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Svetlana Ivanova

Moscow, Russia
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About Svetlana
Svetlana Ivanova is a photojournalist based in Moscow, Russia.
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A Water-Stable Boronate Ester Cage

13 May 2024  |  pubs.acs.org
Cubic boronate ester cages with unprecedented robustness and stability under ambient conditions were synthesized using a dynamic covalent approach. Sterically demanding t-Bu groups were installed in ortho-positions of diboronic acid precursor 4, which kinetically suppressed exchange of oxygen substituents under neutral conditions but allowed catalysis in acidic media. These cages can dissolve in protic solvents like MeOH and tolerate slightly acidic conditions without degradation. Crystalline samples of 6a remained structurally intact and retained microporous solid-state arrangement even after prolonged storage in MeOH or H2O. The cages demonstrated potential for adsorption of β-carotene and on-demand release under strong acidic stimulus, and encapsulation of a molecular Ru catalyst for photocatalytic water oxidation with enhanced kinetics and stability.

Size Determination of Organic Cages by Diffusion NMR Spectroscopy

15 Apr 2024  |  chemistry-europe.onlinelibrary.wiley.com
The article presents a study on the size determination of covalent organic cages using diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy (DOSY). It discusses the challenges in characterizing complex cage structures and how DOSY NMR can be a powerful tool to distinguish cages by size in solution. The study provides a guideline for determining diffusion coefficients from 1H-DOSY NMR spectra and elaborates on the influence of solvent, guest encapsulation, and exohedral substituents on diffusion behavior. The research includes comprehensive measurements on various cage compounds, analyzing the correlation between diffusion and molecular mass for different cage topologies and extending investigations to various covalent organic cages from the literature.

Isoreticular Crystallization of Highly Porous Cubic Covalent Organic Cage Compounds

13 Apr 2024  |  onlinelibrary.wiley.com
The study explores the synthesis of molecular nanocubes through co-condensation processes and the effects of varying alkyl substituents on solubility and precipitation. The research details the self-assembly of novel cubic cages, their characterization, and the analysis of their solubility, mobility, and structural integrity. The study also discusses the challenges in obtaining single crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction and the successful crystallization of cages in a trigonal space group. The findings reveal the isoreticular packing within the series of cages and the potential of these cages for selective gas sorption and the design of porous materials.

Global Overview of Modern Research Based on Ellenberg Indicator Values

21 Dec 2023  |  MDPI
The study analyzes the use of Ellenberg indicator values in ecological research from 2020 to 2022, focusing on habitat assessment and vegetation dynamics. It reveals that most studies were conducted in Germany and Poland, with forests and grasslands being the primary focus. The research confirms the effectiveness of Ellenberg indicator values in addressing ecological niches, habitat analysis, and the impact of various factors on plants. The study also highlights the importance of adapting these values for new regions and improving ecosystem assessment methodologies. Despite recent publication, the articles are actively cited, indicating the relevance and scientific significance of the research.

Artificial Intelligence Methods for the Construction and Management of Buildings

26 Oct 2023  |  MDPI
Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses various methods and disciplines such as vision, perception, speech, decision making, and robotics, with applications in construction to enhance safety and efficiency. The study reviews scientific publications on AI in construction, highlighting the use of 3D modeling, machine learning, computer vision, and unmanned aircraft systems. AI technologies are shown to improve construction management, safety, and productivity, addressing issues like low labor productivity and high accident rates. The research emphasizes the need for digitalization in the construction industry to optimize resources and ensure sustainable development. The study also discusses the historical development of AI in construction, the role of AI in ensuring safety, cost estimation, contract management, and logistics, and the prospects and limitations of AI in the industry.

Municipal and Industrial Urban Waste: Legal Aspects of Safe Management

25 May 2023  |  mdpi.com
The article examines the current state of solid waste management systems in developed and developing countries, with a focus on the features and prospects of waste management in Russia. It identifies the organizational, sanitary, and legal measures in place, and the legal regulation of relations and law enforcement practices in the field of solid municipal waste management. The text highlights the positive experiences of countries implementing sustainable systems of safe waste management and discusses the positions of judicial bodies on controversial issues of waste management in cities. The study aims to provide a basis for an environmental policy of safe waste management at all levels of public authority and to improve legislation in the field of waste management.

Evaluation of the Prospects for the Use of Microalgae in Functional Bread Production

08 Dec 2022  |  MDPI
The study explores the potential of using microalgae, specifically Arthrospira platensis and Chlorella vulgaris, as ingredients in functional bread production. The research involved baking bread with varying concentrations of microalgae and analyzing its organoleptic, physicochemical, and antioxidant properties. Findings indicate that bread with 3% microalgae content had the best balance of texture, taste, and nutritional value, including increased polyphenol content and antioxidant capacity. The study concludes that microalgae-enriched bread could offer improved nutritional and biological value, making it a competitive alternative to traditional wheat bread.

Circuits regulating pleasure and happiness – focus on potential biomarkers for circuitry including the habenuloid complex

01 Jan 2022  |  www.cambridge.org
The article explores the complexity of neuronal circuits in the central nervous system, focusing on the habenuloid complex and its potential as a biomarker for psychiatric disorders. It discusses the evolutionary development of the forebrain and the dorsal diencephalic connection system, emphasizing the role of genetic variants of receptors, transporters, or enzymes in predicting treatment responses. The most promising biomarkers are linked to the activation or inhibition of the nicotine receptor, dopamine D4 receptor, μ-opioid receptor, and the functioning of habenular glia cells. The article calls for more nuanced research into the habenula's role in mental disorders and the development of specific biomarkers.

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