Taran Volckhausen

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Medellin, Colombia

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Taran Volckhausen

Taran Volckhausen is a journalist based in Medellín, Colombia. He is managing editor at English news website Colombia Reports.


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15 years of Plan Colombia: Victories and failures (Colombia Reports) Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos and his United States counterpart Barack Obama meet to celebrate 15 years of Plan Colombia, a US-financed strategy to curb drug trafficking in the South American country that has seen major victories and epic failures.


POLICE IN COLOMBIA ACCUSED OF SPYING ON JOURNALIST INVESTIGATING PROSTITUTION RING (The Intercept) Colombia's National Police forces faced allegations that it wiretapped a high-profile journalist investigating the involvement of cadets in a prostitution ring. The scandal broke when prominent radio host and former news anchor Vicky Dávila announced that she, her family, and her reporting team had been trailed and wiretapped by the national police.

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