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Vladimir Kozlov

Vladimir Kozlov is a Moscow-based journalist with over two decades of experience, specializing in the intersection of politics, culture, and technology in Russia and its neighboring regions, including his native Belarus. His reporting has spanned a wide array of subjects, from the re-emergence of piracy in Russian cinemas and the violent behavior of Russian soccer fans to the intricacies of the aviation industry and the internal conflicts within Russia's royalty collection sector. Kozlov's work is characterized by a deep understanding of the complexities of international relations, particularly the tensions between Russia and Western countries, and their effects on industries and societal issues.

Kozlov's journalism has also provided insightful coverage on the expansion of 5G services, AI cyber security guidelines, and the impact of digital technology on various sectors. He has profiled controversial figures and explored the influence of politics and ideology on the Russian music industry over the past quarter-century. His articles have illuminated the challenges faced by foreign workers in Russia, the economic pressures of constructing FIFA World Cup stadiums amid currency devaluation, and the global implications of Belarus's stance on copyright laws.

In addition to his journalism, Kozlov is an independent film director and book author, which further enriches his perspective on the cultural and artistic landscapes he covers. Despite leaving Russia following the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, he continues to closely monitor and report on developments in the region. His dedication to providing thorough and nuanced reporting is evident in his ongoing commitment to journalism, and his work can be explored further at

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