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Woja Emmanuel Wani

Woja Emmanuel is a South Sudanese multimedia Investigative Journalist specializing in Gender, Environmental Journalism, health, education, Conflict Sensitive Reporting and human rights reporting particularly matters distressing defenseless, marginalized or destitute clusters.

Woja started his Journalism career since 2011 in Yei with Maruba weekly Newspaper before progressing to the broader media perdspaective and joining Juba Monitor in 2017 and Eye Radio in 2019.
In his involvement, Woja demonstrated colossal experience in telling stories, networking with media outlets, civil society organizations, International and National Organizations. Woja has outstanding skill in acting as a watchdog of the society by giving voice to the voiceless. 

He helped in engaging parties to the agreement including Youth, Civil Society delegates and the general public through daily interviews towards the realization of tranquility through the signed R-ARCSS.

In February 2019, Woja was also identified by the U.S funded Viable Support to Transition and Stability (VISTAS) as a youth journalist and a leader to engage the Murle and Lou Nuer youth in Greater Jonglei Region of South Sudan during a peace conference held in the region able through channeling communication and creating a forum for public speaking.

As a youth leader he has been offering civic education and carrying out awareness campaigns to empower the youth who hang out at various coffee bars to discuss peace and governance issues affecting the common man through interviews and interaction.

Woja has a vision of opening a Street children organization in the next five years to help thousands of poor or homeless children who lost their parents’ during the five and half year civil war and now live an orphanage lifecycles and survives on the streets of Juba City and across the country.
Currently, Woja Emmanuel Wani, is a Reporter and Correspondent working for Eye Radio a Broadcast media in Juba South S


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