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Tiffany Jansen

Freelance journalist covering parenting, business, environment, and health. Musical theater geek, mom, Dutchman's wife. Hearts stroopwafels and the Oxford comma (though not always in that order).


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PREGNANCY & NEWBORN. Even if those first solids are far off in the future, your tot’s palate has already begun to take shape. Research suggests that rousing her taste buds early on could be the key to avoiding a picky eater.


POINTE MAGAZINE. Overcoming adversity is something the Trocks leading dancer knows all about.


THEATLANTIC.COM. Everybody wins: In exchange for a bit of volunteer work, the students get free housing, and retirement facilities get people who can teach the elderly how to send emails and use Skype.


THEATLANTIC.COM. For the elderly residents, interacting with the kids is a jolt back to the world of the living.


EARTH MAGAZINE. What happens if current global resources of phosphorus run low or become inaccessible? Where might we find the necessary phosphorus so that food production can keep pace with humanity? According to some researchers, some of it could come from a surprising source: human urine.


SAVEUR.COM. Rely on the flessenlikker to get the most out of your condiments—literally


SELF.COM. A nasty stranger may have done us all a favor by starting a conversation about body shaming


PREGNANCY & NEWBORN. When your bambino has yet to utter his first word, adding a second language is probably the farthest thing from your mind. But to fully reap the benefits of bilingualism, there’s no better time to start.

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