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Tanja Matic

Den Haag, Netherlands
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About Tanja
Tanja Matic is a journalist based in Den Haag, Netherlands.
Bosnian English Croatian
News Gathering Feature Stories Content Writing
Fact Checking

Gay Kosovars Flirt With Danger

10 Jun 2015  |  iwpr.net
Gay individuals in Kosovo face significant challenges due to societal prejudice and the lack of legal protections against hate crimes. Despite homosexuality not being illegal, it remains taboo, and gay rights activists report regular incidents of violence and intimidation. The situation is exacerbated by homophobic views expressed in local media and by religious leaders. Human rights groups have been criticized for their lack of clear stance on the issue. The recent conflict with Serbia and the influence of traditional Albanian laws have contributed to the stigmatization of the LGBTQ community. Some members of the gay and lesbian association have been victims of assault, and there is a fear of being outed, which prevents many from reporting hate crimes. The article highlights the struggle for acceptance and the dangers faced by gay Kosovars, who often lead double lives to avoid societal backlash.

Balkan Blood Ties: Children of The Hague's Accused Deny the 'War Crimes' of Their Fathers

17 Feb 2015  |  www.vice.com
Children of men indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for war crimes during the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s share their experiences and the impact of the charges on their families. The article explores the personal stories of these families, their reactions to the indictments and convictions, and the broader ethnic and political sentiments surrounding the tribunal's work. It also touches on the challenges of reconciling personal memories with public accusations and the complexities of historical guilt and responsibility.

Real Lives Offstage at the Hague Tribunal

11 Aug 2014  |  Balkan Insight
The article explores the personal lives of families of those accused at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. It delves into how the children and grandchildren of the accused cope with the indictments and judgments against their loved ones, and how these trials affect their daily lives. The author, Tanja Matic, shares her experiences meeting these families and highlights the common experiences and mutual understanding among them, despite their fathers being on opposite sides in the war.

Disability is not an obstacle to success

16 Mar 2014  |  www.novimagazin.rs
Ester Vergeer, a wheelchair tennis player from the Netherlands, is celebrated for her unparalleled success in the sport, including a decade of undefeated play and 470 victories. Despite her achievements, she remains humble and does not consider herself the greatest athlete of all time. Her career began after a spinal surgery at age nine left her paralyzed. Vergeer found joy in wheelchair basketball and tennis, eventually focusing solely on tennis. She faced challenges, including the pressure of maintaining her winning streak and learning to live a non-sporting life after retirement. Vergeer has been praised by notable figures like Novak Djokovic and has worked to promote sports for disabled individuals, aiming for greater public attention and integration of Paralympic sports. Her foundation supports future Paralympians and encourages a healthy, active lifestyle for disabled children in the Netherlands.

Trial Threat Hangs Over Suva Reka Suspects

11 Sep 2007  |  Balkan Insight
Authorities in Belgrade have launched an investigation into nine Serbian police officers suspected of murdering 48 ethnic Albanians in Suva Reka, Kosovo, in 1999. The case, reopened after years of delays, highlights the involvement of the Serbian police in war crimes and the ongoing struggle for justice. The investigation has political implications, with some viewing it as a move to prepare the public for Kosovo's independence. Human rights activists criticize the slow pace and political influence on the investigation, while some remain skeptical about the outcome. The case underscores the need for institutional reform within the Serbian police.

Hague Court Casts a Shadow Over Serbia’s Day Of Triumph


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