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Kyiv, Ukraine

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Taras Shumeyko

I was born in Kyiv and grew up in the city, and so I have good connections in my native town and the surrounding region. As a journalist, I have worked on many projects in Chernobyl, Crimea, in the West and East of Ukraine, and recently in the conflict zone in the Eastern Ukraine. I know archives: I work in photo/video archives, SBU/KGB archives of declassified documents etc. Since 1998 I have worked as a researcher, fixer, local journalist and  producer. 

I have worked for BBC Panorama, National Geographic, Australian TV '60 minutes', ARD, VPRO Netherlands and many other TV companies.  Most of my recent projects have covered the current situations in politics, war in Ukraine and Chernobyl Accident, these include: Trump’s New America (BBC 2017), Conspiracy files: Who shot down MH-17? (BBC 2015), Putin's Gamble (BBC Panorama 2014), Behind the balaclavas (BBC Panorama 2014), Invisible Enemy (the history of the Chernobyl Power Plant and city Prypyat, 2013 - onwards) etc.  However, I can also carry out research and work as a fixer for projects that include corruption, right & left movement and other subjects. 
From January 2011 till December 2016 I worked as a  journalist of Polish Radio (Ukrainian Service).

My native languages are Ukrainian and Russian, I fluently speak English and Polish, near fluently - French.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you need to cover a story in Ukraine.



Conspiracy Files: Who shot down MH17? Conspiracy theories swirl around many accidents, terror attacks or disasters. It's not surprising, then, that a host of different claims surround the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. There are theories about fighter jets and different types of missiles. So what really happened? Mike Rudin tries investigates the case and verify theories. As a researcher / fixer I helped him to find witnesses and get in contact with authorities (prime minister of Ukraine Arseni Yatseniuk) and representatives of rebels.


As Ukraine moves closer to civil war, reporter Paul Kenyon spends weeks with balaclava-wearing separatists, as they seize towns and fight for a breakaway republic. As a fixer / researcher I helped him to get in contact and follow men who've become some of the most powerful in the conflict.

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