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Nairobi, Kenya

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Thelma Mwadzaya

Thelma Mwadzaya is a broadcast journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. I have worked in the industry for 15 years in Africa,Europe and the UK. I started out in 2001 at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as a programs officer/ news anchor. The travel bug hit me after three years and headed to London to be a news producer at BBC world service in the Kiswahili department. I got first hand training and got to work with the best. Commissioning reporters, researching, scripting,presenting and producing news and news features was part of the daily grind. Performing at the mic both live and recorded was a given. 
I then moved on to DW Radio  in Bonn,Germany in 2005 after honing my skills where I got to perfect interviewing skills both live and recorded, presenting skills,editing using digital technology. 
It is in Germany that I learned the complex art of combining current affairs and art. I got to oversee and direct the production of a current affairs radio drama that lasted more than a season. Topics were diverse from illegal immigration to good governance. After recording the artists I was in charge of directing the editing to final product that runs on air on a weekly basis.

After that stint I returned to my home country in late 2011 and promptly joined Nation Media Group as a news anchor/ reporter/ producer at Qtv. Broadcasting took on a new meaning for my career. I quickly became adept at scripting for TV, voicing reports, shooting and producing news features. 
I single handedly launched, produced and hosted a daily live current affairs morning show with limited resources and personnel. The challenges have made me a sharper journalist who makes the best use of what is available.

I am now ready to work as a freelance journalist in any medium. All platforms have similarities.


German English Swahili

This is a live show on refugees in kenya in Swahili.The discussion focused on the effects of the government statement and decision to close the Dadaab camp due to perceived threat of terrorism and insecurity. The utterances drew mixed reactions locally and on the international scene.

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