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Timothy Obiezu

Abuja, Nigeria
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About Timothy
Timothy Obiezu is a multimedia journalist with years of reporting and broadcast experience. He freelances for global media outlets like VOA, TRT World, Vice News, etc from his current based in Abuja, Nigeria.
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Nigeria Begins Trial of INEC Officials, Others

06 Mar 2024
Trials have commenced in Nigeria for hundreds of individuals, including members of the country's electoral commission, INEC, who are accused of offenses related to the general elections held last year.

Nigerian Activists Praise Pope Allowing Same-Sex Blessings, Religious Groups Critical

21 Dec 2023
Nigerian activists, including transgender woman Empress Cookie, have praised Pope Francis' decision to allow Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples, seeing it as a positive step for LGBTQ rights in Africa. However, religious organizations in Africa, such as the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, have expressed dismay, with Bishop John Promise Daniel criticizing the move as contrary to the word of God. The Catholic Church of Nigeria has not yet responded, but a spokesperson indicated that bishops are formulating a position. Meanwhile, a Ugandan court is hearing a challenge to the country's anti-LGBTQ law. Activists remain skeptical about the overturning of Nigeria's laws against homosexuality but view the pope's declaration as progress.

COP28 Fossil Fuels Deal Receives Mixed Reception in Nigeria

14 Dec 2023
The COP28 summit concluded with a landmark deal to transition from fossil fuels, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming. The agreement, which also promotes renewable energy and carbon capture technologies, has been met with mixed reactions in Nigeria. Nigerian leaders, including former climate change director Peter Tarfa, stress the need for proper implementation. However, Salisu Dahiru and others criticize the deal for lacking fairness towards developing countries. Nigeria, heavily reliant on oil for foreign exchange, faces economic impacts from the transition. President Bola Tinubu has called for significant financial support to achieve Nigeria's transition plan, while highlighting developed nations' unfulfilled financial commitments to poorer countries.

Nigerians Speak on Israel, Hamas Conflict

17 Oct 2023
Nigerians are advocating for a ceasefire and peace in the Middle East following the outbreak of conflict in the Gaza territory, initiated by Hamas militants' attacks on Israel on October 7. The conflict has resulted in over 1,400 deaths in Israel, including foreign nationals, and nearly 3,000 deaths in Gaza due to Israeli bombardment. VOA reporter Timothy Obiezu gathered opinions from residents in Abuja, Nigeria.

Women's World Cup: Nigeria counts on its experience to shine

20 Jul 2023
The Women's World Cup kicked off on Thursday, July 20, with victories for the two host countries, New Zealand and Australia. The first African nation to compete, Nigeria, will face Canada tonight. The focus is on the Super Falcons, Nigeria's team.

Nigeria’s Tinubu Removes Petrol Subsidies

31 May 2023
Nigeria's new president Bola Tinubu has announced the cessation of petrol subsidies during his inauguration, aiming to reallocate public funds to other projects. This policy change has historically led to increased fuel prices, inflation, and protests. VOA correspondent Timothy Obiezu gathered insights from entrepreneurs, motorists, and experts on the streets of Abuja.

Nigeria: Tinubu Announces End of Fuel Subsidies, Causing Panic Among Motorists

31 May 2023
The National Petroleum Company NNPC Ltd. of Nigeria supported the decision of the country's new leader, President Bola Tinubu, to stop paying long-standing oil subsidies. Tinubu announced this during his inauguration on Monday in the capital, Abuja. Nigeria spends billions of dollars each year to keep fuel prices affordable at the pump, and previous administrations' attempts to end subsidies often led to street protests.

Severed Heads Found After Benue Attack

20 Jan 2023
An attack occurred on Thursday night opposite the Abagana Camp for internally displaced people in Markudi, Benue state, resulting in eight deaths and eight injuries, with three victims sustaining severe chest injuries. The assailants decapitated some victims. No group has claimed responsibility, but ethnic Fulani herders are suspected. This is the second attack near the camp in two years. Benue and neighboring Nassarawa states have seen clashes between farmers and herders. The police are investigating, and further details are expected soon.

Nigeria Plans to Destroy About One Million Doses of Expired COVID-19 Vaccines

14 Dec 2021
Nigeria plans to destroy approximately one million expired COVID-19 vaccine doses. The vaccines, donated through COVAX from Europe, had short shelf lives, contributing to their expiration before use. Nigeria's National Primary Health Care Development Agency announced the withdrawal of the expired doses and is coordinating with NAFDAC and the ministry of environment for their destruction. The country has faced challenges with vaccine uptake, with only 3.6 percent of the adult population fully vaccinated, far below the targeted 40 percent. Nigerian authorities will no longer accept vaccines with short shelf lives, as they pressure the health system and the populace.

Nigerian Authorities Search for Over 250 Inmates Freed in Prison Attack

30 Nov 2021
Nigerian authorities are searching for over 250 inmates who escaped after an armed group attacked a prison in Jos, resulting in nine inmate deaths and injuries to six others. One soldier and one prison staffer were also casualties. This marks the fourth major prison attack in Nigeria this year, with previous incidents in Oyo and Imo states. The Nigeria Prisons Services is working on security upgrades and training, while experts endorse the recent designation of certain armed groups as terrorist organizations to aid in crackdowns. Security expert John Agim suggests prison officials need to assess the pattern of breaks to improve security measures.

Nigerian authorities reopened schools in northern Kaduna state after closing them for two months due to insecurity. The region has suffered a string of armed kidnappings and UNICEF, says about one million Nigerian children are "afraid to return to school"

15 Oct 2021

As COVID-19 has spread in Nigeria, Africa's most populated country, so have myths about the virus, especially among children. A Nigerian author has written a children's book to help them understand the pandemic and ways to avoid infection.

15 Oct 2021

The World Health Organization's endorsement of the world’s first malaria vaccine marks a major advance against the mosquito-borne illness, which kills some 265,000 children in Africa annually. Timothy Obiezu reports from Nigeria, a country afflicted by ma

15 Oct 2021

Nigeria Business Owners Sell Goods From Car Trunks as Pandemic Workaround

09 Jul 2020

Nigeria Sees a Spike in Rape Cases, Sexual Violence During Pandemic

09 Jul 2020

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