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Takheroubt Brahim

Based in Algiers, Brahim Takheroubt is a journalist specialised in political and security affairs. he is currently working as a managing editor at the "Expression" Newspaper, a francophone newspaper 

He is a regular guest for various  political programs on the national TV and for many foreign channels. Brahim has been covering many major event, amongst those he has been a foreign correspondant the American presidential election which saw the first Black American president being elected Barack Obama in November 2008. 
He has also been a regular commentator and analyst during the "Arab Spring", particularly in Tunisia, he has been a regular guest on numerous program during the events which saw the overthrown of the dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

He is a regularly invited to answer questions and comment concerning security questions in the South of the country, at the borders with Mali and Libya. 
Living in a country which has gone through one of the most atrocious war against terrorism, Brahim Takheroubt has acquired an immense knowledge in this matter and one of the finest analysis expressed in north Africa and the  Arab world concerning the subject . He has become one of the finest expert reporting on the security matters particularly about The Sahel region.
The last two years Brahim has regularly been invited as an expert for the group "strategic vision", an annual meetings for the "Russia-Islamic world", an important event taking place each year in Moscow, sponsored by the Tatarstan President  R. Minnikhanov and entitled: "journalists of the muslims countries against extremism".
Brahim Takheroubt has this unique visions about the recent tumultuous times the region is enduring, as he is  combining the francophone and the anglo-saxon journalism . he is working in an french-speaking country but he has studied and been formed for this profession in the United States.

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Brahim allocution in french to the UNESCO center was to point out the diificulties women are facing to maintain a career in the media/ press, and their major role within the family unit that is highly demanding. his allocution brought out this concept of " the dynamic malaise" . La femme journalistes en Algérie Le malaise dynamique Aujourd’hui près de 44% des journalistes sont des femmes, une proportion appelée à croître puisque 60% des étudiants à l’Institut national des sciences de l’information et de la communication sont des filles. Il n’ y a aucune discrimination dans l’accès à l’emploi ( recommandations d’une récente étude réalisée par le ministère de la communication en partenariat avec l’ONU –Femmes ), comme il n’a y a pas de description dans les salaires. Pour ce derniers point je peux en témoigner pour la rédaction que je dirige au Journal L’Expression). Cependant, les femmes qui sont presque majoritaires dans les rédactions sont moins bien représentée dans le


Brahim's speech in Russia during the last conference. The democracy in the Arab world and how are those countries reacting to any foreign intervention. the consequence and the reality of the so called "Arab spring".

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