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Chicago, United States of America

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Wayne McLaughlin

Wayne McLaughlin is a journalist based in Chicago, United States of America.
His focus areas are Politics, Culture, Environment and Religion
Wayne has been around quite a long time (he refuses to say how long) and has seen everything at least twice.  He keeps looking under the sun for something new.



RING, RING, CA-CHING is an ebook about telemarketing. Sales pitches are like beans. Better fresh than canned and the palette’s reception depends on the preparation. Millions of people everyday use the telephone to make requests of every conceivable kind from strangers they’ve never met seeking compensation for everything under the alphabet. Memorized pitches for stereotyped individuals created by MBA marketing types are purported to be the open sesame to wealth. I wouldn’t know one of these stereotypes if he was walking down the street with a sign around his neck. We are not peas in a pod. Like snowflakes, no two of us are alike. Through conversation, we get to know someone and properly done, they will tell you how they can be sold. That’s what this piece tells you about; How to listen, pick up cues and do your business.


Adrift describes a long term culture shift that is accelerating toward a society imagined by George Orwell in his book, 1984. Corrosive effects of a transition by the main stream media from watch dog to lap dog, diminished religious influence, politically correct speech and more, are some of the mile markers along the way to erosion of personal freedoms and freedom of choice.


Examines the root causes of our economic decline and the fallacious assumptions which prevent recovery. In the final analysis, we, the voting public, need to work at being much better informed.


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