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Sven Paulus

Tartu, Estonia
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About Sven
Sven Paulus is a independent journalist currently based in Tartu, Estonia.

Sven is a news and also traveling journalist and reporter, storyteller and media relations manager with 25 years of experience in various channels: radios, TV, newspapers, magazines and online media, while consulting NGO-s on media issues. He had a pleasure to work as a professional author for Estonian Public Broadcasting TV and radio channels from 2003-2012 with an audience that reached to 25% of the whole Estonian population. 

Sven has mostly covered science and environment topics, contributing hundreds of audiovisual broadcasts and written stories from 17 countries.
English Estonian
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In-depth article how Estonia is preparing for a hydrogen economy.

15 Dec 2023

Arbonics’ new forest economy benefits sustainability and landowners — Invest in Estonia

09 Nov 2023
Arbonics, co-founded by Kristjan Lepik and Lisett Luik, is a company that aims to provide new income sources for forest and landowners by leveraging nature-based solutions to combat climate change and improve the voluntary carbon market. The company assists landowners in realizing the full potential of their land, particularly through carbon sequestration via afforestation. Arbonics developed a data-driven platform in collaboration with the University of Tartu, which analyzes land plots to determine their suitability for forest planting and potential carbon sequestration. The company caters to various landowners in Estonia, Latvia, and Finland and handles the process of earning and selling carbon credits, including certification and monitoring. Despite the challenges of a new and evolving carbon market, Arbonics is committed to strict environmental standards and competes with less stringent global players.

How Estonia becomes a trendsetter in the new forestry and timber industry — Invest in Estonia

02 Nov 2023
The article discusses how Estonian companies Timbeter and Fibenol are innovating in the forestry and timber industries. Timbeter, led by CEO Anna-Greta Tsahkna, uses artificial intelligence to measure timber and improve transparency and efficiency in the supply chain. The company operates in over 40 countries and focuses on safety and digital capabilities. Fibenol, headed by Peep Pitk, aims to replace fossil fuels with wood-derived chemicals and make roadworks carbon neutral. Fibenol has developed technology to use low-quality wood for producing lignin, pulp, and sugars, and is working towards producing specialty chemicals. Both companies are involved in global collaborations and are contributing to the green revolution by optimizing logistics to reduce carbon footprints and promoting sustainable industry models.

Experts: Estonian economy will take time to return to previous levels

31 Aug 2023
Economic analysts from LHV and SEB predict that Estonia's economy will begin to recover next year, but caution that it will take a significant period of improvement to return to pre-recession levels. Heido Vitsur from LHV notes that while GDP has shown a small improvement, it is primarily due to the government sector, and high inflation is still a major issue eroding the value of money. Mihkel Nestor from SEB observes that all sectors of the Estonian economy looked poor in the second quarter, with declines in exports, manufacturing output, and private consumption. SEB's forecast is particularly pessimistic, projecting only 1.5 percent growth next year. Both analysts agree that the downturn in Sweden and Finland's markets will negatively impact Estonia, potentially leading to increased unemployment and affecting other sectors.

Almost every third registered vehicle unused in Estonia

10 Aug 2023
In Estonia, approximately one-third of the vehicles listed in the traffic register are unused, with many abandoned and deteriorating. Piret Otsason from the Ministry of Climate highlights the environmental risks posed by the hazardous fluids these vehicles can leak. Cities face challenges with these wrecks obstructing traffic, occupying parking spaces, and even becoming shelters for the homeless. Rein Haak and Tiit Terik discuss the efforts in Tartu and Tallinn to address the issue, with Tallinn's MUPO removing over 500 vehicles last year. The introduction of a car tax has prompted owners to dispose of their unused vehicles, leading to a rise in scrapping requests, according to Siim Sellik of the Estonian Automotive Recyclers' Association. Estonia also has a robust vehicle recycling system, with body shops recycling parts and scrapyards processing around 18,000 cars in 2020.

Proposed changes to parental sick leave compensation in Estonia

02 Nov 2022
The Estonian Union of Child Welfare has proposed changes to the compensation system for parents caring for a sick child, addressing an issue that has been unresolved for 16 years. The current system calculates sick leave compensation based on a minimum salary rate rather than the parent's actual salary, resulting in significantly lower payments for parents exiting the parental pay period. This discrepancy affects around 11,000 parents, particularly single-parent families. The proposed amendments, which would cost approximately €4.5 million, were discussed in the Riigikogu. Minister of Social Protection Signe Riisalo supports the appeal and believes the changes could be implemented by January 1, 2024, if processed quickly.

Estonian Companies Leading the Way in Unmanned Vehicle Development

04 Feb 2021
The article discusses the evolution of Estonian companies in the unmanned vehicle sector, focusing on Milrem, which transitioned from a bus repair company to a key player in the defence industry. Milrem Robotics, a spin-off from Milrem, specializes in both civilian and military robotics, with products like THeMIS and Type-X RCV. The company is a market leader in Europe, with a presence in nine countries and plans to expand. Milrem's vehicles are distinguished by their electric-hybrid design and innovative architecture. The company collaborates with universities for R&D and is navigating the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Milworks, another spin-off, continues to provide maintenance services for military vehicles and weapon systems. The article also highlights Estonia's potential in the electronics and mechatronics sector and invites investment.

An in-depth article on how does climate affect elks.

27 Apr 2017  |  www.looduskalender.ee
Rauno Veeroja from the Estonian Environment Information Centre has conducted a study on the impact of environmental conditions on the elk population in Estonia. The research, which forms the basis of his doctoral thesis, utilizes data from elk hunting and surveillance, including biosamples from hunted elks. The study reveals that nearly half of the elk population is culled annually to prevent forest damage. Veeroja's work focuses on the fecundity of elks, analyzing reproductive tracts of female elks to inform hunting quotas. Despite the high hunting rates, the elk population is in good condition, with an estimated 12,000 elks before calving season. The research also examines the effects of winter weather on elk growth and fertility, finding that both severe and warmer-than-average winters have negative impacts. The study suggests that climate variability has a stronger effect on elk life-history parameters than primary climate indicators. Veeroja's dissertation offers insights into the timing of conception and its influence on offspring, with early conception leading to more male offspring and multiple embryos.

A video about Norway Grants that support green industry innovation programmes in Estonia. I contributed as interviewing journalist and location manager.

Feature story about famous anarchist Nestor Makhno from Ukraine. Aired at the international Babel Radio Show at Rádio Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.

27 Apr 2017  |  SoundCloud
The article is a feature piece on the famous Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Makhno, which is part of an upcoming episode of the Babel Radio Show at RUC. The story likely delves into the historical figure of Makhno, exploring his life, philosophy, and impact on anarchism and Ukrainian history. The feature is intended to provide listeners with an in-depth look at Makhno's legacy and the context in which he operated, possibly drawing parallels with contemporary issues or movements.

An in-depth article about robotics R&D in Estonia.

27 Apr 2017  |  Invest in Estonia
The article highlights Estonia's achievements in education and workforce skills, particularly in IT. Estonian students are top performers globally in science, mathematics, and reading. The workforce is multilingual, entrepreneurial, and competitive, ranking first in Europe for entrepreneurial employee activity. The industrial sector in Estonia is known for its engineering and electronics expertise, while the IT sector is recognized for software development, high-tech systems, and cybersecurity. Estonia is also a pioneer in integrating design, engineering, and digital expertise, leading advancements in IoT, Blockchain, and telecommunications.

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