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Yasmina Nuny Silva

Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
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About Yasmina
Yasmina Nuny is a Bissau-Guinean writer and poet based in Guinea-Bissau. She is a Political Economy  graduate specialised in African Studies. Her debut collection Anos Ku Ta Manda was published in 2019 with Verve Poetry Press.
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Our Identity As Black Women Does Not Shield Us From Accountability Or Critique

27 Jan 2021  |  Black Ballad
The article discusses the controversy surrounding Chidera 'The Slumflower' Eggerue and her campaign for reparations from Florence Given, who she accuses of plagiarizing her work. Several Black writers, including Aja Barber and Otamere Guobabia, have criticized Eggerue for using her identity as a shield against legitimate questions and for bullying and harassing those who do not support her campaign. The article also touches on past criticisms of Eggerue's brand of feminism, which has been accused of promoting misandry and focusing on personal gain over collective liberation. The situation escalated when Eggerue used a slur against Munroe Bergdorf, leading to transphobic abuse from her supporters.

For one community in West Africa, healing the planet is about a deep and ancient respect for nature.

11 Jan 2021  |  euronews
The article by Yasmina Nuny explores the relationship between the Bijagó people of Guinea-Bissau and their environment. The Bijagó, who live on the Bijagós archipelago, have a deep respect for nature, which is central to their culture and the preservation of the islands' biodiversity. Despite this, the archipelago faces threats from climate change, such as rising sea levels and pollution from offshore petroleum exploration. The article discusses how the Bijagó attribute environmental issues to spiritual disharmony and how traditional practices are linked to environmental conservation. However, there is concern that younger generations are moving away from these traditions, potentially impacting the future of the Bijagó's environmental stewardship and their ability to cope with climate change.

An interview with Reni K Amayo, author of fantasy novel Daughters of Nri.

The Unsung Heroines of Guinea-Bissau's Independence

19 Dec 2020  |  Meeting of Minds
The article discusses the critical role of women in the independence struggle of Guinea-Bissau and the ongoing fight for gender equality. It highlights the contributions of women like Ernestina 'Titina' Silá, Carmen Pereira, and others who were instrumental in the liberation movement against Portuguese and patriarchal rule. Despite their significant involvement, the article points out that the historical documentation and national commemoration often marginalize these women's participation. Forty-seven years post-independence, the ideals of women's liberation have not fully translated into the daily lives of Guinean women. The article emphasizes the importance of recognizing and learning from the contributions of these women to inspire and lead modern-day Guinean women towards social, economic, and cultural liberation. The author, Yasmina Nuny, is a Bissau-Guinean writer and poet who underscores the need to continue the fight for women's rights in honor of the female combatants' legacies.

How Black Liberation Is A Global Struggle

19 Dec 2020  |  Black Ballad
The article reflects on the interconnectedness of the civil rights movement in the United States with the global struggle for freedom and human dignity, as highlighted by historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Amílcar Cabral, and Kenyan leader Tom Mboya. It emphasizes the importance of revisiting the works of radical thinkers like Dr. Angela Davis, Dr. Kehinde Andrews, and Amílcar Cabral, especially in the wake of George Floyd's death and the subsequent global 'Fed-Up' uprising. The author criticizes the tendency in Europe to view racism as an exclusively American issue and calls for a re-internationalization of the movement for black liberation, urging for a collective approach that includes all black individuals across the African continent and the diaspora.

Testimony video of old members of the "Geração Nova da Tiniguena" for the events in honor of the book launch for "Geração Nova da Tiniguena, uma Escola para a Vida"

Unpaid labour for Black History Month

15 Oct 2020  |  Shado Magazine
The article reflects on the 33rd anniversary of the UK's Black History Month, highlighting its significance in celebrating Black contributions and instilling pride among Black British youth. It critiques the tokenistic and performative nature of institutions' engagement with Black History Month, particularly in the wake of George Floyd's death and the subsequent rise in 'allyship'. The author discusses the emotional and intellectual labor demanded of Black people, often without compensation, and the hypervisibility of Black individuals in workplaces during diversity and inclusion initiatives. The piece also touches on the economic disparities faced by Black people in the UK and the exploitation of Black labor. The author urges Black people to recognize the value of their work and to charge for their labor, especially during Black History Month, and calls for genuine anti-racist efforts from non-Black people and institutions.

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