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Violet Law

Violet Law is a tri-lingual American journalist currently based in Hong Kong and southern China. She has filed for The Associated Press, The Economist, the Los Angeles Times, the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, etc.


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Protesters in Hong Kong say they are prepared to give their all to the do-or-die battle to hold the city's top leaders - and their bosses in Beijing - accountable. For many, the fight is now or never.


Long known to be a borrowed place on borrowed time, Hong Kong is rocked by a new generation of young activists who steadfastly stake their future in the former British colony.

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For decades, this dogged researcher has been unearthing what drove many teachers to "suicides" during China's Cultural Revolution.


Peng Yanhui still remembers shuddering when he testified in court about the bogus treatment that doctors were falsely advertising as a “cure” for homosexuality. His 2014 lawsuit alleged that health clinics had defrauded consumers, and he won.


Marine parks are opening up all over China, giving rise to surging demand for exotic sea creatures such as killer whales.

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