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Tamar Svanidze

Tbilisi, Georgia
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About Tamar
Tamar Svanidze is a freelance journalist mostly covering political and social developments in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe. She has experience in the field of elections, human rights and post-conflict development. She is experienced in assisting media crew in different projects.
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Pope Makes Contentious Georgia Visit

05 Apr 2024  |  iwpr.net
Pope Francis's visit to Georgia was disrupted by protests from radical members of the Georgian Orthodox Church, who oppose dialogue with the Catholic Church. Despite the protests and a lower turnout for the Mass, the Pope considered the visit a success, expressing admiration for Georgia's Christian culture and Patriarch Ilia II. The Pope's message emphasized the importance of respecting minorities and the enrichment that can come from ethnic, linguistic, political, or religious distinctions. After Georgia, the Pope continued to Azerbaijan.

Georgian Women Struggle To Access Safe Abortion

01 Apr 2016  |  Institute for War & Peace Reporting
In Georgia, despite the legality of abortion, women face significant challenges in accessing safe abortion services due to societal pressures, religious beliefs, and financial barriers. A survey by CRRC Georgia found that 69% of Georgian women could never justify an abortion, influenced by the Georgian Orthodox Church's stance. Some doctors refuse to perform abortions based on religious grounds. The Georgian Dream party supports abortion reluctantly, focusing on improving social conditions to reduce the need for abortions. Costs of abortion services are high, leading some women to seek illegal procedures. The libertarian party in Georgia advocates for women's right to choose, while the Public Defender's report highlights a lack of access to contraceptive information and the issue of gender-selective abortions. Education and stigma around female sexuality are also contributing factors to the challenges faced by Georgian women regarding abortion.

National minorities who live in towns and villages across Georgia usually have a common problem - poor knowledge or lack of knowledge of the state language. This forces them to be in an ‘information vacuum’, where they are cut off from social and political life of Georgia and consequentially, have a weak interest in the elections.

Pankisi Gorge is located at the very eastern end of the Kakheti region, on the border between Georgia and Russia. It is about 60 kilometers east of the border with Chechnya. After the military confrontation between Russia and Chechnya in the 1990’s, hundreds of Chechen refugees were resettled in Pankisi Gorge with the Kists. How the Pankisi young people see their role in the development of the Georgian state often reflects their attitudes towards elections.


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