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Yasser Abu Wazna

Yasser Abu Wazna is a multi-media journalist based in Gaza. 
Based in Gaza, he has worked in and around media for more than a decade, bring years of experience working with the United Nations to the table.
In any of the three production stages, he can provide multimedia materials (rough cut, rushes, or raw videos;  photographs; audio tracks; and articles) as stock footage, news packages, news features or short/long documentaries in English or Arabic. 
He has contributed solely and as a team player in a variety of productions for international humanitarian organizations and world media outlets.


Arabic English

Life can prove to be very challenging for a deaf parent - This 14-year-old from Palestine wants to change all that


In blockaded Gaza, necessity is not only the mother of invention, but also the mother of resurrecting old fashioned ways to survive. Palestinians are no longer able to bake bread at home by electrical baking ovens because of the escalating electricity dilemma in the Strip. Daily power supply has reached 4 hours per 24 hours. Accordingly, Palestinians turn to bake bread by primitive clay ovens.


Around the world, urban agriculture is playing a role in feeding a growing global population from mid-America to the Middle East. The video above introduces Said Salim Abu Naser, a proponent of sustainable agriculture living and working in Gaza City, Palestine, along the Mediterranean Coast. Abu Nasser has created a 200-square-meter (2,000-square-foot) micro-farm using a hydroponic system and homemade organic pest-control solutions consisting of garlic, pepper, soap and more.


Gaza youngsters turn war zone into Parkour heaven A group of teenagers has transformed a war zone into a parkour area. These young Palestinians swing, jump and roll through the ruins of the estimated 15,000 houses demolished during the Israeli offensive last summer.




    Gaza Sports December 1 @ 12:00am

    Summary Breaking cultural and social taboos, Mais, a 25 year old from Gaza, is one of the few Palestinian women who go horse riding in the Strip. She learned to ride horses when she was child, and is enthusiastic to compete in 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. She does riding exercise with her coach... Read more

  • Out of Propane Gas? Try the Air!

    Gaza Current Affairs April 30 @ 12:00am

    Summary For a decade, fuel crisis has been hitting the residents of the Strip every winter. Recently, Mohamad has invented a burner device with a new innovation. The technique does not depend on propane gas. Instead, it burns a stream of air after saturating it with gasoline. Using the new... Read more

  • Gaza Fishery: From the Sea to the Pool

    Gaza Science & Environment May 1 @ 12:00am

    Summary Since 2015, Israeli has prohibited Gazan fishermen to sail beyond 6 nautical miles from Gaza coast. Gazan fishermen became unable to catch quantities sufficient or satisfying to the population of the coastal Strip as big sized fishes cannot be found within the allowed fishing zone. Thus,... Read more

  • Gaza in 2020 – A liveable place?

    Gaza Science & Environment December 1 @ 12:00am

    Summary More than 90 percent of the Gaza Strip’s water is undrinkable. The rest is quickly running out. A combination of factors is rapidly depriving the population of this most basic of needs. Water distillation privet planets try to secure the Gazans need to keep them alive. UN warned that damage... Read more

  • Gaza blind karate player dreams big

    Gaza Sports May 31 @ 12:00am

    Summary For the first time in Palestine, a blind teenager girl in a group of normal youths does karate. As she succeeds in challenging her blindness, her concerned club is hoping to help the girl reach Arab and international levels. Characters Menatu Allah, 13 years old, is a blind hijab girl.... Read more


    Gaza Sports April 30 @ 12:00am

    Summery: In the poor Gaza Strip, talents can hardly find sponsorship. Few years ago, some friends decided to master street workout. With self-help, enthusiasm, dedication, and indoor and outdoor exercises, they became brilliant in it. They have voluntarily launched shows in public parks,... Read more

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