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V K Sharma

Kolkata, India
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About V
V K Sharma is a journalist based in Kolkata, India.He is an Editor of Johar Calcutta News,a Digital News Media run in West Bengal and other parts of India.He has done B Sc, M Sc, B Ed, D El.Ed ,PGDJMC.He is the Founder of Feed India Movement Association  and National Human Rights and Corruption Prevention Organization non profitable organisation.He is an eminent journalist in Kolkata West Bengal.
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Effect of narrowband ultraviolet B treatment on microRNA expression in active nonsegmental generalized vitiligo

03 Jul 2024  |  Wiley Online Library
The study investigates the effect of narrowband ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) treatment on microRNA expression in patients with active nonsegmental generalized vitiligo. Conducted by researchers from AIIMS, New Delhi, the research is supported by the IADVL – L’Óreal Indian Hair & Skin research grant and the Indian Council of Medical Research. The findings contribute to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying vitiligo and the therapeutic impact of NB-UVB treatment.

Johar Calcutta News Offical YouTube

First Principles Thinking in Feature Engineering for Machine Learning

17 Jan 2021  |  medium.com
The article discusses the application of first principles thinking in feature engineering for machine learning, emphasizing the importance of creative thinking and domain expertise in developing predictive models. It explains that first principles are foundational concepts not deduced from other principles and can be applied beyond scientific laws to everyday situations. The author suggests that leveraging first principles can help data scientists understand domain intricacies and avoid false correlations, ultimately leading to the creation of more effective machine learning features. The article also highlights the limitations of relying solely on domain expertise and the problems with data and correlation in machine learning.

Why the case for foreign currency sovereign borrowing is not tenable

14 Aug 2019  |  business-standard.com
V K Sharma analyzes the Indian government's Budget proposal to borrow ₹700 billion in foreign currency out of the total proposed borrowings of ₹7 trillion for the current financial year. He discusses the exchange rate risk, which he considers the most serious financial risk, and conducts a cost-benefit analysis of the proposal, concluding that the benefits are not tenable.

Will ‘sell in May and go away’ hold true for markets in 2018?

28 Apr 2018  |  www.moneycontrol.com
The article discusses the potential for market performance in FY 18 and FY 19, with an expected earnings growth of 10% for FY 18 and a projected 25% growth for FY 19. V K Sharma, the author, is the Head of PCG and Capital Market Strategy at HDFC securities and has a background in managing public issues and underwriting offerings. The article also promotes the Moneycontrol App for business news and personal finance insights.

Why you shouldn’t worry about the Fed shrinking its balance sheet; 5 solid reasons

23 Sep 2017  |  moneycontrol.com
The Federal Open Market Committee has decided to maintain interest rates but will start reducing its $4.5 trillion balance sheet, a move not previously undertaken. Despite concerns, the article outlines five reasons not to worry: the selling is gradual, earnings are expected to rise, the Fed's dot plots have been historically inaccurate, the Fed's policies are adaptable, and other institutions like the ECB and BOJ continue to provide liquidity. The unwinding process is seen as a positive step, reflecting the Fed's confidence in the economy and presenting a buying opportunity for investors.

Making sense of the real exchange rate of the rupee

01 Jul 2015  |  business-standard.com
V K Sharma, former executive director of the Reserve Bank of India, discusses the need for a competitive exchange rate for Indian business and industry to succeed globally. He explains the Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) and its components, the Nominal Effective Exchange Rate (NEER) and Effective Relative Price (ERP), and how they are used to measure the real appreciation or depreciation of a currency. Sharma notes that despite nominal depreciation, the rupee has appreciated in real terms due to higher domestic inflation. He suggests that to restore the REER to its 2004-05 level and maintain export competitiveness, the rupee would need to depreciate to Rs 78 per dollar.

Potential fiscal impact of draft sovereign gold bond scheme

20 Jun 2015  |  business-standard.com
V K Sharma, former executive director of the Reserve Bank of India, discusses the potential fiscal impact of the draft Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme notified by the government. He expresses concern that the scheme, while modest in its aim to issue bonds worth Rs 13,500 crore equivalent to 50 tonnes of gold, could result in a significant fiscal liability for the exchequer. Sharma calculates that if gold prices rise, the fiscal hit could be as much as Rs 10,125 crore, including interest, for a reduction of only 50 tonnes in gold imports, which is a small fraction of the previous fiscal year's imports.

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