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Tunmise Ajeigbe

Nicosia, Cyprus
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About Tunmise
Tunmise Ajeigbe is a journalist based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Tunmise Ajeigbe is a freelance journalist, pan-Africanist, writer/poet, media commentator, and also a political analyst from Ijero Ekiti, Ekiti state Nigeria. He is the publisher of CyprusTrack.

Tunmise is a fact-finder that puts more interest in seeking truth. (Absolutely Truth)
He formerly works at Premium Times Center For Investigative Journalism PTCIJ as a UDEME monitor (U-monitor). UDEME is a social and accountability project to engage youths across Nigeria to hold the government accountable, and to promote transparency and accountability in governance. Where he tracked over thirty (30) government projects in Oyo State and Katsina State, with over five (5) investigative stories published on Premium TimesNg, Udeme.ng, and campus reporter.

He underwent his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Katsina State, working at AIT Katsina and RayPowerFM Katsina.
He hosts a weekly program in pidgin language “report-report on top government matter” every Thursday on Raypower FM Katsina 106.5

He own a YouTube channel, Tunmise Ajeigbe, dishing out special reports, updates, and anchor interviews.

Tunmise is an adorable man that everyone will love to be with. Honesty remains his pride.
He doesn’t like people who tell ****** to protect their image. He loves telling people “always be real to yourself”

He is an award-winning poet. His poem titled ”A beauty-fool world” was featured in an Indian international magazine.

Tunmise is currently a master's student at Cyprus International University studying ICT in education.
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The rehabilitation of the Raba dam was abandoned, despite the allocation of N90 million, after the death of the senator who nominated it as his constituency project.

In 2017 and 2018, a total of N61 million was appropriated for the construction of a mini-stadium in Ode-Aremo in Atiba Local Government Area. The project was nominated by Akeem Adeyemi, the member of House of Representatives representing Atiba, Afijo, Oyo

Campus Confraternity In Nigeria: Misconception Of The Highest Order

21 Apr 2021  |  opinionnigeria.com
The article discusses the portrayal of campus confraternities in the Nigerian movie 'Oleku' by Tunde Kalani and its potential influence on societal perceptions. The author reflects on personal experiences and societal interpretations of cultism, contrasting them with the positive depiction in the movie. The piece also mentions a news report about the Lagos State Chairman of NURTW, Alhaji MC, celebrating his son's involvement with AlphaBeta campus confraternity in the USA.

A Shambolic Democracy: The Fall Of United States Of America

09 Jan 2021  |  Opinion Nigeria – Addressing today's topical issues
The article critiques the state of democracy in the United States, particularly in light of the events of January 6, 2021, when the Capitol was invaded. It questions the integrity of U.S. democracy and compares the country's current political turmoil to the lack of unity criticized by Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. The author suggests that the U.S. has lost its global standing as a political advisor and may continue to decline if corrective actions are not taken. The piece also touches on the U.S.'s relationship with Nigeria and China, and the impact of Trump's policies on these relations.

Katsina roads untarred, littered with potholes despite allocation of billions of naira

03 Dec 2020  |  Campus Reporter
The article discusses the poor state of roads in Funtua, Katsina State, Nigeria, and the impact on economic activities and public safety. Despite significant budget allocations for road rehabilitation, including N45 million for the Funtua township road and over N1 billion for the Dandume – Damari – Kaya Road, the conditions remain deplorable. Residents face increased transportation costs, and the bad roads have become hotspots for criminal activities like kidnapping and banditry. The Katsina State Ministry of Works and Housing has not provided comments, and the Katsina State Transport Authority cites bad roads and insecurity as their top challenges. The article highlights the government's failure to deliver on infrastructure promises and the consequent hindrance to development and safety in the region.

Why The Colour Of #RevolutionNow Was Not Arab Spring-red

08 Aug 2020  |  Opinion Nigeria – Addressing today's topical issues
The article compares the #RevolutionNow protests in Nigeria with the Arab Spring, questioning whether the Nigerian movement had the potential to bring about significant change like the Arab Spring did in the early 2010s. The author, Festus Adedayo, criticizes the Nigerian government's dismissive attitude towards the protests and argues that the social conditions in Nigeria are ripe for a revolution due to mass frustration and incompetence of the ruling class. He suggests that the Nigerian ruling elite are mistaken in their belief that the country is incapable of a revolt and warns that continued oppression and frustration may eventually lead to a surge against the ruling class.

Nigerian Leaders: Walk With The Wind

01 Aug 2020  |  www.opinionnigeria.com
The article calls for Nigerian leaders to emulate the legacy of John Lewis by focusing on social justice, equality, and the welfare of the poor and vulnerable. It criticizes the current state of Nigerian leadership, highlighting issues such as corruption, inequality, and neglect of public welfare. The author emphasizes the need for dedicated, altruistic leaders who can inspire positive change and strengthen democratic institutions. The text underscores the importance of unity, hard work, and commitment to overcoming Nigeria's socio-economic and political challenges.

Rotational Presidency and Daura’s Outburst

30 Jul 2020  |  www.opinionnigeria.com
The article discusses the contentious issue of rotational presidency in Nigeria, sparked by comments from Mamman Daura, President Buhari's nephew. Daura's suggestion to elect the most qualified candidate irrespective of regional considerations is criticized as self-serving and potentially divisive. The piece argues that the current administration has failed to meet expectations and that abandoning the rotational presidency could lead to political instability. It highlights the historical context of zoning conventions and the need for competent leadership to maintain national unity.

The Beauty Of Brachiaria Grass

21 Jun 2020  |  www.opinionnigeria.com
Brachiaria grass, indigenous to Africa and improved in South America, is nutritionally rich and beneficial for livestock production, potentially boosting milk production by 40% and offering economic benefits. It can reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, capture nitrogen in the soil, and is resilient against pests, diseases, and climate variations. Its widespread use and commercial seed production present a low-risk investment opportunity and a smart option to combat global warming.

The Political Dynamics in Kwara: The Winners and the Losers

18 Jun 2020  |  opinionnigeria.com
The political landscape in Kwara, Nigeria, has shifted from a hegemonic system to one marked by rebellion and the pursuit of state rebirth ahead of the 2019 general election. Politicians are criticized for their self-interest and lack of clear plans for progress. The rebrand movement, while intended to be democratic, is seen as serving politicians rather than the people. The current governor is making efforts to improve infrastructure and institutions, but faces opposition. The electorate desires real improvements in living standards, not just superficial gains, and the future political direction of Kwara remains in their hands.

UNITY (One reaction that can change Nigeria for good)

17 Jun 2020  |  www.opinionnigeria.com
The article emphasizes the importance of unity in Nigeria, criticizing the current leadership and governance. It argues that unity could prevent the nation's metaphorical ship from sinking, vehicle from crashing, and person from dying. The author calls for Nigerians to recall the importance of reasoning and not to accept the current state of suffering, suggesting that bad leadership leads to disunity and poor governance.

Oh! Dear Civilization

14 Jun 2020  |  opinionnigeria.com
The poem 'Oh! Dear Civilization' by Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph reflects on the impact of civilization on African culture and traditions. It laments the loss of Africa's golden glory and criticizes the adoption of foreign concepts like democracy, which are seen as detrimental to the wisdom and self-esteem of the African people. The poem suggests that African ancestors are to blame for allowing themselves to be captivated by civilization, leading to the current state where the continent's rich heritage and governance systems have been undermined.

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