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Yanni Leung

Yanni Leung is a journalist based in Montreal, Canada.

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2020年标志着加拿大与中华人民共和国正式建立外交关系五十周年。 按照常规,这应该是值得庆贺的一件事情。加拿大是最早承认中国,并建立外交关系的西方国家之一。 但现实是,目前,加中关系降到了五十年来的最低点。

In Canada’s second largest city, Montreal, a group of talented, passionate Chinese independent filmmakers have dedicated the past ten years to their filmmaking dreams. They’ve grown to become a unique component in the Canadian film scene.

Foon Hay Lum was a legendary character in Toronto. She was born in July 1908 in China, and she was about 3 months away from her 112th birthday because of COVID19. Helen Lee, the granddaughter of Lum, recounts the saga here....

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