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Terry Friel

Manila, Philippines
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About Terry
Reporter, editor, editorial manager for more than four decades, now living in my 15th country - the Philippines (Mindanao).
Experienced across text, pix, TV, radio, online - hard news and features. And a range of subjects - politics, international affairs, defense, business, finance, economics, environment, arts, culture, human interest.
Available 24x7.
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01 Nov 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The article recounts a family's act of remembrance at the Police Monument in Mansfield. Leo Kennedy, the great-grandson of Sergeant Michael Kennedy, along with Emma Henwood, the trooper's great, great, great-granddaughter, laid flowers in honor of their ancestor. The piece also describes the conditions of Stringybark Creek in October, noting it as a harsh and unforgiving place, particularly high in the Wombat Ranges where it is extremely cold and wet.

Save the possums: Turn those lights off!

25 Oct 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The article discusses the plight of the Mountain Pygmy possum, an endangered species with fewer than 200 individuals remaining. The possums are threatened by the attraction of Bogong moths to artificial lights, such as those at the New Parliament House, which opened in 1988. The design of the building failed to account for the moths' ability to penetrate through small gaps, drawn by the light. The Victorian Government has provided a photo highlighting the possum's situation. The article suggests that turning off lights could be a simple yet effective measure to help save these endangered creatures.

GET READY: Authorities warn this will be a dangerous summer.

18 Oct 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The article is a warning about the upcoming bushfire season in Australia, indicating that it could be one of the worst since the 'Black Summer' of 2019-20. The Bureau of Meteorology has highlighted the presence of the El Nino weather pattern, which is known to influence the severity of weather events, including bushfires. The article serves as a caution to the public to prepare for a potentially dangerous summer with high risks of bushfires.


11 Oct 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The Farmhouse, a childcare group, organized an outdoor adventure for children to Bridge Creek and Timbertop. The event aligns with their philosophy of 'Inspire. Foster. Grow.' and reflects the vision of Kim Stoney, who aimed to create a unique childcare environment. The Farmhouse is situated on a 12½-acre property, offering ample green space for nurturing and growth-oriented activities.

ENJOY THE RACE: Free shuttle buses for Cup Day

04 Oct 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The Mansfield District Race Club and the Transport Accident Commission are collaborating to provide free shuttle bus services for attendees of the Marks IGA Melbourne Cup Day Picnic Races. The initiative aims to promote safety by encouraging racegoers to leave their cars at home and use the provided transportation from various locations including Mansfield, Bonnie Doon, Gough's Bay, and Merrijig.

Get ready for a deadly summer

04 Oct 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The article discusses the impending bushfire season in Australia, which is predicted to be one of the worst in recent memory. The country has experienced three years of wet conditions, but this is now shifting to a period of below-average rainfall and above-average temperatures, which are conducive to the outbreak and spread of bushfires. Emergency workers are already attending to incidents, as shown by the photograph of a small grassfire in Mansfield taken by Samuel O'Brien. The article serves as a warning for the upcoming summer and the heightened risk of bushfires.

As we head into bushfire season, it is time to review our emergency plans.

04 Oct 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The article serves as a reminder for individuals to prepare for the upcoming bushfire season by reviewing their emergency plans. It emphasizes the importance of having a 'Grab Bag' ready for each household, which is a basic emergency kit that can be quickly taken in the event of a bushfire. The article likely provides information on what items should be included in the Grab Bag and possibly tips on how to prepare for an emergency evacuation.

What are we voting for?

27 Sep 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The article appears to be a letter to the editor questioning the objectives of an upcoming vote. The author seems to be seeking clarification on whether the vote is aimed at 'closing the gap' or recognizing the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The letter suggests that the author is looking for a deeper understanding of the issues at stake in the vote and possibly questioning the effectiveness or sincerity of the political promises being made.

Qualified umpire? The WDCA needs you!

27 Sep 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The Wangaratta and District Cricket Association (WDCA) is actively seeking individuals who are interested in becoming umpires for the current year. Michael Hurley, who serves as the WDCA umpire coordinator and is also a past president of the association, is involved in this initiative. The article is a call to action for those who may be interested in the role of an umpire within the WDCA.

Andrews' lost gas gamble

20 Sep 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
The article discusses the Andrews Government's controversial decision to ban gas in new homes in Victoria, Australia. It highlights that the Labor party in Victoria is isolated in its stance on this energy policy, as it lacks support from other parties and stakeholders. The author suggests that the government's call to ban gas is premature and indicates that this move has left them looking increasingly lonely in their policy position.

Get in early for Buller membership savings

20 Sep 2023  |  mansfieldcourier.com.au
Buller Ski Lifts has announced an Early Bird sale for 2024 Season Memberships available until October 31. The memberships offer unlimited days at Mt Buller with additional resort discounts, partner resort savings, and vouchers. The upcoming season is special as it marks 100 years of skiing at Mt Buller, celebrated by the Ski Club of Victoria. A new membership rate for 19-24 year olds has been introduced to accommodate young adults. Season Members also receive various discounts on lessons, rentals, services, and dining at the resort. Furthermore, Mt Buller is part of the IKON Pass, allowing members to access over 50 resorts worldwide.

A hostile course I helped create and run


27 May 2003  |  The Globe and Mail
Sir Edmund Hillary reflects on the 50th anniversary of his historic ascent to the summit of Mount Everest with his climbing partner Tenzing Norgay. He expresses indifference to whether he was the first to reach the top, emphasizing the importance of their survival. Hillary recalls searching for evidence of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine's 1924 expedition, which remains a mystery. Despite the discovery of Mallory's body in 1999, the question of whether they reached the summit before dying is unresolved. Hillary, now 83 and using a hiking stick, acknowledges his long-standing recognition and discusses the changes in Everest expeditions, criticizing the current commercialism and overcrowding on the mountain. He also mentions his charity work in Nepal and his humble self-perception.

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