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Waqas Rafique

Islamabad, Pakistan
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About Waqas
Waqas Rafique is a journalist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. 
I am a television presenter and reporter for a tv station in Islamabad. In the role of tv presenter I host talk shows on National Security and Foreign Affairs. I present live news broadcasts in the prime time as well.
My day time role is that of a beat reporter where I cover the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad and the diplomatic missions that are based in the city.

Time to time I work for development agencies such as UN where I make short documentaries, manage written content for their publications.

I blog in English for news papers and websites whenever I can
English Urdu
Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) Documentaries
Current Affairs Fact Checking

Is technology leading us in the right direction?

22 Aug 2023  |  Medium
Technology has significantly transformed our lives, offering advancements in medicine, communication, education, and renewable energy, while also enhancing efficiency and convenience through automation, digital platforms, and smart devices. However, it presents challenges such as privacy breaches, social inequalities, job displacement, and ethical dilemmas in AI and biotechnology. The environmental impact of technology, including e-waste and resource depletion, necessitates sustainable practices. A collaborative approach involving policymakers, industry leaders, and individuals is crucial to address these challenges, balance innovation with regulation, and ensure technology leads us in a positive direction.

The Multifaceted Significance of Education: Nurturing Minds, Shaping Futures

20 Aug 2023  |  Medium
Education is a cornerstone of human development, serving as a catalyst for personal growth, societal cohesion, and global advancement. It imparts essential knowledge and skills, fosters critical thinking, and promotes personal development, empathy, and cultural understanding. Education also plays a crucial role in social mobility, equality, responsible citizenship, and adapting to technological advances. It preserves cultural heritage and acts as a catalyst for global progress by equipping individuals to tackle complex global challenges. Embracing the transformative power of education paves the way for a brighter future with empowered individuals and informed communities.

A short report in Urdu about the work of UN's World Food Program's work in remote areas of Balochistan province

A special report on how the power crises in Pakistan affects small businesses here

This is an interview with the former US Special Representative to Af Pak when he toured Islamabad

Is a Muslim scholar allowed to disrespect a woman?

11 Mar 2015  |  The Express Tribune
The article discusses an incident involving a Muslim scholar who appeared on a television show hosted by a woman. The author questions whether the scholar's behavior was influenced by the host's gender, implying that the scholar may have talked down to her because she was a woman. The article raises concerns about gender equality and respect in the context of religious figures interacting with media professionals. It challenges the notion that a person's gender should have any bearing on how they are treated, especially in a professional setting.

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