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Islamabad, Pakistan

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Talha Ahad

Talha is a curious and contemplative Freelance multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker. He is well versed in international politics and current affairs. He is a storyteller specializing in conflict, documenting social issues and humanitarian crisis in conflict-affected regions as well as covering national and international events. He direct, produce, shoot and edit. He had done assignments for MSNBS, VICE NEWS, GUARDIAN, SKY NEWS.

Talha graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a Masters in Film and Television and hold a BA in Mass Communication. His work has taken him to many countries where he has gained valuable experience.

Currently based in Islamabad.


English Urdu


Malik Jalal says he's on a secret CIA kill list and has narrowly escaped death by drone four times. He is part of the North Waziristan Peace Committee (NWPC), which is based in a region of Pakistan that has seen more than 300 documented strikes, according to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Reprieve, the human rights organization representing Jalal, claims that Western intelligence agents believe the NWPC is providing a safe haven for the Taliban. Jalal says that the NWPC is attempting to secure peace in the region. VICE News meets Malik Jalal in Pakistan and London to find out about a legal action he is pursuing to get his name stripped from the kill list — and prevent further drone strikes in North Waziristan.


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