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Violet Gonda

Violet Gonda has worked as a broadcast journalist for over 15 years focusing on human rights, democracy, political and governance issues. She has worked as a reporter, news anchor and radio host in several countries including the UK, USA, South Africa and Zimbabwe. She is currently based in London.
Violet’s main experience is in broadcasting, but she can also produce analytical reports for print, online and social media platforms.
Over the years Violet developed expertise in on-air live presentations, script writing, interviewing, research and general radio and television broadcast journalism. 
Best known for her sharp interviews as a Zimbabwean radio and television journalist, Violet has pursued interests that promote citizens participation, transparency accountability, access to information and media freedom in Africa.
She sits on the Executive Board of the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT), a global journalism organization with a mission to advance the impact of women in media.


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On Hot Seat we focus on the disturbed political landscape in Zimbabwe. Political Scientist Dr. Ibbo Mandaza says President Robert Mugabe has thwarted an “attempted coup” within his party. Recent public feuds between ZANU PF senior officials and cabinet ministers have exposed high levels of corruption. The succession battle is not only about political power but also about the money. For example ZANU PF Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere fingered land baron Phillip Chiyangwa for allegedly misappropriating 12 000 hectares of urban land. Chiyangwa, in turn, accused Kasukuwere of demanding a US$5m bribe to speed up a land deal for him. The party’s 10 provinces tried to oust Kasukuwere. They lodged vote of no confidence against him. But Kasukuwere survived. Political pundits say the provinces had no power, within the ZANU PF constitution to get rid of Kasukuwere and that only Mugabe could do that. Dr. Mandaza explains that an “assault on Kasukuwere is an assault on Mugabe.” Tune in to


The story behind the ‘compensation’ deal between Mujuru & evicted white farmer Guy Watson-Smith


Violet Gonda interviews (former) Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai on the political crisis in Zimbabwe

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