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Thi Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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About Thi
Thi Nguyen is a writer and translator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
English Vietnamese
Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering Feature Stories
Current Affairs Technology Arts & Books

With the End of the Tuoi Tre Rape Allegation, Vietnam's #MeToo Sizzles Out. What Now?

26 Sep 2021  |  saigoneer.com
The article discusses the sexual assault allegations at Tuoi Tre, which sparked Vietnam's #MeToo movement, and the subsequent police decision not to proceed due to lack of evidence. It delves into the broader issues of sexual harassment and assault in Vietnam, including the lack of proper terminology and understanding, gender relations, and the role of familial kinship in silencing victims. The article also critiques the role of institutions and organizations in failing to protect victims and provide justice, highlighting the inadequacies of the criminal justice system and the lack of workplace policies to address harassment. It argues for a deeper, intersectional approach to change, encompassing organizations, legal institutions, and socio-cultural norms, rather than placing the burden of change on victims alone.

A Compartmentalized World: The Enduring Relevance of Vu Trong Phung's 'Dumb Luck'

26 Sep 2021  |  saigoneer.com
The article provides an in-depth analysis of Vu Trong Phung's novel 'Dumb Luck' (Số Đỏ), a seminal work in Vietnamese literature that was once banned but is now part of the country's high school curriculum. The novel satirizes the Europeanization of Vietnamese society through the story of Red-Haired Xuan, who rises from poverty to become a symbol of modernity. The author discusses themes of modernity versus tradition, the impact of colonialism, and the superficiality of societal changes. The article also touches on the relevance of Phung's critiques in the context of contemporary neo-imperialism and neoliberalism. It examines the novel's commentary on the commodification of women's liberation and the spectacle of modern life, drawing parallels with Guy Debord's theory of the society of the spectacle. The analysis suggests that while the novel mocks the Vietnamese bourgeoisie's obsession with Western standards, it also questions the binary of Western modernity versus Eastern tradition without idealizing the latter.

Canned Sardines and the Slippage of Whiteness

26 Sep 2021  |  saigoneer.com
The article explores the cultural and historical significance of canned foods in Vietnam, highlighting how these products are intertwined with colonialism and imperialism. It discusses the presence of canned sardines and their connection to American imperialism in the Philippines, as well as their ubiquity in Vietnamese cuisine. The article also delves into the history of canned sardines in Vietnam, tracing back to French colonialism and the preference of French colonists for European-imported canned foods. The piece examines the role of sweetened condensed milk in Vietnamese society, its introduction by Nestle during colonial times, and its continued popularity. Additionally, the article touches on the nostalgia surrounding Bretel canned butter among the Vietnamese, its historical context, and the brand's persistence in the market. The narrative weaves together the stories of various groups affected by imperialism and global capitalism, from Moroccan laborers to Tamil migrants and the Vietnamese diaspora.

Voices From the Diasporas: Early Virtual Communities and the Emergence of VIQR

26 Sep 2021  |  saigoneer.com
The article discusses the evolution of Vietnamese typing technologies, particularly in the context of the Vietnamese diaspora after 1975. It covers the early virtual communities like Vietnet and soc.culture.vietnamese that used ASCII to communicate in Vietnamese. The article then explores the development of various encoding standards and input methods, including the VNI standard by Ho Thanh Viet and the VISCII by Viet-Std Group. It also mentions the Unicode Consortium's role in standardizing Vietnamese characters. The latter part of the article focuses on software solutions like VPSKey, WinVNKey, Vietkey, and Unikey, which helped standardize Vietnamese typing on computers. The article highlights the sociocultural significance of these technologies in connecting the Vietnamese population globally.

The History and Evolution of Vietnamese-Centric Typing Technologies: Part 1

26 Sep 2021  |  saigoneer.com
The article explores the history of Vietnamese-centric typing technologies, starting from the introduction of computer classes in Vietnamese schools to the adaptation of Western technologies like typewriters and telegraphs to accommodate the Vietnamese language. It discusses the transition from Chinese character-based writing systems to the Latin alphabet-based chữ quốc ngữ, which became Vietnam's official writing system in 1878. The article also covers the introduction of the typewriter and telegraph in Vietnam by French colonizers and how local Vietnamese adapted these technologies, such as the creation of the AĐERTY typewriter layout and the Telex system for telegraphs. Additionally, it touches on the role of computers during the Vietnam War, with the North influenced by Soviet computing and the South by American technology, including IBM's involvement. The article ends with the development of the 1403 print chain, which allowed for the printing of Vietnamese diacritics on IBM computers.

Dr MAI THI NGUYEN-KIM on the hidden chemistry that rules our lives

19 Apr 2021  |  Mail Online
Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, a German science journalist and YouTuber, explores the role of chemistry in everyday life, particularly in health and behavior, in her new book 'Chemistry For Breakfast'. She discusses how hormones and neurotransmitters like melatonin, cortisol, serotonin, and oxytocin influence our waking up process, stress, love, depression, and even our dietary habits. Nguyen-Kim also touches on the chemical processes involved in sweating and the effects of alcohol on the brain. The article highlights the importance of understanding these processes to improve our lives and health.

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