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urooj abdullah

I have completed my bachelor's in engineering and master's in economics from BITS- Pilani. I am based out of Mumbai and have been working in the financial sector for the past one year. I have a passion for reading and writing. Please find my previously published articles/stories/poems in the section below.


English Hindi

This is a short fictional account of a young boy's musings while staring at the sea and his chance encounter with a girl.


This is a short poem which focuses on moving on rather than being stuck in the past. A parallel is drawn between leaf and life of a man.


The write-up raises important questions on the true nature of patriotism and how we are drifting away from it.


This article explores feminism in the male dominated patriarchal society.


This article discusses the highly effective 80/20 rule in detail and how we can use it to maximize our output.


The article discusses in detail, a specially structured course in BITS-Pilani that might be of great value to students.


This article deals with college life and suggests ways on how it can be utilized to the fullest.


The articles is an in-depth analysis about Fellowships- an alternative and less explored career choice among students.


This is an article I wrote while interning for Insightwalk.com. The article explores the disconnect between the education system, true passion and job scenario in India.

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