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Moskow, Russia

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Yana Lika Bell Chernysheva

My name is Yana, and I am a Russian born bilingual journalist who enjoys big cups of tea, journalism, and creative writing. 

As a journalist I contributed to more than a dozen newspapers and magazines covering topics ranging from fashion, lifestyle, culture and heritage up to economy for issues such as Tones Of Brixton, Moi Podium Project, Arguments And Facts, Novaya Gazeta, Top Secrets, Echo Of The Planet, AiF Rabota-Express, Chastnay Jizn, Jurnalistika I Kultura Russkoi Rechi and other. 

Styles I worked within are news journalism, stories writing, interviews, writing of advertising and PR materials, press realizes. 

In besides to that I did language translations from Russian into English and vice versa. 

My creative writings are not attempted to be serious and more from giggling, and I hope them to be shaking. While engaged with creative writing, I started a blog Ideal Girlfriend's Dairy, which eventually hits many and more likes. 

I am very enthusiastic and dedicate, and I am always happy to face new projects to work with or take on board new stories to write.



My blog where I gathered a few from writings, including press releases, stories, and interviews. You may wish to see another blog to where I put a few from my creative writings. All writings are written with an attempt to be serious but rather all styled as shaking, entertaining, and bait of giggling too. https://greyorchids.wordpress.com

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