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Tom Peeters

Tallinn, Estonia
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About Tom
I’m a freelance journalist in the truest sense of the word, a content writer, blogger and author of fiction. As a digital nomad, I explore the world and tell the stories I encounter. These are often about (slow) travel, adventure, the outdoors (hiking, camping), nature conservation, ecology and climate.

My broad journalistic view and sharp pen make me very suited to magazine features, reportages, long reads and stories that deserve just that little extra. An urge to understand the world, an eye for detail, a love of language and a hatred for clichés top things off.
English French Dutch
News Gathering Feature Stories Content Writing
Technology Science & Environment Sports

In Estonia, It’s Possible to Ski Across 20 Mountains in One Day

02 Jan 2024  |  Atlas Obscura
The article discusses the tradition of climbing the 20 highest peaks in Estonia, a challenge that began with geographer Taavi Pae's ambition to survey the peaks using GPS technology. Despite Estonia's relatively flat landscape, the challenge, known as the Snow Lynx, has become an annual tradition for outdoor enthusiasts. Participants, including expedition leader Kunnar Karu, have compared the experience to more renowned mountain expeditions, emphasizing the unique physical and navigational challenges it presents. The tradition also includes ending the journey with a visit to a local sauna. The article highlights the advancements in technology, such as LIDAR, that have improved the accuracy of measuring mountain heights over time.

Sustainable Travel: Why the Slow Train Journey is the Fastest Way to Happiness

10 Nov 2023  |  De Morgen
The author recounts a transformative experience with train travel that began during an internship assignment to a surfing competition in northern Scotland, which coincided with the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption disrupting air travel. This led to a train journey that sparked a love for the slow, scenic, and immersive nature of train travel. The article discusses the benefits of train travel, including its environmental friendliness, the increasing availability of routes in Europe, the unique experiences it offers compared to air travel, and the romanticism and relaxation inherent in slower-paced journeys. The author also touches on the social aspects of train travel and the opportunities it provides for genuine interactions with locals and fellow travelers.

Down but not out: how the European mink found refuge on an Estonian island

29 Mar 2022  |  the Guardian
Tiit Maran, director of Tallinn Zoo and a European mink biologist, is working on the conservation of the critically endangered European mink on Hiiumaa island in Estonia. The island's natural borders and limited human population make it a potential refuge for the species, which has been driven to near extinction in Europe due to habitat destruction and competition from the invasive American mink. Maran's team has been releasing captive-bred European minks on the island since 2000, and despite initial challenges with captive males' breeding behaviors, the population has now stabilized. The article also discusses broader conservation efforts across Europe, including in Spain, where the government agency Tragsatec is actively managing American mink populations to protect the European mink. Maran emphasizes the importance of both short-term conservation efforts, like reintroduction, and long-term changes in human behavior for environmental protection.

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