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Valerie Hirsch

Valerie Hirsch is a Belgium french speaking journalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa, since 1996.

English French

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Woman selling cooked chicken feet to unemployed people who are not able to buy proper meet. Unemployment has sharply risen during lockdown due to Covid .

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Women collecting wood in a township deprived of electricity to combat illegal connections

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Kids playing in Alexandra township, Johannesburg

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A barber in Alexandra township, while hairdressers were forbidden to operate during lockdown due to Covid (may 2020)

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Bhelekasi Madlalose a MSF nurse is testing a taxi driver for Covid in Thembisa, a township of Johannesburg, May 2020



a portrait of a well known musician in South Africa, a migrant from RDC who fled the earthquake ravaged town in Goma with a guitar and became the pop musician who signed the most lucrative contract with a record company in South Africa

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