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Victoria Milko

Yangon, Burma
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About Victoria
Victoria Milko is a freelance multimedia journalist and writer based in Myanmar. 

She is available for and has experience in audio, photo, video and written work.

Milko’s work has taken her from health clinics in rural Bangladesh, to protests in the streets of Myanmar, to the refugee camps of Thailand. Milko is an alumni of the Columbia University DART Center Reporting Safely in Crisis Zones course and attended the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. 

Milko is also a grantee of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting 2018 Data Journalism and Property Rights grant.

Milko is available for assignments and can be reached at ****** or on WhatsApp/Signal ******.
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Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

In Indonesia, deforestation is intensifying disasters from severe weather, climate change

31 Mar 2024  |  www.latimes.com
Severe weather and climate change are intensifying natural disasters in Indonesia, with deforestation cited as a major contributing factor. Environmental groups argue that ecological crises are exacerbating the effects of extreme weather, as evidenced by deadly flash floods and landslides in West Sumatra. Indonesia's vast rainforests have been significantly reduced for commodity development, making it one of the largest global emitters of greenhouse gases. While forests can mitigate extreme weather impacts, deforestation has led to soil erosion and increased flood risks. Recent government actions, such as a freeze on new palm oil plantation permits and a slowdown in deforestation rates, show some progress. However, experts are concerned about ongoing deforestation linked to new mining and infrastructure projects, as well as weakened environmental protections. They advocate for sustainable development that considers environmental impacts and better land planning.

In Indonesia, deforestation is intensifying disasters from severe weather and climate change

30 Mar 2024  |  www.adn.com
Indonesia faces intensified natural disasters due to deforestation and environmental degradation, exacerbating the impacts of severe weather and climate change. Environmental groups and experts highlight the role of deforestation in worsening floods and landslides, with illegal logging and inadequate land planning contributing to the problem. Despite some progress, such as a temporary freeze on new palm oil permits, ongoing development projects and weakened environmental protections pose significant challenges. Experts call for sustainable development practices to mitigate future ecological disasters.

In Indonesia, deforestation intensifies disasters caused by rains and climate change

30 Mar 2024  |  San Diego Union-Tribune
Indonesia faces severe natural disasters exacerbated by deforestation and environmental degradation. Recent deadly floods in Sumatra highlight the impact of deforestation on intensifying weather events. Environmental groups and experts stress the need for sustainable development and better land-use planning to mitigate these effects. Despite some progress, such as a temporary halt on new palm oil plantation permits, ongoing mining and infrastructure projects pose challenges to halting deforestation.

Malaysia Rohingya Child Brides

13 Dec 2023  |  auburnpub.com
Scores of underage Rohingya girls, fleeing violence and starvation, are being forced into arranged marriages with older men and kept as virtual prisoners in their own homes.

Growing demand for fish... and the oceans are giving all they can. Can we improve aquaculture?

03 Dec 2023  |  www.latimes.com
The article discusses the growing demand for fish and the limitations of ocean resources, highlighting the rapid growth of aquaculture as a solution. It examines the environmental challenges and innovations in aquaculture across different regions, including Indonesia's aquaculture villages, China's offshore fish farming, and indoor salmon farming in Florida. The article also explores sustainable fish feed alternatives, such as protein-rich black soldier flies produced by Innovafeed. Key stakeholders are experimenting with new methods to increase production while minimizing environmental impact.

These men once relied on the Aral Sea. Today, the dry land is a reminder of lost livelihoods

01 Dec 2023  |  phys.org
The article recounts the memories of Ali Shadilov and other former fishermen of the Aral Sea, which has drastically shrunk due to Soviet-era irrigation projects. Once a thriving hub of fishing and tourism, the region is now a desert with ghost towns and marooned ships. The narrative highlights the environmental and economic devastation caused by poorly managed water resources, leading to the loss of livelihoods and the displacement of communities.

The seas can no longer produce more fish for humans

20 Oct 2023  |  El Vocero de Puerto Rico
Federal regulators in the United States are set to review a chemical substance found in the environment. A French angelfish that was swimming abnormally has regained its buoyancy.

Growing up in the age of likes, LOLs and longing — view —

13 Jun 2019  |  VICTORIA MILKO
The article discusses the impact of social media on the current generation, particularly focusing on the experiences of young people growing up in an era dominated by digital interactions. It explores how the quest for likes, the use of internet slang like 'LOL', and a sense of longing for genuine connections shape the social and emotional development of youth. The author reflects on the changes in communication styles and the challenges faced by individuals who navigate their formative years amidst the pressures and influences of online platforms. The piece delves into the cultural and psychological implications of this digital upbringing, questioning how it affects self-esteem, relationships, and the concept of identity in the modern age.

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