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Wolfgang Achtner


WOLFGANG ACHTNER  is a correspondent, television producer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, author, and journalism professor.

Summary of Qualifications:
-	extensive broadcast news reporting experience
-	ability to report and write effectively on deadline
-	on-air reporting skills, including live TV
-	strong editorial judgment, journalistic writing and research skills, 
-	storytelling ability: able to create a narrative with both news and feature stories from pitching to developing, producing and editing.
-	interpersonal skills/team player
-	organizational skills: hired, trained and managed production teams and staff  (in house and in the field)
-	Videojournalist skills
-	experience reporting for multi-platforms, including a proficiency in incorporating social media

Professional Experience:
Has reported on a wide range of major international stories, including breaking news, investigative reports, features and sports. During this time, has earned a reputation as one of the most attentive and knowledgeable observers of Italian affairs, covered for major American and British television news organizations and newspapers.

A career in television news working seven years for CNN as a correspondent, two-and-a-half years for Press TV as a correspondent, and eleven years, on staff, for ABC News, as a reporter/producer. London based assignment editor for ABC News. In addition, free-lanced, on a regular basis, for Britain’s Sky News, ITN, and Channel 4, as well as CTV, Deutsche Welle.

Radio Correspondent:  ABC News

Print correspondent: ‘The Independent,’ and ‘The Independent on Sunday.’  Contributor to: ‘Washington Post,’ ‘The Spectator,’ ‘The London Times,’ and “Newsweek.”

Photojournalist: Sygma/Paris

Documentary Filmmaker: 2002-present: completed 9 feature films 

Languages: Bilingual in English and Italian. Fluency in German and French. Conversational Spanish


"Gelato Is Magic" Highlights "Gelato is magic", photographed, written, produced and directed by Wolfgang Achtner, editing Alberto Gabutto.




ACHTNER PressTV - New Alitalia feature, January 2009 Story Name: Italy -- New Alitalia Takes Off-150109 Reporter: Wolf Achtner, Rome Date: January 15 2009


ACHTNER Press TV - Ongoing Protests in Italian Universities, Feature - November 08 Story Name: Italy -- ITALY/FEATURE Italian Universities on strike Reporter: Wolf Achtner, Rome Date: November 25, 2008 Camera:


Story Name: ITALY/VENICE-NO FUNDS FOR REPAIRS-170309 Reporter: Wolf Achtner, Rome Date: March 17, 2009


ACHTNER Press TV - ITALY/University students demonstrate against "Gelmini" law


Loris Malaguzzi, teacher, educationalist: born Correggio, Reggio Emilia 23 February 1920; married Nilde Bonaccini (died 1993; one son); died Reggio Emilia 30 January 1994. THE CITY of Reggio Emilia, 35 miles north-west of Bologna, in northern Italy, used to be known as the birthplace of Ludovico Ariosto, parmigiano, lambrusco, and of the Italian flag, but in recent years it has become increasingly famous for its municipal pre-school and infant/toddler day-care programme and its peculiar educational philosophy. This is largely the fruit of the work and commitment over 45 years of one charismatic individual, Loris Malaguzzi, and a small group of teachers and educators he trained and with whom he developed his methods.


Giovanni Agnelli, industrialist: born Turin, Italy 12 March 1921; vice-president, Fiat 1943-63, general manager 1963-66, chairman 1966-96, honorary chairman 1996-2003; chairman, Istituto Finanzario Industriale 1959-2003; chairman, Giovanni Agnelli Foudnation 1968-2003; Honorary Fellow, Magdalen College, Oxford 1991; married 1953 Princess Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto (one daughter, and one son deceased); died Turin 24 January 2003. To Italians, Giovanni Agnelli was their "uncrowned king" and occupied a position as close to God as the Pope. Throughout the rest of the Western world, he was regarded more as a head of state than an industrialist. His standing in his own country is best described by an old joke: the Pope is celebrating Mass in St Peter's Square, when a little boy asks his father who the man is with the skull cap standing next to Mr Agnelli.


The agony of Somalia has its roots in the endemic political corruption of Italy. Throughout the 1980s, Italian politicians and businessmen used the country, once a colony of Italy's, as a playground for huge construction projects that either did little to help the local population or actually disrupted and damaged Somalian society.


One Year Later, Amatrice Finds Its Redemption Thanks to Food The story of Alessio Bucci, from the earthquake to an entrepreneurial renaissance: "We were helped by our fellow Italians and by our mayor. The government is too slow"

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