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Uri Blau

Twenty years ago, I published my first story for a Jerusalem weekly newspaper. Since then, I
gained knowledge, connections and a deep understanding of covering the news in Israel,
Palestine, U.S. and parts of the world. With my ability to navigate Israel & Palestine, I conducted hard­ hitting investigations which revealed secret money trails of corrupt politicians, recognized tendencies in
social networks, uncovered military wrongdoings and produced breaking news coverage for both
local and international audiences.

My investigative storytelling crossed multiple platforms, from writing for reputable print newspapers
and magazines, such as Haaretz and Harper’s, to digital platforms like ProPublica, Mashable, Quartz and Fusion. As the local field producer of Japanese­ based Fuji TV news for eight years, I coordinated all crews sent to Israel by choosing compelling news topics for coverage, selecting the best filming locations and identifying interviewees. With this responsibility, I produced Fuji’s coverage of the disengagement from Gaza, wars in Lebanon and Gaza, election campaigns, the visit of Japanese Prime Minister in Israel and much more.

Over the years, I also worked as the local producer for some of U.K.’s Channel 4 “Unreported World” documentaries, a PBS’s “Frontline” episode, Morgan Spurlock’s “Where in the World is Osama Bin­-Laden” feature film and more. Radio coverage provided a new challenge during my recent work as fixer and producer for BBC World Service during the Israel’s election period.

During my Nieman Fellowship for Journalism at Harvard University, I researched different models for an investigative news platform, while gaining video editing experience, innovative reporting skills, storytelling abilities, data­ mining and visualization tools. I also participated in a hands ­on, intensive seminar on the future of journalism at MIT’s Media Lab.

Currently based out of D.C., I am available to work in the U.S. and in Israel


In September 2020 I co-produced a BBC-Arabic documentary revealing the massive funding behind East Jerusalem's settlement organization Elad. This film was part of ICIJ's FinCen files investigation.


Born as Benjamin Netanyahu, then changed his surname to Nitay and later back to the original. Documents related to his Nitay era are revealed. My Blog.


My connections, contacts and special access made PBS's "Inside Hamas" documentary an important watch to anyone who wanted to understand Palestinian movement Hamas better.


On the West Bank, where a quarter-of-a-million Israelis live cheek-by-jowl with over two million Palestinians, ideologically driven Israeli settlers are exploiting political weaknesses to take back settlements the Israeli government expelled them from only two years before". Channel 4 "Unreported World" traveled to Israel and the West Bank. I was their field producer.


Channel 4 "Unreported World" traveled to Israel to reveal how the rapid growth of Jewish "fundamentalists" is creating. I was their man on the ground.



  • Israel-Palestine Recent Wave of Violence

    Jerusalem, Israel Breaking News May 31 @ 12:00am

    I am a veteran Israel investigative journalist who covered the region for over 20 years and have investigated the settlement movement, its funding and more. Currently based in Washington DC and free to write / comment on the recent escalation in the region. Read more

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