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Tatjana Mijatovic

For an overview of my work in photography, please see my instagram account: @tatjana_mijatovic

Short video created from "Madonna delle Vergini" Rock Church in Matera on 25th of July 2019. Made with GoPro 7 black.


Video of another photogrammetric 3d model. More detailed. Work in progress.


This is short preview of video and 3D photogrammetry made with drone. Outcome is geolocated 3D model in real size (scale 1:1) and completely measurable. Use of such model is endless: - documenting as basic and extremely important part of protecting cultural heritage - planning of protection or reconstruction (inspecting dangerous and hard reachable parts of walls, making calculus of built material and checking outcome of different actions and documenting changes) - having real, detailed spatial situation for purposes of redesigning or designing new structures - scientific, educational purposes - making it accessible for those who cant reach such inaccessible locations and making tactile models etc. - touristic marketing - gaming etc. Resolution of video is reduced for practical reasons. For any further info, feel free to contact me!

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