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Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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iCOVER SAS The Moodie Davitt Report

Viola Gaskell

Viola Gaskell is a journalist based in Hong Kong. Her work includes photography and writing on various elements of Hong Kong culture including the wealth of traditional and modern storylines that collide on a daily basis. 

Viola graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Visual & Multimedia Journalism from the Brooks Institute in 2012. Since then she has lived and worked in New York City, Seattle, Maui, and Hong Kong - where she is now available for freelance work.



Photography for Zolima City Magazine. Example of consistent work with artists, authors, curators, etc. for ZCM, Hong Kong.


Text and images by Viola Gaskell: The Clipper Around the World Race offers a an opportunity to move forward. Seattle, WA


Photography and interviews for Mashable. What Makes You Feel Beautiful? Seattle, WA


Multimedia for Yes! Magazine: The Tiny Houses Holding Homeless Families Together. Seattle, WA.


Photography by Viola Gaskell, words by Rice Media. Has Hong Kong's most famed party district been debased to a grimy scene for regrettable benders?


Multimedia for Rice Media: In one of the most expensive and compact cities in the world, it seems that the rich are actively looking for new ways to spend their millions. Auspicious and sometimes absurd vanity plates and supercars are popular ways to spend the excess cash.


Multimedia for Rice Media: A feature on Hong Kong's elderly who have found an antidote to loneliness through street-side Karaoke in one of Kowloon's most dense neighborhoods.


Multimedia story for Hong Kong Free Press on the growing pains of gentrification in one of the city's most charming neighborhoods. Focused on second generation shops surrounding Hong Kong's famous Hollywood Road.


Multimedia for Rice Media and Hong Kong Free Press detailing the struggle independent music venues face in a city with restrictive venue regulations and a hostile real estate market.

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