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Ugo Poletti

Odesa, Ukraine
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About Ugo
Ugo Poletti is a journalist based in Odessa, Ukraine.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of “The Odessa Journal”, digital media platform in English about culture, history, social and business life in Odessa, biggest port and cultural capital of Black Sea region
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HUR Confirms Head of Russia’s Navy Dismissed After Losing a String of Warships

11 Mar 2024  |  kyivpost.com
Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, has been dismissed following the loss of nearly one-third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's warships, including the sinking of the Sergey Kotov by Ukrainian-made MAGURA V5 maritime drones. The Kremlin has not publicly commented on the dismissal, which is typically announced by presidential decree. Admiral Alexander Moiseev has been appointed as the interim acting commander. This marks the most significant removal of a senior commander since the dismissal of Air Force Chief Sergey Surovikin the previous year.

ANALYSIS: The Hranitne Bridge: ‘It’s Up!…No it’s Not’

08 Jan 2024  |  www.kyivpost.com
The Armed Forces of Ukraine reportedly destroyed a Russian railroad bridge over the Kalmius River near Hranitne, Donetsk region, using precision-guided munitions. This bridge was part of a Russian logistics initiative to improve supply lines to occupied territories in southern Ukraine. The destruction sets back Russian supply planning and highlights the ongoing Ukrainian strategy to selectively target Russian stabilization efforts. The incident reflects broader military and political dynamics, with implications for both the battleground and international perceptions of the war.

Russia Launches Christmas Day Drone Attack, Ukraine Shoots Down 28 of 31

25 Dec 2023  |  Kyiv Post
On Christmas Day, Russia launched a drone attack from Crimea against Ukraine, with 31 UAVs deployed. Ukraine's air force successfully shot down 28 of these drones, as well as two missiles and two fighter jets. The attack resulted in damage to port infrastructure in Odesa but no casualties. This Christmas was the first time Ukraine celebrated on December 25, aligning with the global community and distancing from Russia's January 7 celebration, a move supported by President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian people.

British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 17 December 2023

17 Dec 2023  |  kyivpost.com
The Russian Central Election Commission has announced that the March 2024 presidential election will include voting in the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions of Ukraine, which were incorporated in the September 2023 Russian regional elections. The British Defence Intelligence asserts that the elections in these regions will likely be neither free nor fair, with the Russian authorities expected to employ electoral fraud and voter intimidation to ensure a substantial victory for President Vladimir Putin, aiming to legitimize Russia's invasion.

Bringing Ukraine into NATO Without Causing World War III

02 Dec 2023  |  www.kyivpost.com
The article argues against the notion that Ukraine's NATO membership would trigger a direct war with Russia, suggesting that this belief is a fallacy deterring NATO from admitting Ukraine. It emphasizes the importance of Ukraine's economic recovery through military and economic support, including opening ports and attracting investors. The author critiques the current NATO approach, clarifying that Article 5 does not necessitate ground troop deployment and that Putin's conventional military capabilities are significantly diminished. The article proposes that NATO should begin consultations for Ukraine's membership and outlines specific actions NATO could take under Article 5, such as maritime demining, supporting freedom of navigation, lifting restrictions on military aid, and participating in air defense. It suggests that these steps would not provoke Russia beyond its current actions and would clarify NATO's commitment, paving the way for Ukraine's membership by the 2024 Washington Summit.

Ukraine - Debt Relief Only After Russia Pays First

02 Dec 2023  |  Kyiv Post
At the Seventh Ukrainian Investment Roadshow, the discussion centered on the outlook for Ukrainian Eurobond debt relief. A moratorium agreed upon in August 2022 is set to end, with the IMF requiring Ukraine to seek further debt treatment in early 2024. The author questions the rush for restructuring amidst the ongoing war, suggesting an extension of the payment pause until a credible macro framework can be established. The article argues that Western governments should not protect Russian assets while expecting Western taxpayers and private creditors to bear the cost of Ukraine's reconstruction. The author calls for the utilization of frozen Russian assets before any debt relief is granted to Ukraine, framing it as a moral and political responsibility, especially in the context of ESG commitments.

Long-Range Missile Delivery to Ukraine Delayed Until Next Year

01 Dec 2023  |  kyivpost.com
The delivery of long-range missiles, specifically Ground Launched Small Diameter Bombs (GLSDB), to Ukraine has been postponed until early 2024. Boeing, the manufacturer, will deliver the missiles to the US this month, but they require several months of testing before they can be sent to Ukraine. The Pentagon has confirmed the delay and anticipates providing this capability after successful verification.

Unpunished Genocides and the Holodomor of 1932-33

05 Nov 2023  |  kyivpost.com
The article discusses the challenges of recognizing and punishing genocides that occurred before the 1948 Genocide Convention, particularly the Holodomor in Ukraine. It argues that despite the legal limitations, moral condemnation is important and notes the Russian Federation's controversial succession of the USSR's UN seat. The piece emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the Holodomor as genocide for historical understanding and preventing future atrocities.

Poll: Ukrainians Strongly Oppose Holding Elections During Wartime

29 Oct 2023  |  www.kyivpost.com
A new poll by the International Republican Institute reveals that 85% of Ukrainians remain optimistic about the country's future, with 94% believing Ukraine will win the war. A majority now believe Ukraine will return to its 1991 borders, and the US is seen as the biggest helper to Ukraine, followed by Poland, the UK, and Germany. While 79% support joining NATO, a significant majority oppose holding any elections during wartime, with 85% against local or national elections until the war concludes. The Ukrainian military and President Zelensky maintain high approval ratings, in contrast to the Ukrainian Parliament, whose approval has significantly dropped. The poll was conducted by the Rating Group among 2,000 Ukrainians in free Ukraine.

Ukraine Gets Tough on Moscow Patriarchate

29 Oct 2023  |  Kyiv Post
The Ukrainian parliament has voted on a bill to ban religious organizations with centers in Russia, targeting the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Despite internal conflicts within the Servant of the People Party and the Moscow Patriarchate's defense campaign, the bill has passed its first reading. Meanwhile, a music video scandal in Lviv has overshadowed the controversy, and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow made a bizarre claim about atomic weapons and a Russian saint.

Music Schools Help Ukrainian Children’s War Trauma

15 Oct 2023  |  kyivpost.com
Katerina Anatolevna Semenova, a music teacher in Odesa, Ukraine, discusses the role of music schools in helping children cope with war trauma. She explains the history and structure of music education in Ukraine, the continuation of music lessons during the war, and the psychological support music provides to children. Semenova advocates for the importance of Russian composers as part of world heritage, despite the war, and proposes the idea of opening music departments for adults to help alleviate war-related stress.

Zelensky Warns Russia Will 'Again Try to Destroy' Power Grid

06 Oct 2023  |  Kyiv Post
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that Russia will attempt to destroy Ukraine's power grid again this winter. As the war with Russia continues, Ukraine is making preparations to protect its energy facilities and ensure the provision of electricity and heat. Zelensky emphasized the importance of safeguarding the power system and restoring any damage caused by Russian strikes. The Ukrainian government is actively discussing measures to protect energy infrastructure, highlighting the critical need to support citizens through the winter months.

Opera Defying the Russian Invasion

01 Oct 2023  |  Kyiv Post
Enrico Copedè, CEO of Opera Production, continues to stage musical performances in Ukraine despite the Russian invasion. He collaborates with Ukrainian theatres in Dnipro, Lviv, and Odesa, bringing productions to Italy and other countries. Copedè emphasizes the resilience and dedication of Ukrainian artists and the importance of international support. Upcoming projects include performances of Puccini operas in Odesa, with support from the Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian Ambassador. The article highlights the challenges and adaptations required to continue cultural activities during wartime.

Armenia Says over 100,000 Refugees Flee Nagorno-Karabakh

30 Sep 2023  |  kyivpost.com
Over 100,000 people have fled Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia following Azerbaijan's control of the territory, nearly emptying the enclave of its ethnic Armenian population. Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing, while Azerbaijan invites Armenians to reintegrate. The United Nations plans to assess humanitarian needs, and Armenia has appealed to the International Court of Justice for protection of the enclave's inhabitants. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies seeks $22 million in emergency funds to assist refugees.

Slovaks Vote in Tight Polls Key for Foreign Policy, Ukraine Aid

30 Sep 2023  |  Kyiv Post
Slovakia held a closely contested early election with significant implications for the country's foreign policy and support for Ukraine amidst Russian aggression. The main contenders were the left-wing Smer-SD, led by former premier Robert Fico, and the centrist Progressive Slovakia, led by Michal Simecka, both polling around 20%. The election was marred by disinformation and targeted attacks on candidates. The outcome will determine Slovakia's stance on providing military aid to Ukraine, with Fico opposing further assistance. President Zuzana Caputova emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine, while the election results, expected to be announced on Sunday, will shape the future government's coalition.

ANALYSIS: Abrams Tanks Have Arrived in Ukraine – Here’s What They Can Do

25 Sep 2023  |  Kyiv Post
U.S. Abrams tanks have been delivered to Ukraine, as confirmed by President Zelensky, enhancing Kyiv's military capabilities in their counteroffensive against Russian forces. The tanks are likely older M1A1 models from Army reserves, upgraded to a standard comparable to the M1A2 SEPv2. They feature advanced armor, a powerful main gunner’s sight, updated fire control systems, and the ability to use new 120mm tank rounds. The Abrams' mobility is attributed to its Honeywell AGT 1500 gas-turbine engine and Allison X-1100-3B gearbox. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have successfully used NATO-standard tanks like the Leopard 2, and the addition of Abrams tanks is expected to provide a significant advantage. The U.S. is also supplying shells with depleted uranium, enhancing the tanks' armor-piercing capabilities.

Rotary Club ‘Creates Hope’ in Ukraine

23 Sep 2023  |  kyivpost.com
Dr. Myron Uhryn, a dentist from Lviv and President of the National Union of Dentists of Ukraine, is also the founder of the Myron Uhryn Charitable Foundation and the current Governor of Rotary Ukraine. He discussed Rotary's long-standing commitment to humanitarian service in Ukraine, which intensified since the war began in January 2014. Rotary has been active in addressing humanitarian issues such as displacement, lack of clean water, and medical problems. A special fund of over $15 million has been allocated to Ukrainian Rotary clubs to combat these issues. Uhryn also highlighted Rotary's past successes, including the introduction of coronary artery bypass grafting in Ukraine and combating tick-borne encephalitis. The current president of Rotary International, Gordon McInally, emphasizes creating hope through practical help, reflecting Rotary's global reach and impact.

Ukraine Counteroffensive Update for Sept 18 (Europe Edition): ‘Ukraine Has Transformed Modern Warfare’

18 Sep 2023  |  Kyiv Post
Ukrainian forces have recaptured the strategically important town of Klishchiivka, with President Zelensky congratulating the troops. The Institute for the Study of War reports that Ukrainian pressure in the Bakhmut area has prevented Russian forces from regrouping further south. Ukrainian drones targeted Crimea and Moscow, while US General Mark Milley stated that the counteroffensive has not failed. NATO's Rob Bauer praised Ukraine's transformation of modern warfare. Any North Korean aid to Russia is expected to have minimal impact.

Ukraine and Corruption

17 Sep 2023  |  kyivpost.com
Ukraine's struggle with systemic corruption is highlighted, with recent scandals involving high-profile figures and government officials, including the chief justice of the Ukrainian Supreme Court and a deputy defense minister. President Zelensky's administration, through anti-corruption agencies like the DBR, NABU, and SAPO, is aggressively targeting corruption. Despite the challenges, Ukraine's efforts to combat corruption and its determination to become a modern democracy are seen as inspirational, especially given its history of Soviet-era corruption.

Black Sea Pollution After Kakhovka Dam Disaster

09 Sep 2023  |  Kyiv Post
The Nova Kakhovka dam on the Dnipro River was destroyed by Russians, causing a significant ecological disaster in the Kherson region and polluting the Black Sea with crude oil and chemical waste. The incident resulted in massive wildlife deaths and raised concerns about the level of pollution in the Black Sea. Biologist Ivan Trifonovic Rusev from the Tuzly Estuaries National Nature Park described the catastrophic impact on fauna and flora, with particular damage to marine life and the risk to humans from swimming and consuming fish from the area. The pollution primarily affected the northwestern part of the Black Sea, with some impact on Romania and Bulgaria. Despite the severity of the disaster, some areas have begun to recover, though concerns about chemical pollutants in the seabed persist.

Can Zelensky Save the UN Missile Embargo on Iran?

09 Sep 2023  |  www.kyivpost.com
The UN missile embargo on Iran is set to expire in October 2023, which could allow Iran to transfer ballistic missiles to Russia for use against Ukraine. Richard Goldberg argues that President Zelensky can prevent this by pressuring the UK, France, and Germany to trigger the snapback of UN sanctions on Iran. He criticizes the West for clinging to a flawed nuclear deal with Iran at the expense of Ukrainian security and suggests that a simple request from Zelensky to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could reinstate all sanctions on Iran within 30 days.

On the Spot Report and Exclusive Photos from Russian-Targeted Chernihiv

19 Aug 2023  |  Kyiv Post
On August 19, a Russian ballistic missile struck the heart of Chernihiv, Ukraine, killing seven, including a child, and injuring over 130. Canadian video journalist Jay Schnell documented the aftermath, capturing images of destruction and interviewing locals. Despite the horror, the community's resilience shone through, with individuals like Katarina and Olexii Sikun expressing determination to stay united and strong in the face of adversity.

A Cry of Frustration but Not Despair, for Ukraine Will Win - But what Needs to be Done

23 Jul 2023  |  kyivpost.com
The article expresses frustration with the West's hesitant support for Ukraine, criticizing the limited and delayed military aid. It highlights Ukraine's military successes against Russian forces and condemns the exclusion of Ukraine from NATO. The author advocates for decisive actions against Russia, including the seizure of Russian assets, justice for war crimes, and geopolitical changes in Eastern Europe. The piece suggests Ukraine should develop its own armaments industry, including tactical nuclear weapons, and praises President Zelensky's leadership.

‘All Conditions to Retake Bakhmut Are in Place’ – Ukrainian Commander

20 Jul 2023  |  kyivpost.com
Ukrainian Ground Forces Commander Oleksandr Syrskyi stated that conditions are favorable for Ukraine to retake Bakhmut, with Russian forces semi-encircled and suffering heavy losses. Wagner Group's Yevgeny Prigozhin reported 20,000 fighters killed in Bakhmut. Syrskyi emphasized the strategic importance of Bakhmut for future counteroffensives, controlling dominant heights and key roads. Western analysts, including the Institute for the Study of War, confirmed Ukrainian gains in the Bakhmut sector. Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Malyar reported Ukrainian control over key heights around Bakhmut.

S.Korea Will 'Expand Scale' of Aid to Ukraine, President Says

15 Jul 2023  |  kyivpost.com
South Korea's President Yoon Suk Yeol has committed to increasing humanitarian and non-lethal military assistance to Ukraine during his first visit to the country. South Korea, which does not supply lethal weapons to active conflict zones, will increase its aid to $150 million in 2023, up from $100 million the previous year. The announcement was made at a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who expressed gratitude for South Korea's support. Yoon also visited Bucha, drawing parallels between Ukraine's current situation and South Korea's past. Despite the increased support, South Korea maintains its stance of not providing lethal aid, balancing its economic ties with Russia and the geopolitical situation with North Korea.

The Port of Odessa: A Maritime Capital with a Vision for Urban Regeneration

05 Apr 2023  |  www.portcityfutures.nl
The article, authored by Ugo Poletti, Editor-in-Chief of The Odessa Journal, provides a historical and contemporary overview of the port of Odessa, Ukraine. It highlights the port's rapid development since its founding in 1794 and its current status as the maritime capital of Ukraine, handling 75% of the country's trade. The piece discusses recent initiatives, such as the multimodal trade corridor project with the port of Gdansk, and the strategic importance of Odessa in maritime cargo transportation and seafarer training. Challenges facing the port, including the inaccessibility of the waterfront to residents and the need for urban regeneration, are also addressed. The article suggests that involving the local community and international partners could aid in the redevelopment of the port area, drawing parallels with successful waterfront projects in other cities.

First-Ever: Ukrainian Court Confiscates Property of Pro-Russian Pensioner

09 Mar 2023  |  Kyiv Post
In a landmark ruling in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, a court sentenced 80-year-old Alla Stadnitskaya to four years in prison in absentia and ordered the confiscation of her assets for supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Stadnitskaya, who moved to Russia during the COVID pandemic, used social media to advocate for Russian intervention. This decision marks the first instance in Ukraine where property has been confiscated due to support for Russia, with local residents suggesting the seized apartment be allocated to war veterans.

Interview by the BBC on the Russian-Ukrainian war seen by Odessa

Interview by CGTN Europe News on Odessa, strategic target of Russian invasion

Intervista di EuroNews sulla guerra in Ucraina

Dispatch from Odesa: Volunteer army prepare courageous defence of the Hero City

09 Mar 2022  |  Evening Standard
The article draws parallels between the current conflict in Odesa and the city's historical defense against Axis forces during the Second World War. It highlights the irony in the shift of alliances, with older generations finding it difficult to reconcile the fact that Russians, once comrades, are now adversaries, while former enemies like Germans, Romanians, and Italians are now allies. The city, which was once honored as a Hero City by the Soviets for its bravery, is again in a state of defense, but under very different circumstances.

Ukraine, here are the secret plans of the invasion: Putin has a serious problem

05 Mar 2022  |  True News.
Secret Russian documents found on a captured officer reveal the operational plans of Russia's offensive against Ukraine, including attack schemes and mission objectives. The plans, approved on February 18, anticipated a 15-day campaign to conquer Ukraine, targeting key cities like Kiev, Kharkov, and Mariupol. However, the Russian military is facing logistical challenges as the cities remain under Ukrainian control beyond the expected timeframe. The situation mirrors the German military's miscalculations during World War II's Operation Barbarossa. The documents originated from a unit of the Russian 810th Marine Brigade based in Sevastopol, coordinating with the 58th Army and the 177th Naval Infantry Regiment for operations in the Sea of Azov region.

The love between Amedeo Modigliani and Anna Achmatova

21 Aug 2021  |  Artribune
The article explores the brief but intense relationship between Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani and Russian poetess Anna Achmatova, which began in Paris in 1906. Despite the scarcity of evidence, Achmatova's accounts provide insight into their passionate affair. Modigliani's struggle with poverty and substance abuse is noted, as well as the lasting impact of their love on Achmatova's life and work. The article also mentions lost portraits of Achmatova by Modigliani, with only a few sketches and paintings remaining as evidence of their connection.

Mosaic survived Russian attacks. But not Ukrainian builders

14 Sep 2015  |  Onet Wiadomości
Ukraine is fighting to protect its cultural heritage from the war initiated by Russia, with significant support from UNESCO and contributions from Western governments and foundations. Despite these efforts, Ukrainians themselves are also damaging their cultural heritage, with over 150 cultural sites partially or completely destroyed.

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