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Yan Boechat

São Paulo, Brazil
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About Yan
Yan Boechat is a journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

A journalist with over 20 years of experience, I'm a collaborator of the main media outlets in Brazil. Throughout my career, I worked as a reporter and editor in Economics, Business, Politics, and National. In recent years I have specialized in covering international issues, with special attention to conflict regions in the Middle East and Africa. Today I work with both newspapers and magazines, as well as digital and television publications.
Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast) Fact Checking
Current Affairs Fact Checking

In Photos: Around Ukraine’s Avdiivka, Civilians Flee, and Soldiers Fight as War Gets Closer

14 Mar 2024  |  Voice of America
Ukrainians in Avdiivka are enduring one of the war's toughest moments on the Donbas front lines, facing ammunition shortages and lacking strong defensive lines as Russian troops attempt to advance. Civilians are compelled to decide whether to abandon their homes or stay amidst the escalating conflict.

Brazil Launches Mass Vaccination Campaign Against Dengue Fever

08 Feb 2024  |  voanews.com
Brazil is initiating a mass public vaccination campaign against dengue fever in response to a significant increase in cases, with nearly five times more reported in the first five weeks of the year compared to the same timeframe in 2023.

Scientists Say 2023 Amazon Drought Most Severe in Recorded History

30 Nov 2023  |  Voice of America
The Amazon region experienced its most severe drought in recorded history in 2023, with rivers and lakes reaching record low levels and thousands of people isolated due to lack of water in tributaries. This event is highlighted as a warning of the potential impacts of climate change.

Israel Defense Forces Order Evacuations of Southern Gaza

16 Nov 2023  |  www.voaafrica.com
Israel ordered civilians to evacuate four towns in southern Gaza, raising concerns about the spread of its conflict with Hamas. Israeli forces remain at Gaza's largest hospital, Al-Shifa, following a siege. Families of nearly 240 hostages held by Hamas have started a five-day march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Olive Harvest in West Bank Caught in Crossfire Between Jewish Settlers, Palestinians

13 Nov 2023  |  voanews.com
Attacks by Jewish settlers against Palestinian farmers have intensified following the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel, leading to a potential reduction in olive oil production in the West Bank. The Palestinian Farmer's Union reports that these incidents are hindering the harvest of thousands of olive trees near the settlements.

Israeli Forces Reach Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

13 Nov 2023  |  www.voaafrica.com
Israeli Defense Forces reached Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital, causing thousands to flee. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that military operations in Gaza will continue until Hamas is defeated. VOA correspondents Esther Githui-Ewart and Yan Boechat are reporting from Jerusalem on the latest developments.

No Permission for Palestinians on Main Street in West Bank

09 Nov 2023  |  www.voaturkce.com
Hawara, a town in the West Bank surrounded by Jewish settlements, has become a hotspot for violence since early 2023, with both Palestinians and Israeli settlers being killed. Amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Israeli forces have decided to close off the town's central area, prohibiting Palestinians from working, driving, or even walking on the main street.

War leaves thousands of Palestinians unemployed in Israel

06 Nov 2023  |  tnh1.com.br
The conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in the Israeli government, led by Binyamin Netanyahu, suspending work permits for nearly 100,000 Palestinian construction workers from the West Bank and Gaza, as estimated by the Palestinian National Authority. This has caused significant unemployment and economic distress among Palestinians, with individuals like Isa Zeita left without work and income. The construction sector in Israel, represented by figures like Haim Feiglin, is facing a labor shortage and is pressuring the government to issue work visas for foreign workers. The suspension of Palestinian work permits is expected to have severe economic impacts on the West Bank, with predictions of a dramatic drop in consumption and a rise in unemployment to levels similar to Gaza before the war.

Hamas-Run Gaza Health Ministry Claims 9,000 Deaths

03 Nov 2023  |  voaafrica.com
The Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, reports over 9,000 Palestinian deaths in the war, while Israeli officials count more than 1,400 Israeli fatalities, mostly from Hamas's initial attacks on October 7. VOA's Esther Githui-Ewart discussed the situation with correspondent Yan Boechat in East Jerusalem.

War weakens Abbas, and West Bank residents openly support Hamas

28 Oct 2023  |  Acessa.com
The article discusses the growing support for Hamas among West Bank residents amid increasing violence and dissatisfaction with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. It highlights the recent Israeli military operations in Jenin, the rising death toll, and the public's shift towards more aggressive resistance against Israel. Key figures like Sabri Saidam and Othman Hassan express concerns and criticisms, while the article also touches on the arming of Jewish settlers by Israeli Interior Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.

The Inside Story - Israel at War | Episode 115

26 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Examines the escalating military actions between Israel and Hamas and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, highlighting concerns from the White House administration about the potential spread of the conflict across the region.

Palestinians Demand More ‘Confrontational’ Approach Towards Israel

25 Oct 2023  |  voaafrica.com
Palestinians in the West Bank are calling for the Palestinian Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas to adopt a more confrontational stance towards Israel, expressing frustration over the lack of progress from decades of negotiations.

Palestinians Criticize Abbas for Israel Attacks

In Photos: More Than 100 Palestinians Killed in West Bank Since October 7

24 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Violence has surged in the West Bank following a Hamas attack on October 7, leading to Israeli forces entering Palestinian cities to arrest suspects linked to the militant group. Over 1,000 people have been detained, and more than 100 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and Jewish settlers in nearly three weeks of conflict, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Bethlehem Churches Cancel Christmas Celebrations in Protest of War in Gaza

20 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
The main churches in Bethlehem have decided to cancel all Christmas celebrations this year as a form of protest against the ongoing war in Gaza. The city, known for being the birthplace of Jesus Christ, will only hold religious ceremonies. This decision highlights the local religious community's stance on the conflict.

UN: 2023 the bloodiest year in the West Bank in 15 years

20 Oct 2023  |  www.zeriamerikes.com
Daily Israeli forces' attacks on Palestinian cities targeting Hamas leaders and affiliates have escalated violence in the West Bank. Since October 7, over 120 Palestinians, including children, have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers. The UN reports this year as the deadliest in 15 years in the West Bank. The violence has intensified in refugee camps, with many Palestinians killed during Israeli operations. The Palestinian Health Ministry reports increased deaths from settler attacks, with rising tensions suggesting an imminent conflict.

UN Reports Increase in Israeli Attacks on Palestinians in West Bank

13 Oct 2023  |  www.voaafrica.com
The United Nations reported an increase in attacks on Palestinians by Jewish settlers in the southern West Bank following Hamas' surprise attack on Israel on October 7. More than a dozen villages have been destroyed, farmers evicted, and over 1,000 people displaced, with overall violence on the rise.

Israelis Who Left Gaza Settlements in 2005 Want to Return

10 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Israeli settlers who left Gaza in 2005 are planning to return, viewing the current war against Hamas as an opportunity. The Israeli government has not endorsed this move.

Chinese Automakers Focus on Brazil as Hub for EV Production

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Chinese automakers are targeting the Brazilian market for electric vehicle production, with BYD and GWM investing approximately US$2.5 billion. This move aims to establish a significant presence in Brazil, the sixth-largest automobile market globally.

Bolsonaro Riots Laid Bare Threat to Brazilian Democracy

09 Jan 2023  |  www.nytimes.com
Following the riots in Brazil, authorities detained 1,200 protesters and questioned the security lapses that allowed the encampment demanding a military coup to persist for over 70 days. The violence highlighted the threat to Brazilian democracy, driven by mass delusion among Bolsonaro supporters who believe the election was rigged, despite no evidence. Supreme Court justice Alexandre de Moraes suspended Brasília's governor Ibaneis Rocha, citing security failures. The events mirrored the January 6 Capitol riots in the U.S., with similar conspiracy theories fueling the unrest. President Lula, who took office a week prior, is now tasked with prosecuting those involved, while the U.S. expressed support for Brazil's democracy. Bolsonaro, who is in Florida, criticized the violence but has left a lasting impact with his rhetoric against democratic institutions.

Where the Police Wear Masks, and the Bodies Pile Up Fast

20 Dec 2019  |  www.nytimes.com
Masked gunmen carried out a massacre at Wanda’s Bar in Belém, Brazil, killing 11 people. The attackers, who have been terrorizing the city for nearly a decade, operate with impunity, engaging in robbery, extortion, and murder.

A close look into the Ukraine War, the last forgotten conflict in Europe that keeps taking lives in a daily basis

Five-part series about the consequences of the devastating war against the Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq


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