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Vicenç Batalla

Lyon, France
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About Vicenç
Vicenç Batalla is a journalist based in Lyon, France.
Catalan Spanish French
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Gratuitous Violence, Aggressive Society

06 Mar 2024  |  catalunyaplural.cat
Two sociological science fiction films, 'Dream Scenario' by Kristoffer Borgli and 'Vincent debe morir' by Stéphan Castang, are released in Spanish cinemas, inviting reflection on social tension and cancellation in the era of social media. Both films, despite their differences, explore themes of unprovoked aggression and societal reactions to it. 'Vincent debe morir' features a graphic designer who inexplicably becomes the target of attacks, while 'Dream Scenario' stars Nicolas Cage as a university professor who becomes a celebrity after appearing in people's dreams. The article also mentions 'Beau Is Afraid' by Ari Foster and 'Leave the World Behind', highlighting the contemporary societal obsession with cancel culture and the pursuit of viral fame.

Anatomy of an Identity

02 Feb 2024  |  catalunyaplural.cat
The film 'Anatomía de una caída' directed by Justine Triet and starring Sandra Hüller, explores the relationship between identity and others, delving into the layers of reality, the past, and the perceptions of those who judge and love us. The protagonist, suspected of murdering her husband, reflects on her identity amidst public scrutiny and finds solace in the recognition of a friend who remembers her past self, providing a sense of salvation and reaffirmation of her identity.

Colita, goodbye to the gaze of modern Catalonia

01 Jan 2024  |  catalunyaplural.cat
Colita, a prominent Catalan photographer and cultural figure, passed away, leaving behind a legacy that transcends mere artistic documentation. Known for her comprehensive and humanistic approach, she captured the essence of modern Catalonia through her work. A feminist and leftist activist, Colita fought for better working conditions for photographers and mentored many young talents. Her work, celebrated in a 2014 retrospective at La Pedrera, remains a testament to the diverse and complex nature of Catalan society. Recently, she was honored with the 'Oficio de Periodista' award by the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya, recognizing her significant contributions to photojournalism.

The Yasification of Politics

13 Dec 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
The article discusses the phenomenon of 'yasification' in politics, a trend where political figures are glamorized on social media to appeal to younger voters. Originating from a meme that beautified public figures, it has been adopted by political parties like Podem-Sumar to create a friendly and relatable image of politicians. The trend, which includes using filters and music from pop divas on platforms like TikTok, aims to connect with the Gen Z electorate. The article mentions Spanish politicians Irene Montero and Yolanda Díaz as examples of this strategy, and also references international instances such as Milei in Argentina.

Wim Wenders: 'Of all my films, 'Perfect Days' is perhaps the most serene'

08 Dec 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
Wim Wenders' latest feature film, 'Perfect Days', set for release in France and Spain, reflects on his serene approach to filmmaking, particularly in the Tokyo-set narrative. The film, along with a documentary on artist Anselm Kiefer, showcases Wenders' minimalistic style and his ability to resonate with audiences and critics alike. His collaboration with musician Ry Cooder is fondly remembered, and his thoughts on the evolution of cinema, as captured in Lubna Playoust's 'Chambre 999', highlight the digital revolution's impact on the medium. Wenders' presence at the Cannes Film Festival and receipt of the Lumière Award in Lyon are testament to his enduring influence in the film industry.

Guillén, the Graphic Journalist

09 Oct 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
An anthology exhibition at the Museu d’Història de Catalunya showcases the satirical and artistic journey of Juanjo Guillén, a prominent graphic journalist whose work spans from the late Franco era to the present. Guillén's career, marked by his contributions to various influential publications such as Tele/eXpres, El Periódico, La Vanguardia, and TV3, reflects his commitment to reaching a broad audience and his pedagogical approach. His work is celebrated for its critical and independent perspective, often pushing the boundaries of freedom of expression. The text highlights Guillén's significant impact on the media landscape, his collaborations with notable figures, and his enduring legacy in graphic journalism.

A French-style autonomy for Corsica

05 Oct 2023  |  El Punt Avui
Emmanuel Macron has proposed a real autonomy for Corsica by including a specific article in the French Constitution. This would allow the teaching of the Corsican language in public schools and give the island control over key issues like external real estate investments. Macron emphasized that this autonomy would be within the French Republic. The proposal requires Corsican political forces to agree on a text within six months, which will then need approval from the French Assembly and Senate. Gilles Simeoni, the president of Corsica's executive, supports the move, aiming for a peaceful and pragmatic approach to the island's future.

Airbus takes off with its A320

01 Oct 2023  |  www.elpuntavui.cat
Airbus has secured a historic contract with IndiGo for 500 A320 aircraft, marking a significant recovery in the aviation industry post-pandemic. The A320 Neo and A321 models are noted for their improved fuel efficiency, appealing to airlines focused on sustainability. Airbus plans to ramp up production to meet growing demand, with new assembly lines and increased hiring. The company faces challenges in its supply chain but is actively supporting subcontractors. Airbus aims to introduce a hydrogen-powered aircraft by 2035, although experts predict it will take longer to become mainstream.

France suffering “historic drought”

01 Oct 2023  |  www.cataloniatoday.cat
France is experiencing an unprecedented drought due to a lack of rain and high temperatures, affecting all regions. The government has formed an emergency committee, led by Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne's Chief of Staff, to address the crisis. The committee, which includes various government departments, meets daily to assess the situation and implement water restrictions. Currently, 93 out of 96 regional departments have some form of water restriction, and around 70 areas prohibit water use for gardens or agricultural irrigation. Some municipalities are receiving drinking water from trucks. The drought is impacting energy production, agriculture, and biodiversity, with nuclear reactors being shut down due to high river temperatures. The French weather service warns that the situation could worsen.

Negotiating Peace with Jihadists in Mali

01 Oct 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
After a decade of conflict in Mali, jihadist groups have gained control over 75% of the territory. Despite French President Emmanuel Macron's opposition, experts argue that peace in the Sahel is unattainable without negotiating with these groups. The article highlights the humanitarian crisis, the failure of international military interventions, and the need for inclusive peace talks. It also discusses the complex socio-political dynamics, including the impact of climate change and the shifting geopolitical alliances, with Mali increasingly aligning with Russia.

Helena Miquel: 'Closing the Eyes' is a song to memory, to remembrance

21 Aug 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
Actress and musician Helena Miquel discusses her role in 'Cerrar los ojos,' the first feature film by Víctor Erice in thirty years. The film faced a controversy at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was relegated to the Cannes Premières section, leading to a public reaction from Erice. Despite the festival's response, Erice felt a lack of loyalty and dialogue. The film, which has received positive reviews, is seen as a testament to Erice's cinematic work, filled with symbolism and references to his previous films and life.

Elena Martín Gimeno: 'We don't talk enough about the intimacy of sex'

01 Jun 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
Catalan filmmaker Elena Martín Gimeno presented her second film, 'Creatura', at the prestigious Directors' Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival 2023, winning the main non-competitive section's Europa Cinemas Label, ensuring international distribution. The film, set on the Costa Brava, explores the sexual and emotional life of a thirty-year-old woman and is not autobiographical but a compilation of various experiences, including Martín's. The script was developed with Clara Roquet, and Martín's career has evolved from acting to directing, with 'Creatura' marking her as a prominent filmmaker. The film is set to release in Spain on September 8.

Justine Triet Wins an Overrated Palme d'Or with 'Anatomie d'une chute'

29 May 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
At the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, Justine Triet's 'Anatomie d'une chute' won the Palme d'Or, a decision criticized as overrating the film. Jonathan Glazer's 'The Zone of Interest' received the Grand Prix, while Aki Kaurismaki's 'Fallen Leaves' took the Jury Prize. Notable performances included Merve Didzar as Best Actress and Koji Yakusho as Best Actor. The article questions some jury choices, highlighting overlooked films like Alice Rohrwacher's 'La chimera' and expressing disappointment at the absence of certain films from the awards. It also comments on the festival's failure to fully utilize the potential of the films presented.

Ahmed Tobasi: “With theater, we want to share the history of Palestine”

26 Apr 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
Ahmed Tobasi, actor and director of The Freedom Theatre, uses theater as a form of cultural resistance against the Israeli occupation. He has conducted political theater workshops in Catalunya, emphasizing the importance of cultural exchange and solidarity. The Freedom Theatre, founded in Jenin, faces numerous challenges, including travel restrictions imposed by Israeli authorities and internal skepticism within the Palestinian community. Tobasi highlights the power of art to connect people and promote mental health, advocating for a broader definition of resistance that includes cultural and artistic expression.

Dangerous Inflation for Macron

20 Mar 2023  |  El Punt Avui
President Emmanuel Macron faces a dual challenge with pension reform and escalating food prices, risking further social unrest. The French government, led by Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, introduced an anti-inflation strategy allowing major retailers to freeze prices on selected products. Despite these efforts, food inflation continues to rise, with predictions of reaching 25% by summer. Consumer association UFC Que Choisir highlights significant price increases, reflecting broader economic pressures exacerbated by the Ukraine war.

French Cops 2023, the police that doesn't dance

31 Jan 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
The article reflects on the worsening global situation, highlighting the addition of the Gaza conflict to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the potential rise of the far-right in the US and Europe. It criticizes the inability of social democracy and liberal right-wing policies to address economic and social instability, which populists exploit by blaming immigrants. The article discusses French President Emmanuel Macron's controversial pension reform and immigration law, supported by far-right deputies, contributing to societal confusion. It also touches on the cultural significance of places like La Rotonde and offers a diverse music playlist as a counterbalance to the year's challenges.

My Joan Manuel Serrat

23 Jan 2023  |  catalunyaplural.cat
Gabriel Jaraba recounts his personal experiences with Joan Manuel Serrat, highlighting the musician's international stature, warm personality, and professional journey. Jaraba, who was part of the group Els Tres Tambors and later turned to journalism, shares anecdotes from their shared neighborhood and stages, Serrat's early career with Els Setze Jutges, and his rise to fame. The article reflects on Serrat's impact on Catalan music, his avoidance of elitism, and his celebration of friends' successes, including Jaraba's own wedding. Salvador Escamilla's role in recognizing Serrat's potential and advocating for a culture that avoids elitism is also acknowledged.

Tim Burton: 'I don't see myself managing Marvel multiverses!'

30 Nov 2022  |  catalunyaplural.cat
Tim Burton discusses his career, his unique cinematic style, and his latest project 'Miércoles' for Netflix. He reflects on his past work, including his collaborations with Johnny Depp and his experiences with Disney, which he suggests may have come to an end. Burton expresses discomfort with the current direction of the film industry, particularly the focus on streaming and superhero movies. He shares his thoughts on the importance of cinema and its ability to connect with audiences, despite the challenges faced by the industry. Burton also comments humorously on the Marvel universe and his lack of interest in managing multiverses.

Tribute 83 years later

19 Feb 2022  |  www.cataloniatoday.cat
After 83 years, a tribute was held to honor Republican exiles buried in a mass grave at the West Cemetery of Perpignan, who fled Franco's troops in 1939. The event, attended by about a hundred people, displayed a memorial banner with the names of the 841 individuals who died in hospitals after arriving at internment camps on the beaches of Argelers, Sant Cebrià, and Barcarès. The tribute also served as a redress, circumventing the local ultra-right authorities of Rassemblement National, which had obstructed access to municipal cemetery records. Historians Jordi Oliva, Martí Picas, and Noemí Riudor organized the event confidentially, meeting at the cemetery's monument that commemorates those who died during the exodus, erected by the ERC departmental committee on October 15, 1944, the fourth anniversary of President Companys' execution.

Aesthetics of Resistance

17 Sep 2021  |  catalunyaplural.cat
The article reflects on the critical and transformative aesthetics of Susan Sontag, emphasizing her resistance to cultural and societal norms. It discusses her work 'Styles of Radical Will' and its exploration of various transgressive events and aesthetics. The author expresses admiration for Sontag's intellectual rigor and plans to use this column to explore diverse cultural and philosophical themes, inspired by Sontag's approach.

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