Wirsiy Divine Peeters Bobongha

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Bamenda, Cameroon

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Wirsiy Divine Peeters Bobongha

Wirsiy Divine Peeters Bobongha is a journalist, documentary film maker, fixer, documentary D P, Camera operator, commercial video editor, motion graphics designer, documentary video editor, event photographer, a non fiction film director and CEO of Aeon Pictures  based in Bamenda, Cameroon.
He is available to travel.

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This video tells a story of the I Am Cameroon and Cameroonians in the diaspora. It is a short version of Frontliners: Defenders of Humanity

BLACKED OUT Is a documentary about the injustice metted on minority English speaking Cameroonians by the French speaking dominated government specifically the internet shutdown in cameroon in 2018. I co- directed and also build graphics for this movie.

This documentary tells the story of Cameroon Gender and Environmnet Watch, CAMGEW, a non profit and conservation organization based in Bamenda, Cameroon. This movie explores the CAMGEW's unequivocal commitment to the development of the honey Value Chain.

This documentary tells a story of the I am Cameroon Movement; a non profit organisation of Cameroonian both at home and in the diaspora who contributed enormously in the fight against the Novel Corona virus in Cameroon. I produced and directed this movie.

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