas face a series of misadventures involving murder and stolen money. The film, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and is now showing at the 61st Viennale, combines dark comedy with a critique of rural American life. Characters like Ray Repsen, played by John Magaro, and Steve Zahn's wannabe detective Skip navigate a world of misunderstandings, fragile male egos, and a quest for respect and prospects. Atkinson's film is noted for its warm visuals, country music, and a blend of humor and heart in portraying the American underbelly.

The 61st Viennale revs up

19 Oct 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
The 61st Viennale, running from 19-31 October, features a diverse line-up of films, including major festival hits and local productions. The festival aims to attract a broad audience while reflecting on contemporary challenges. Highlights include Gábor Reisz's 'Explanation for Everything,' Margarethe von Trotta's 'Ingeborg Bachmann – Journey into the Desert,' and international winners from Berlin, Cannes, and Venice. The retrospective focuses on Chilean cinema and Raúl Ruiz, marking the 50th anniversary of Pinochet's coup. Special guests include Catherine Deneuve, with Quentin Dupieux's 'Yannick' closing the festival.

The 61st Viennale warms up

19 Oct 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
The 61st Viennale, running from 19-31 October, features a diverse line-up of films, including major festival hits and crowd-pleasers. The festival aims to draw in local audiences and reflect on contemporary challenges, with the opening film 'Explanation for Everything' by Gábor Reisz addressing issues in Hungary. Highlights include Austrian productions, international award winners, and retrospectives on Raúl Ruiz and Chilean cinema. The festival will also feature industry talks and special events, with the closing film being Quentin Dupieux's comedy 'Yannick'.

Film of the Week: 'Killers of the Flower Moon': America's Original Sin Against Indigenous People

18 Oct 2023  |  kleinezeitung.at
Martin Scorsese's latest epic, 'Killers of the Flower Moon,' addresses the historical murders of Native Americans in Osage County during the 1920s, based on journalist David Grann's book. The film stars Scorsese's muses Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, with DiCaprio playing the naive Ernest Burkhart and De Niro portraying the duplicitous William King Hale. The story revolves around the Osage tribe, who were relocated to an inhospitable land in Oklahoma that later turned out to have valuable oil reserves. As the tribe members begin to die mysteriously, the white spouses, children, or trustees like Hale inherit the land. Scorsese's narrative draws parallels to contemporary society and avoids portraying the indigenous community as passive victims, with Lily Gladstone's performance as Mollie being particularly noted for its strength.

The 61st Viennale revs its engines

18 Oct 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
The 61st Viennale, running from 19-31 October, features a diverse line-up of festival hits, crowd-pleasers, and a focus on Chilean cinema. The festival opens with Gábor Reisz's 'Explanation for Everything,' reflecting on Hungary under Viktor Orban. Highlights include Margarethe von Trotta's 'Ingeborg Bachmann – Journey into the Desert,' and films by Jessica Hausner, Sudabeh Mortezai, and Sofia Exarchou. The retrospective honors Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz, marking the 50th anniversary of Pinochet's coup. The festival closes with Quentin Dupieux's comedy 'Yannick.'

The 61st Viennale gears up

18 Oct 2023  |  cineuropa.org
The 61st Viennale, Vienna's film festival, is set to take place from October 19-31 with a lineup that includes discoveries, major festival hits, and crowd-pleasers. The opening film is Gábor Reisz's 'Explanation for Everything', reflecting on Hungary under Viktor Orban. The festival features Austrian productions, international winners from Berlin, Cannes, and Venice, and a retrospective dedicated to Raúl Ruiz and Chilean cinema on the 50th anniversary of Pinochet's coup. Austrian cinema of the 1980s and works by James Baldwin are also highlighted. The industry section includes talks from Alba Rohrwacher and Radu Jude, with Catherine Deneuve as a special guest. The closing film is Quentin Dupieux's comedy 'Yannick', and the Kunsthalle returns as the festival's headquarters.

Streaming portal THIS IS SHORT is here to stay - Industry Report: Distribution, Exhibition and Streaming

10 Oct 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
The streaming portal THIS IS SHORT, initially launched during the COVID-19 pandemic by six European film festivals, is transitioning into a year-round service starting 20 November 2023. Curated by Vienna Shorts, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Go Short, Short Waves, IndieLisboa, and Uppsala Kortfilmfestival, the platform will feature 100 films from around 30 countries, with new additions during festival runs. Supported by the European Short Film Network and Creative Europe - MEDIA, and developed by ThisWayUp with design by Uniforma, the non-profit project aims to support European and international short films and filmmakers, focusing exclusively on the short format.

Filming begins for the adaptation of Marianengraben

05 Oct 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
Eileen Byrne, a Luxembourgish director, is making her feature film debut with the adaptation of Jasmin Schreiber's novel 'Marianengraben'. The film follows Paula, who finds hope and friendship after the tragic death of her brother. The cast includes Swiss actress Luna Wedler and Edgar Selge. The international co-production involves partners from Luxembourg, Austria, and Italy, with support from various film funds. Alamode Film will distribute the film in Germany and Austria in 2024.

Review: Woodland

29 Sep 2023  |  cineuropa.org
Elisabeth Scharang's film 'Woodland', adapted from Doris Knecht's novel, premiered in Toronto and is set to screen at Zurich before launching in Austrian cinemas. The film, starring Brigitte Hobmeier, explores themes of mental trauma and healing set against rural winter landscapes. It follows Marian, a former star-journalist and survivor of an attack, who retreats to her grandmother's old farmhouse to find peace and confront her past. The film uses sombre landscapes, local characters, and flashbacks to depict Marian's journey of healing and the impact of her return on her childhood friends' lives. The narrative progresses from a murky autumn to a sun-filled late spring, symbolizing the characters' growth and recovery.

Critique: Projekt Ballhausplatz

21 Sep 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
The documentary 'Projekt Ballhausplatz' by Kurt Langbein examines the rise and fall of Sebastian Kurz, former Austrian chancellor, highlighting his manipulative tactics and disregard for democratic structures. The film uses a mix of TV footage and interviews to recount Kurz's political journey from 2010 to his resignation in 2021. It portrays Kurz negatively, associating him with figures like Viktor Orbán, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump, and criticizes his right-wing politics. The documentary serves as a moral appeal against populist ideas, though it may lack contemporary relevance outside Austria.

Vienna Calling Review

01 Sep 2023  |  cineuropa.org
Vienna Calling, a music documentary-cum-musical by Philipp Jedicke, explores Vienna's underground music scene, portraying the city's subcultures and creative spirit. The film features artists like Lydia Haider and Der Nino aus Wien, avoiding clichéd portrayals of Vienna and instead focusing on its alternative and youth scenes. Despite its authentic feel and unique perspectives, the documentary struggles to delve deeply into its subjects. Vienna Calling premiered at the 2023 Diagonale and is being shown in Austrian cinemas, released by Filmladen Filmverleih GmbH and produced by Amour Fou Vienna GmbH in cooperation with Germany's Fruitmarket & Lizenzen.

Vera, Eismayer and Corsage triumph at the Austrian Film Awards

15 Jun 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
The 13th Austrian Film Awards celebrated the success of Austria's festival-circuit movies, with Vera and Eismayer emerging as the biggest winners. Vera won Best Feature Film, Best Director, and Best Film Editing, while Eismayer secured awards for Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Score. Corsage, despite controversies, won several awards including Best Leading Actress and Best Cinematography. Other notable winners included Elfriede Jelinek – Language Unleashed for Best Documentary and Rubikon for Best Sound Editing and Best Production Design. The event emphasized themes of visibility, diversity, and inclusion, with speeches addressing industry issues such as abuse of power and safe working conditions.

Review: Uninspired Vampire

22 May 2023  |  www.heldenderfreizeit.com
The comedic continuation of the Dracula story set in New Orleans had potential but is hindered by its formulaic approach. Directed by Chris McKay, the film focuses on Renfield, Dracula's servant, and his struggle for independence. Despite some splatter and a wild performance by Nicolas Cage, the film fails to deliver a cohesive narrative. The characters and plot are criticized for being unconvincing and clichéd, making the film a lackluster experience overall.

Critique: Exaggerated Action

17 May 2023  |  www.heldenderfreizeit.com
The tenth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, despite its high-octane action, fails to recapture the charm of its earlier films. The plot centers around Dominic Toretto and his crew facing off against Dante Reyes, the vengeful son of a former antagonist. The film is criticized for its over-the-top action sequences, lack of character development, and convoluted storyline. New characters are introduced but quickly forgotten, and the film's logic and quality are described as fragile. Overall, the review suggests that the franchise has lost its appeal, offering little more than exaggerated action scenes.

Review: She Chef

03 May 2023  |  cineuropa.org
She Chef, a documentary by Melanie Liebheit and Gereon Wetzel, follows chef Agnes Karrasch's journey through international restaurant kitchens, highlighting her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated field of Haute Cuisine. The film, which premiered at DOK Leipzig 2022 and had its Austrian premiere at Crossing Europe 2023, showcases Karrasch's internships at Vendôme, Disfrutar, and Koks, focusing on her personal growth, ambition, and the challenges of sexism and work-life balance in the culinary world. Karrasch's story culminates in her finding a harmonious blend of professional success and personal life in the Faroe Islands.

Movie Releases April 2023: Dracula, a Bear on Cocaine, and Super Mario

01 Apr 2023  |  www.heldenderfreizeit.com
April's movie releases feature a mix of blockbusters and indie films, with highlights including 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie,' 'Cocaine Bear,' 'Empire of Light,' 'Renfield,' 'The Whale,' and the Austrian horror film 'Heimsuchung.' The article provides detailed previews and critiques of these films, emphasizing notable performances by actors such as Jack Black, Chris Pratt, Olivia Colman, and Brendan Fraser. The sentiment towards the movies and actors is generally positive, especially for Nintendo fans and Brendan Fraser's comeback role.

In Search of Childhood – '27 Storeys' by Bianca Gleissinger

20 Mar 2023  |  The Gap
Bianca Gleissinger's film '27 Storeys' explores her childhood memories and generational conflicts in the Wohnpark Alterlaa, a notable example of affordable housing in Vienna. The film, which premiered at the Diagonale in Graz, delves into the unique living conditions and community spirit fostered by architect Harry Glück's vision. Gleissinger reflects on her upbringing and the stark differences in perceptions of social housing between Austria and Germany. The narrative intertwines personal stories of residents, highlighting the challenges and changes over time, and underscores the enduring impact of the Wohnpark on its aging population.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

16 Mar 2023  |  www.heldenderfreizeit.com
Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the sequel to the 2019 hit, returns with Billy Batson and his foster siblings facing new divine enemies. Despite the interesting premise, the film fails to deliver the humor and charm of its predecessor, offering a typical superhero blockbuster with little emotional depth. The performances of Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu are highlights, but the film is criticized for its lack of character dynamics and an overreliance on CGI without substantial emotional engagement.

Review: Rickerl

11 Mar 2023  |  cineuropa.org
Adrian Goiginger's film 'Rickerl' takes an emotional dive into Vienna's pub and music scene, featuring Austrian singer-songwriter Voodoo Jürgens in his acting debut. The film, which premiered at the 61st Viennale, explores the life of a character similar to Jürgens, who faces generational trauma and struggles to balance personal aspirations with adult responsibilities. Despite the protagonist's flaws, the film is praised for its heart, musical interludes, and authentic portrayal of Vienna's traditional bars.

Christoph Hochhäusler • Director of Till the End of the Night

07 Mar 2023  |  Cineuropa - the best of european cinema
Christoph Hochhäusler discusses his film 'Till the End of the Night,' which explores contemporary love stories and the essence of staying true to oneself. The film features a complex relationship between a trans woman, Leni, and a gay policeman, Robert, set against a backdrop of a drug investigation. Hochhäusler delves into the symbolic use of obstacles, the challenges of identity and self-acceptance, and the unconventional portrayal of a gangster character. The narrative leaves viewers questioning the truth and trustworthiness of the characters, reflecting the director's fascination with film noir.

Christoph Hochhäusler - Director of Till the End of the Night

07 Mar 2023  |  cineuropa.org
In an interview at Berlinale 2023, director Christoph Hochhäusler discusses his film 'Till the End of the Night', focusing on modern-day romances and the concept of staying true to oneself. The film features a romance between a trans woman, Leni, and a gay, emotionally distant cop, Robert, intertwined with a drug investigation. Hochhäusler explores themes of personal identity, societal expectations, and the complexities of relationships, including the challenges faced by Robert in dealing with Leni's transition. The film also subverts typical narratives by including LGBTQ characters and a gangster with emotional intelligence.

Oscars 2023: The Nominees and Favorites in the Odds

06 Mar 2023  |  heldenderfreizeit.com
The Oscars 2023 are set to take place on March 12 in Los Angeles, with Jimmy Kimmel hosting the event. Controversy surrounds the nomination of Andrea Riseborough for Best Actress, which has been criticized for alleged prohibited lobbying. The article provides an analysis of the favorites and nominations in the top nine categories, including predictions for winners such as 'Im Westen nichts Neues' for Best International Film and Guillermo del Toro's 'Pinocchio' for Best Animated Feature. Angela Bassett, Ke Huy Quan, Cate Blanchett, and Michelle Yeoh are among those highlighted as likely winners in their respective acting categories. The directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert are predicted to win Best Director, and 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' is expected to win Best Picture.

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