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Tomilayo Ijarotimi

Akure, Nigeria
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About Tomilayo
Tomilayo Ijarotimi is a journalist based in Akure, Nigeria.
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Threads: A guide to the new 'killer' app

10 Jul 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article provides a guide on how to use Threads, a new social media app linked to Instagram. It details the process of downloading, installing, and setting up a Threads account, including importing information from Instagram. The app offers features similar to Twitter, such as a newsfeed, the ability to 'like' content, and reposting, but with longer character limits for posts and longer video uploads. The article also outlines Threads' key features, settings, and tips for maximizing user experience. However, it notes that Threads is not available in the European Union due to pending compliance with EU social media regulations.

Gaming Intelligence: How AI is revolutionizing game development

30 May 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article discusses the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in game development, particularly in game engines and game design. AI-powered game engines, like GameGAN, utilize machine learning algorithms and neural networks to simulate complex behaviors and generate realistic game content. These engines can optimize game performance and balance game difficulty. In game design, AI tools help create personalized and dynamic experiences through procedural content generation, which can adapt to player preferences. AI also enables the development of intelligent Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that interact with players using natural language processing and machine learning, enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, AI can analyze player data to inform game designers about player behavior and preferences, aiding in the improvement of current games and the design of future ones.

Challenges of ChatGPT in Mars Exploration

24 May 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article discusses the potential benefits and challenges of integrating ChatGPT, an AI tool, into Mars exploration missions. It highlights the possibility that ChatGPT could accelerate scientific progress by efficiently processing and analyzing data, which might lead to significant discoveries about Mars' geological history and the potential for life. However, the article also addresses concerns about the reliability of AI in the complex Martian environment. Experts emphasize the need for human intervention to ensure accuracy, given the high stakes in space exploration. Sercan Ozcan, an expert in innovation and technology management, specifically warns about the limitations of ChatGPT, including the risk of it providing misleading information or 'hallucinating'.

The Evolution of Search Engines: From Archie to AI

23 May 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article traces the evolution of search engines from the early days of basic keyword-based searches to the modern era of AI-powered search engines. It begins with the first search tool, 'Archie', developed by Alan Emtage in 1990, and moves through the development of other early search services like Veronica and Gopher. The article then discusses the transformation of search engines with the advent of web crawlers, highlighting the significance of WebCrawler and Lycos. It also covers the dominance of Yahoo! and AltaVista, before detailing Google's rise to prominence with its PageRank algorithm. The piece concludes by mentioning Google's recent advancements in AI-powered search, as announced during the 2023 Google I/O event.

Alpaca AI: Exploring the key insights and considerations of this open-source language model

22 May 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article discusses Alpaca AI, an open-source language model developed by researchers at Stanford University using Meta's LLaMA system. Alpaca AI is highlighted for its cost-effectiveness, providing a more affordable option for research and development in the field of instruction-following models. The article addresses the challenges that Alpaca AI aims to mitigate, such as the generation of false information, social stereotypes, and toxic language. It also touches on the issue of 'hallucination' in language models, where Alpaca AI has shown to produce incorrect or nonsensical responses. Despite these challenges, Alpaca AI is made accessible for academic research, with its dataset and code available on GitHub, and it can run on devices as small as smartphones. The demo was taken down to prevent the spread of misinformation, but the researchers plan to release more details on the model's weights for further study.

Artificial general intelligence: Understanding the future of AI

22 May 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article provides an in-depth look at artificial general intelligence (AGI), a theoretical form of AI that aims to replicate human cognitive abilities across a broad range of domains. AGI is distinguished from narrow AI by its ability to learn, adapt, and reason like humans, potentially solving complex problems and making decisions independently. The article discusses the characteristics that would make AGI powerful, such as access to vast amounts of knowledge, common sense, transfer learning, abstract thinking, and understanding cause and effect. It also touches on the history of AGI, starting from the mid-1950s when AI pioneers were optimistic about creating machines that could think like humans, and mentions Herbert A. Simon's prediction in 1965 that machines would be capable of doing any work a human can do within twenty years.

The 12 best alternatives to ChatGPT

21 Apr 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article provides a comparative analysis of various AI chatbot platforms, highlighting their features, pros, cons, and user reviews. ChatSonic, supported by Google and powered by GPT-4, offers internet access and voice dictation. Jasper AI, built on GPT-3.5, is tailored for content creation with a variety of templates and copyediting tools. Bard AI, utilizing Google's LaMDA, is noted for its quick information access and is free to use. Microsoft Bing AI, based on GPT-4, integrates with the Bing search engine and requires a Microsoft account. Lastly, Character AI offers unique conversational experiences with different AI personalities. The article discusses the platforms' usability, subscription costs, and specific use cases, providing a comprehensive overview for readers interested in AI chatbot technology.

The ultimate guide to the Artifact news app: your one-stop news destination

20 Apr 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article discusses the Artifact news app, focusing on its user interface and features. Artifact uses a simple black and white color scheme and avoids complex iconography and typography to allow users to focus on content without distractions. The app is easy to navigate with three main tabs: home, headlines, and profile. The home tab shows a personalized feed of articles, the headlines tab organizes articles by headlines, and the profile tab provides insights into the user's reading history and preferences. Artifact allows users to customize their news feed by selecting topics of interest and offers a search menu for specific news categories or publishers. The app's algorithm personalizes the news feed based on the user's reading habits, and smart notifications alert users to breaking news. Users can also customize these notifications in the app settings.

Top 10 AI-powered applications for daily use

16 Apr 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article discusses the functionalities and benefits of various voice-controlled virtual assistants developed by major tech companies. Siri, developed by Apple, is highlighted for its integration across Apple devices and support for over 20 languages. Amazon Alexa, developed by Amazon, is noted for its ability to automate homes and control smart devices through voice commands. It is available on Echo devices, Fire TV, tablets, and through the Alexa app. Google Assistant, developed by Google, is recognized for its voice-activated assistance on Android and iOS devices, as well as Google Home smart speakers, leveraging Google's knowledge base and machine learning. Lastly, ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is mentioned as a personal language coach for mastering English, suggesting it is an app designed to improve language skills.

Meet Sam Altman, a visionary tech entrepreneur and investor

01 Apr 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
This article profiles Sam Altman, a significant figure in the tech industry known for his roles as the former president of Y Combinator, co-founder of Loopt, Hydrazine Capital, and OpenAI, and a brief tenure as the CEO of Reddit. It highlights his investments in successful tech companies such as Asana, Airbnb, and Pinterest. The piece traces Altman's journey from his early life in Missouri and education at Stanford University to his influential position in the tech sector. The article emphasizes Altman's impact on technology and his vision for the future.

ChatGPT and its potential for job replacement: A comprehensive analysis

29 Mar 2023  |  interestingengineering.com
The article traces the history of artificial intelligence (AI) from its inception in the 1950s with key figures like John Von Neumann, Alan Turing, and Arthur Samuel, to the modern era of deep learning and automation. It discusses the evolution of AI from early programs like Samuel's Checkers and McCarthy's LISP language to today's advanced technologies such as ChatGPT and self-driving cars. The article also touches upon the periods of stagnation known as the AI winters and the subsequent rise of expert systems. The focus then shifts to the current capabilities of AI, particularly ChatGPT, and its potential impact on the job market, raising questions about whether AI will augment human skills or replace them, and how it will affect various industries.

What are the 5 Must-have Personal Skills for every Entrepreneur?

09 Jul 2020  |  link.medium.com
The article discusses the essential personal skills that are crucial for every entrepreneur to succeed. While the article does not specify the five skills, it implies that these skills are fundamental to standing out in the entrepreneurial landscape. The skills are likely to include traits such as leadership, resilience, adaptability, networking, and strategic thinking, among others. These skills enable entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges of starting and running a business, make informed decisions, and build strong relationships with stakeholders. The article serves as a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and hone these skills to enhance their chances of success in their ventures.

What are effective ways to manage your blood pressure without any medications?

09 Jul 2020  |  link.medium.com
The article discusses seven lifestyle modifications that individuals can implement to manage their blood pressure without the need for medication. These changes are likely focused on diet, exercise, stress management, and other natural methods to control hypertension. The specific details of the seven changes are not provided in the prompt, but they typically include recommendations such as reducing sodium intake, increasing physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, adopting a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and finding ways to relax and manage stress.

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