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Ximena Beilin

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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About Ximena
Ximena Beilin is a bilingual journalist (Spanish and English) with a career that began in the year 2000. Her experience in the publishing field is complemented by her work in communication for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). As a content creator she focuses on freelance writing and research on social issues.
Ximena's research, writing, and editing skills are well-regarded in the industry, and she is known for her ability to navigate complex subjects with clarity and insight. During the last years she has also specialized in Solutions Journalism. Passionate about a range of issues including social matters, nutrition, science, environment, childhood, education and disability, but with concern for all topics. 
Ximena's journalistic approach is characterized by an active, creative, and practical personality, with a strong inclination towards embracing challenges and achieving results. 
Throughout her career, she has demonstrated her ability to overcome obstacles, find innovative solutions, and propose new ideas. Her commitment to journalistic excellence and her dedication to shedding light on important social issues have made her a respected voice in the media landscape.
She also advocates for pediatric disability and a more nuanced understanding of emotional health, encouraging her audience to lead more fulfilling lives, by giving hope and visibility to the complexities of trauma and pain as well as resilience and joy.
English Spanish
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Solutions Journalism at SJN Story Tracker. Cómo los drones pueden ayudar a disminuir la contaminación por plásticos en el mundo Infobae - 2022-02-06 Cada año, 13 millones de toneladas de plástico terminan en el océano. Aunque hay mucha evidencia acerca de la contaminación plástica en todo el mundo, aún faltan datos de calidad para obtener soluciones efectivas. Mediante un sisema de drones desarrollado por una empresa británica, es posible encontrar y mapear residuos plásticos en diferentes terrenos y clasificarlos por tipo, tamaño, origen o marca, de manera de obtener información certera y comparable para impulsar la toma de decisiones.

Link to Solutions Journalism for LATAM at INFOBAE

Ximena Beilin, author at RED

07 Feb 2024  |  RED/ACCIÓN
Ximena Beilin's article discusses various social, health, environmental, and educational initiatives across Latin America. Ashoka's Hello World program aims to change perspectives on migration, viewing migrants as agents of change. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2050, half the population will need glasses, prompting the creation of the Banco de Anteojos in Tucumán, Argentina. Algramo in Chile offers a service to refill everyday products, reducing plastic waste. Fundación INDRA's conservation efforts in a South American country have overcome a water deficit. Fundación Oficios in Buenos Aires provides job training for women. Disfam Argentina raises dyslexia awareness. Fundación Dignamente educates caregivers in vulnerable contexts. Ecoplas promotes plastic recycling education. The Liberté cooperative offers restorative justice training. Ánima provides education focused on labor inclusion. Pescueza in Extremadura combats population exodus and improves the quality of life for the elderly. Sobral in Brazil has achieved an educational revolution. Satellites on Fire offers real-time fire detection. The American Heart Association promotes CPR training in schools, and the Asociación Civil ALPI works towards accessible environments for people with disabilities.

An Argentine project provides glasses to those who cannot afford them and at the same time takes care of the environment

13 Dec 2023  |  redaccion.com.ar
The Argentine project Banco de Anteojos, created by Enrique Bach and supported by Fundación Hacer Futuro, collects and repurposes used eyeglass frames, equipping them with prescription lenses for those in need. The initiative has reutilized 5,000 frames, benefiting 3,750 people with vision difficulties. It operates mainly in San Miguel de Tucumán but also extends to other provinces. The project has a significant social and environmental impact, providing a simple, low-cost solution for a common problem and is easily replicable elsewhere. It was recognized by CAF and América Futura for its contribution to sustainable development in Latin America.

How a group of Uruguayan rural producers managed to reverse the impact of the drought

13 Nov 2023  |  redaccion.com.ar
In Uruguay, a group of rural producers in Valle de Lunarejo, Rivera, have successfully mitigated the effects of a prolonged drought through a conservation program led by INDRA, in partnership with the Intendencia Departamental de Rivera, Fundación Avina, Coca-Cola Uruguay, and the national Ministry of Environment's Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas. The program, which began in 2017, has conserved over 3,000 hectares of native forests and wetlands, and 7,000 hectares of natural lands, by implementing sustainable production methods, reforestation, and water management strategies. These efforts have doubled or quintupled water infiltration and accumulation in the soil compared to non-intervention areas, helping the local producers avoid severe water deficits. The model is being replicated in the Santa Lucía river basin and is seen as a sustainable and replicable approach to reversing intensive resource use.

How to create job opportunities for women in historically male-dominated jobs

23 Oct 2023  |  Diario Río Negro | Periodismo en la Patagonia
Gender equity in the workplace is increasingly scrutinized, with gender pay gaps being a significant issue. In Argentina, women earn on average 28.1% less than men, with the gap widening in informal employment. Fundación Oficios, led by Sergio Moreno, has been addressing the lack of access to certain sectors by providing training to women, particularly in historically male-dominated fields like transportation and energy. In partnership with Bayer and local municipalities, they launched a course in Rojas, Buenos Aires, to train 21 women as forklift operators. The initiative, Aprender +, has been successful in meeting community demand and has already impacted over 690 residents with various skills training. The courses are designed with gender equity in mind and adapt to the women's schedules, encouraging their participation in a male-dominated work environment.

How a Civil Association Helped Over 40 Companies Create More Accessible Physical Spaces for People with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility

01 Oct 2023  |  www.redaccion.com.ar
The article highlights the efforts of the civil association ALPI in promoting accessibility for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. Over the past 80 years, ALPI has been dedicated to neuromotor treatment and rehabilitation, and since 2012, it has been running a program to help organizations improve their physical spaces for better accessibility. The program includes assessments, recommendations, and certifications in architectural accessibility. Companies like Bayer have benefited from ALPI's services, making significant changes to their facilities to accommodate people with disabilities. The article emphasizes the importance of creating inclusive environments and the positive impact on both individuals and organizations.

The proposal against plastic pollution by a Chilean company awarded by the UN

01 Oct 2023  |  www.rionegro.com.ar
Algramo, a Chilean company founded by José Manuel Moller, has been awarded the UN's Champions of the Earth 2023 for its innovative approach to combating plastic pollution. The company promotes the use of RFID-tagged reusable containers, which consumers can refill with essential products, significantly reducing plastic waste. Algramo's technology includes a mobile app, IoT dispensers, and Packaging as a Wallet (PaaW), providing economic incentives for reuse. The initiative has led to the reuse of 900,000 containers and the prevention of over 100,000 kilograms of plastic waste. Algramo collaborates with major brands like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Nestlé and operates primarily in Chile, with plans to expand to the UK, Netherlands, and Mexico. The company is also a B Certified Corporation, committed to social, environmental, and economic impact.

Hugs, Songs, and Smiles: The Affective Nutrition That Changes the Lives of Newborns Separated from Their Families

01 Oct 2023  |  www.redaccion.com.ar
The article highlights the work of Fundación Canguro, a non-profit organization in Uruguay that provides emotional support to newborns separated from their families. Founded by Pamela Moreira, the organization focuses on 'affective nutrition' through physical and emotional care, which has been shown to improve the development of these infants. The foundation operates primarily in the Centro Hospitalario Pereira Rossell in Montevideo and the Hospital de Maldonado Dr. Elbio Rivero, with the help of 429 volunteers. The article underscores the importance of emotional care for newborns and the positive impact it has on their development.

How a Group of Uruguayan Rural Producers Reversed the Impact of Drought

01 Oct 2023  |  www.rionegro.com.ar
A group of Uruguayan rural producers successfully mitigated the impact of a prolonged drought through a conservation initiative led by INDRA and supported by various organizations, including Coca-Cola and the Ministry of Environment. The project focused on sustainable agricultural practices, reforestation, and water management, resulting in significant environmental, social, and economic benefits. The initiative's success in Rivera is now being replicated in other regions, demonstrating the potential for broader application of these conservation strategies.

An Argentine project provides glasses to those who cannot afford them while also caring for the environment

01 Oct 2023  |  www.rionegro.com.ar
An Argentine initiative, Banco de Anteojos, founded by Enrique Bach and supported by Fundación Hacer Futuro, provides recycled glasses to those in need, promoting social equity and environmental conservation. The project, which began in 2018, has reused 5,000 frames, benefiting 3,750 people. It operates through donations and partnerships with optical shops, addressing visual health issues economically and sustainably. The initiative has gained national recognition and is seen as a replicable model worldwide. It also received accolades from CAF for its contribution to sustainable development in Latin America.

60% of Argentinians Do Not Know What Circular Economy Is, and an Organization Promotes This New Paradigm of Plastic Use

01 Oct 2023  |  www.redaccion.com.ar
A significant portion of Argentinians are unaware of the concept of a circular economy, which aims to optimize resource use and reduce waste. Ecoplas, a civil association, is at the forefront of promoting sustainable plastic use through education, policy advocacy, and certification programs. The organization collaborates with various stakeholders, including schools, businesses, and government bodies, to implement responsible consumption practices and recycling initiatives. Recent efforts include the development of certifications for products made with recycled plastic, which have been adopted by companies like Star Company S.A. Despite challenges, such as the lack of public policies, Ecoplas continues to push for comprehensive strategies to enhance plastic recycling and environmental education in Argentina and across Latin America.

How Israel Solved Equal Access to Water Despite Having 60% Desert and Became a Global Reference

01 Oct 2023  |  www.redaccion.com.ar
Israel has become a global leader in water management despite its predominantly desert terrain. Through innovative practices like desalination and wastewater recycling, the country ensures a reliable water supply. Key legislation, such as the Water Measurement Law (1955) and the Water Law (1959), has been instrumental. Mekorot, Israel's state water company, plays a crucial role, managing extensive water projects and collaborating internationally. The article also discusses the potential for Latin American countries to adopt similar strategies, emphasizing the need for cultural shifts in water consumption and management.

Argentine app detects forest fires in seven Latin American countries and helps save large tracts of land

03 Jul 2023  |  rionegro.com.ar
Satellites on Fire, an Argentine application developed by Franco Rodríguez Viau and his team, detects forest fires in real-time across seven Latin American countries, aiding over 250 organizations in combating fires. Recognized for its scientific and technological contributions, the app uses data from six satellites to provide early warnings, with a user base of 900 active monthly users. It has proven to be a crucial tool for firefighters, NGOs, national parks, and forest companies, preventing significant biodiversity and production losses. The system offers various subscription plans and has received funding, including a $20,000 prize from MIT.

Argentine app detects forest fires in seven Latin American countries and helps save large tracts of land

02 Jul 2023  |  redaccion.com.ar
Satellites on Fire, an Argentine application developed by Franco Rodríguez Viau and his team, detects forest fires in real-time across seven Latin American countries. Recognized for its scientific and technological contributions, the app has aided over 250 organizations since its launch in August 2021. It utilizes data from six satellites, including four from NASA and two from NOAA, to provide rapid and precise alerts. The app's early detection capabilities have prevented significant biodiversity and production losses. With 900 active monthly users, it monitors an area ten times the size of Uruguay. Satellites on Fire offers a free trial, with various subscription plans, and has received funding from MIT and other awards. The team aims to enhance fire management through prediction and detection improvements, with a focus on natural forest preservation.

CPR Learning is Mandatory in U.S. Schools: A Measure Thanks to Which Many Teenagers Save Lives

21 Jun 2023  |  rionegro.com.ar
The American Heart Association (AHA) has been instrumental in making CPR training mandatory in U.S. schools, with 40 states now requiring it for high school graduation. This initiative has led to a significant increase in bystander CPR rates, which is crucial since every second counts in a cardiac arrest. The AHA's CPR in Schools program provides educators with sustainable training methods and has placed over 25,000 training kits across schools. Personal stories, like that of Angela Thomas and her daughter Erin, highlight the real-world impact of this training. The AHA also supports a bipartisan bill to expand access to automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) in schools. While challenges have been faced, such as budgetary concerns, the AHA's use of science and volunteer support has been key to overcoming them. The article also touches on Argentina's experience with CPR, where a national law promotes CPR training, but the current implementation status is unclear.

How a civil association helped more than 40 companies to have more accessible physical spaces for people with disabilities and reduced mobility

12 Jun 2023  |  Diario Río Negro | Periodismo en la Patagonia
For 80 years, the civil association ALPI has been dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of neuromotor conditions. They have developed a program to encourage the review of building facilities, advise organizations, and offer certification in architectural accessibility. The program aims to improve the quality of life for nearly 10 million Argentinians with disabilities or reduced mobility. ALPI charges for accessibility consulting or certification and uses the funds for their Neuromotor Internment and Rehabilitation Center. More than 40 companies have improved their accessibility through ALPI's services, including Bayer, which has made significant adaptations to its facilities. The program covers a wide range of accessibility aspects, from ramps and signage to universal design furniture. The goal is to enable autonomous movement for all individuals, including those with visual, auditory, or cognitive disabilities, and to promote inclusion, accessibility, and universal design in all organizations.

Flexibility and Support: How a Free Program from the City of Buenos Aires Helps Adults Across the Country Complete Their Education

17 Apr 2023  |  redaccion.com.ar
The City of Buenos Aires offers a free and virtual program called 'Terminá la Secundaria' for young and adult learners across Argentina to complete their secondary education. Originating from the Adultos 2000 program, it has adapted over the years, with a significant shift to virtual learning in 2014. The program provides flexibility for those with work and family commitments, and has seen a substantial increase in enrollment in 2023, with over 98,000 registrants. The program faces challenges such as bureaucratic barriers and the need for technological adaptation among teaching staff, but it has been successful in helping many adults complete their education, which is linked to better job opportunities.

The school menu in São Paulo improves the nutrition of more than a million children and prioritizes low environmental impact production

09 Nov 2022  |  infobae
The sustainable school menu implemented in São Paulo, Brazil, aims to provide healthy and sustainable food to over a million students, reducing food insecurity and environmental impact. Initiated in 2011 by the Coordinación de Alimentación Escolar (CODAE) with the support of the Sociedad Vegetariana Brasileña (SVB), the program has expanded to serve more than 2.5 million meals daily across 4,000 public schools. The initiative has received the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies award for its innovative approach to climate action. The program promotes local food purchases, reduces meat consumption, and educates on sustainable diets, contributing to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

A company and a cooperative created a program for the residents of Tigre to recycle long-life packaging

24 Oct 2022  |  infobae.com
In Tigre, Argentina, a cooperative named Creando Conciencia and Tetra Pak have launched a program to encourage residents to recycle long-life packaging. For every ton of recycled carton packages, Tetra Pak donates fifty liters of long-life milk to local public institutions and community dining rooms. The initiative aims to raise awareness and promote the separation of recyclable materials at the source. Creando Conciencia, founded in 2005, has been working with Tetra Pak for over a decade to improve recycling rates. The cooperative processed 6,000 kilograms of these packages in the first half of 2022 and aims to exceed this number. The program also supports the creation of new products from recycled materials, contributing to a circular economy and generating employment.

The largest medicine bank in the country provides free medication to 35,000 people

04 Jul 2022  |  infobae
The Fundación Tzedaká's Community Medicine Bank (BCM) provides free medication to 35,000 people across Argentina, addressing the needs of those who cannot afford essential medicines. The organization collaborates with 200 institutions and social organizations in 21 provinces, distributing medication through a well-coordinated system involving pharmacists and volunteers. Despite logistical challenges and storage limitations, the BCM continues to operate efficiently, transforming unused medicines into valuable treatments. The foundation also runs an annual national campaign to collect medicine donations, emphasizing the urgent need for societal support to meet the growing demand.

A free app provides emergency assistance with a network of volunteers trained in first aid

25 Apr 2022  |  infobae
Helpers, both an NGO and a social impact start-up, has created a free mobile app that connects volunteers trained in first aid with people in emergencies through geolocation. Founded in 2017, the app has been downloaded over seventy thousand times globally and is available on Android and iOS devices. It allows users to alert nearby volunteers during a health emergency or seek emotional support. The platform is based on an Israeli public medical response model and aims to provide immediate assistance during the critical minutes before professional help arrives. Helpers' vision is to have a trained volunteer in every household worldwide, and it aligns with the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

PUMA Project: how a foundation works to make the sea accessible for everyone

15 Dec 2021  |  infobae
Since 2017, the Fundación Lautaro te Necesita has been implementing the PUMA project, aimed at making the sea accessible to everyone, including those with motor disabilities. The project involves students from technical schools in Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, Tucumán, Necochea, and Pinamar, who adapt chairs for use on uneven terrain such as sand. These chairs are then donated to the disability area of each municipality. The initiative was inspired by the challenges faced by Lautaro, the son of the foundation's co-founders, Verónica de Pablo and Eduardo Javier. The project has expanded to include various cities and has received support from organizations like the Cámara de Ferreteros de Mar del Plata (Cafamar). It emphasizes the importance of accessible design and has been positively received by communities, with plans for further expansion and the creation of more accessible coastal projects.

How quality training in trades can achieve reintegration into the world of work

17 Nov 2021  |  infobae.com
Fundación Oficios, a non-profit organization based in Tigre, Buenos Aires, has been working for fifteen years to provide quality training in various trades such as electricity, gas, plumbing, renewable energies, air conditioning repair, and sewing. The courses are free and offer official certification. The foundation targets adults, particularly those over 40, helping them gain new skills for employment or entrepreneurship. The organization was born from the real estate development company Eidico and has since been supported by various companies, including Bayer. Fundación Oficios aims to break the cycle of poverty by offering opportunities for personal and collective progress through continuous education and work.

How the Garrahan Hospital Never Ran Out of Blood in Its Blood Bank, Not Even During the Pandemic

26 Oct 2021  |  infobae
The Garrahan Hospital in Buenos Aires has successfully maintained a steady supply of blood in its blood bank through a 100% voluntary donation model, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. This model, which relies on community promoters and external blood drives, has been recognized for its effectiveness and altruism. The program alleviates the burden on patients' families to find donors and ensures a safer and more reliable blood supply. Key figures like Roberto Peláez, Silvina Kuperman, and Lucía Kwist emphasize the importance of voluntary blood donation and the hospital's efforts to promote this practice nationwide.

Chronicles of Quarantine — Our Tempest

04 Aug 2020  |  Tumblr
Ximena Beilin reflects on the varied experiences of people during the quarantine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She discusses a viral text that suggests while everyone is facing the same storm, they are not in the same boat, highlighting the different challenges people face. Beilin argues for empathy and solidarity, suggesting that instead of focusing on individual survival, people should be attentive to the needs of others, including the elderly, the unemployed, and those suffering from violence. She encourages support through volunteering, donations, and supporting local businesses, emphasizing collective action and unity in the face of the pandemic.


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