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Tom Carstensen

København, Denmark
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About Tom
Very experienced all-round journalist with 17 years in the business. Much of the work done at Danish Broadcasting Corporation  - equivalent to BBC in Denmark. Worked for DR's "Deadline" (similar to Newsnight) for four years and "Orientering" - similar to BBC Radio 4 - for the past 11 years.

Now focussing much on international clients and radio documentaries.

Worked for two years as London Correspondent covering British current affairs for Orientering and Danish Broadcasting Corp. radio news. Also for as Premier League Correspondent for SBS Broadcasting.

Lots of live reporting for Danish TV, BBC World Service, BBC Wales, BBC Scotland, Canadian Broadcasting Corp, CBS Radio, Fox News, RTE, Radio New Zealand and Al Jazeera. 

Packages for PRI in the US and others. 

Directed a TV doc for DR2 (similar to BBC2) on an emerging nationalist partys way into parliament in 2019. Published December 2019. 

I have covered Danish society from top to bottom. From parliament to homeless and disenfranchised immigrant youth. I am the leading journalist in Denmark on nationalism in Europe, and I am finishing a book now on the subject. I have interviewed key persons from Front National, Golden Dawn, UKIP, Sweden Democrats, Vlaams Belang, NPD, Sinn Fein, Republican Sinn Fein, SNP, Lega Nord to name just some of them. I have written a book on hooliganism in Denmark and Europe as well.

Leading Danish journalist on football fan culture and fan rights. Also work on football politics such as club structure, policing etc. I'm on the third year producing, hosting and editing the podcast Genpres - www.genprespodcast.dk. 

Journalism degree at University of Southern Denmark, January 2006. On top of extensive training in written journalism, radio and TV, the studies at University of Southern Denmark are very academic and focus on sociology, economy, and political science.

42 years. Living in Copenhagen with my wife and our 8-year-old daughter.
Danish English
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Politics Current Affairs Sports

From Hooligan to Political Powerhouse

11 Nov 2023  |  ekstrabladet.dk
Tommy Robinson, originally known for his involvement in football hooliganism and street activism, has emerged as a significant political figure. His recent appearance in London on November 11, 2023, has once again brought his name into the global spotlight.

Denmark’s Covid mass mink cull had no legal justification, says report

30 Jun 2022  |  www.theguardian.com
The Danish government ordered a mass mink extermination in November 2020 without legal justification, according to an official inquiry. Denmark, the world's largest mink producer, aimed to kill 15 million farmed minks due to a Covid-19 mutation, Cluster 5, potentially affecting vaccine efficacy. The cull faced issues such as pollution and escaped minks. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen acknowledged the illegality post-cull. The State Serum Institute declared Cluster 5 extinct, and the ban on mink farming continues, with compensation to farmers estimated to cost up to £2.2bn. The inquiry criticized the government for misleading statements and lack of legal basis for the cull.

Wave of Bankruptcies Threatens Without Compensation and Postponement of Corona Loans

17 Jan 2022  |  Finans
The article emphasizes the urgent need for the Danish government to expedite compensation packages and consider postponing the repayment of corona loans to prevent a wave of bankruptcies among small businesses. It highlights the severe financial strain on self-employed individuals and small enterprises due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and inadequate government support. The text calls for immediate action, including the postponement of tax payments and the initiation of compensation payouts, to mitigate the economic impact and ensure the survival of small businesses in Denmark.

Beers and beating Germany: Henrik Larsen on Denmark’s Euro 92 triumph

06 Jul 2021  |  www.theguardian.com
Henrik Larsen reflects on Denmark's unexpected triumph at the Euro 1992 and draws parallels to the current Danish team's performance in Euro 2020. Despite the absence of their biggest star, Christian Eriksen, due to a cardiac arrest, and the relaxed preparation similar to the 1992 team, Larsen believes in the team's strong spirit and chances of success. He reminisces about the informal training, team camaraderie, and the victory against Germany in the final. With Denmark advancing to the semi-finals against England, Larsen remains optimistic about their chances, even considering England's historical difficulty with penalties.

Danish Covid-19 mink variant could spark new pandemic, scientists warn

05 Nov 2020  |  uk.news.yahoo.com
A Danish vaccine specialist warns that the Covid-19 mink variant could potentially start a new pandemic, necessitating changes in vaccines. Denmark plans to cull over 15 million mink to prevent the spread of the mutated virus, which has already infected 12 people. Experts from various institutions, including the State Serum Institute and the University of Copenhagen, emphasize the risks and the need for precautionary measures. The article also highlights differing opinions on the severity of the situation and the effectiveness of current control measures in other countries like Finland.

Sweden and Denmark have taken two very different approaches to COVID

15 Oct 2020  |  theworld.org
Sweden and Denmark, despite their proximity, have adopted contrasting strategies to handle COVID-19. Sweden opted against a lockdown, keeping businesses open, while Denmark implemented strict measures, including early closures for bars and mandatory masks. This divergence has led to mixed reactions among citizens and business owners in both countries. Sweden's approach, led by chief medical officer Anders Tegnell, focused on long-term sustainability and herd immunity, resulting in a lower current infection rate but higher overall deaths compared to Denmark. The Danish public expresses frustration over fluctuating regulations, while some admire Sweden's consistency.

The rise and rise of nationalism in Europe

17 Mar 2019  |  RNZ
Journalist Tom Carstensen, who has reported for major media outlets including the BBC, is working on a book about nationalism in Europe. His research for the book has involved in-depth engagement with various extreme right-wing groups across the continent. The book aims to explore the rise and impact of nationalist movements and ideologies within European societies.

Reporting for BBC World on new Danish laws allowing authorities to seize valuables exceeding 1300 US Dollars from asylum seekers upon arrival in Denmark.

Covering the terror attack in Denmark, 2015 - for Fox News.

Covering the terror attack in Denmark, 2015 - for Fox News.

Covering the terror attack in Denmark, 2015 - for Fox News.

Covering the terror attack in Denmark, 2015 - for Fox News.

Covering the terror attack in Denmark, 2015 for Fox News.

Covering the terror attack in Denmark, 2015 - for Fox News.


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