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Yena Lee

Beijing, China
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About Yena
I'm a broadcast journalist based in Beijing. 
Available for live TV stand ups in breaking news situations and/or rolling coverage of international events. I also film rushes and soundbites.
English French Korean
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Beijing has its own grievances, notably US tariffs on Chinese solar panels

17 Jul 2023  |  www.france24.com
FRANCE 24's Beijing correspondent Yena Lee reports that while the US wants China to increase its participation in international climate funds, Beijing is contending with US tariffs on Chinese solar panels and taxes on steel and aluminium. These trade issues are expected to remain unchanged during John Kerry's visit.

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As China-Australia Relations Thaw, Hope Grows for Cheng Lei

10 May 2023  |  worldpoliticsreview.com
Australian journalist Cheng Lei has been detained for 1,000 days by China's state security police on espionage charges, with her family maintaining her innocence. Initially held under the RSDL system, she could face a life sentence if convicted. The case has implications for China-Australia relations.

Another ‘Wolf Warrior’ Controversy Strains China’s Ties With Europe

26 Apr 2023  |  worldpoliticsreview.com
China's Foreign Ministry has publicly distanced itself from controversial statements made by Lu Shaye, the Chinese ambassador to France, on a French political talk show. Lu suggested that former Soviet republics lack effective status under international law, as there is no international accord confirming their sovereignty.

Lula in China: Brazil President looking to strengthen ties, gain Ukraine aid

12 Apr 2023  |  france24.com
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio da Silva is visiting Shanghai, China, for a four-day visit aimed at strengthening ties and proposing the creation of a 'Peace Club' with Xi Jinping to help end the war in Ukraine. Accompanying Lula is a large delegation, including over 200 business leaders and nearly 50 members of Congress.

China says its current wave of COVID infections nearing an end

30 Jan 2023  |  www.france24.com
China experienced approximately 226 million domestic trips during the Lunar New Year Holiday as it lifted zero COVID travel restrictions for the first time in three years. Despite the increased travel, the government claims there was no spike in COVID-19 cases, with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicating that the current wave of infections is nearing its end. Official reports show a decrease in new infections from over 12,600 to around 6,300 between January 20th and 26th.

Government's fault': Chinese hospitals struggle as Covid surges

30 Dec 2022  |  france24.com
Chinese hospitals, including one of the best in Shanghai, are overwhelmed by a surge in COVID-19 cases following the abrupt end of the 'zero Covid' policy. With a low vaccination rate, the healthcare system is under severe strain, with shortages of staff and fever medication. Patients and their families express frustration and blame the government for the lack of preparedness.

Has the 'Big Quit' reached France? Employers struggle to hire staff

17 Jun 2022  |  www.france24.com
The 'Great Resignation' or 'Big Quit' phenomenon, characterized by a significant number of employees leaving their jobs since the Covid-19 pandemic, has impacted France, particularly in sectors with difficult hours and low pay such as hospitality. With a quarter of a million jobs available in bars, cafes, and restaurants, the labor shortage is a major concern for business owners in the world's top tourist destination, especially before the summer season. The situation has altered the power dynamic between employers and employees, leading to creative recruitment strategies by businesses and the state. Insights on the workforce in France are provided by Professor Christine Erhel, Chair of Labour Economics at the French National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts.

Ghana feels the heat of rising inflation

11 Mar 2022  |  www.france24.com
Sudan's Darfur region experienced ethnic clashes resulting in at least 17 deaths, with Arab militias blamed for the violence over land and livestock disputes. In Ghana, the cost of living has reached a six-year high, with rising prices for essentials like water and oil impacting families and businesses. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is facing issues with shoddy construction, leading to a tragic accident in Kinshasa, with corruption and poor urban planning identified as contributing factors.

Nigerian nationals return home from Ukraine

04 Mar 2022  |  www.france24.com
Around 600 Nigerian students have returned home after being evacuated from Romania and Poland, where they had fled following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The students faced significant challenges, including discrimination at the border. Meanwhile, Cape Town's City Hall was illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, despite the South African government's neutral stance on the conflict.

TV series show: 'Inventing Anna', a dull spin on an otherwise captivating story

02 Mar 2022  |  France 24
France 24 reviews the TV series 'Inventing Anna', describing it as a lackluster adaptation of a fascinating story. The article also touches on Son Ye-jin's new project 'Thirty-Nine', which is characterized as a cringeworthy yet delightful show about women approaching forty. Additionally, the piece discusses the reboot of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', now titled 'Bel-Air', which has transitioned from comedy to drama, a move considered thoughtful by the reviewer.

Mali high on agenda ahead of AU-EU summit

14 Feb 2022  |  www.france24.com
European foreign ministers are set to discuss the security situation in Mali ahead of the AU-EU summit. In Uganda, the re-opening of schools after the world's longest Covid-related closure has posed challenges for students' access to education. Additionally, climate change is severely impacting the land and livestock of Kenyan herders.

A stroll through Cairo's Christmas market

24 Dec 2021  |  france24.com
Cairo's Christmas market is a festive destination for families of all religions, featuring traditional holiday attractions. In southern Benin, the 'Kaleta' tradition, rooted in Afro-Brazilian slave history, involves children wearing masks and dancing for neighbors. Additionally, Congolese rumba and Morocco's Tbourida have been added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Libya’s presidential elections postponed

22 Dec 2021  |  www.france24.com
Libya's presidential elections have been postponed from the original date, with the electoral commission citing the impossibility of holding the vote on the scheduled Friday. A new proposed date for the elections is January 24th.

Multiple allegations of rape during Sudan protests

21 Dec 2021  |  france24.com
The UN's Human Rights Office has urged for an immediate and independent investigation into allegations of rape and sexual harassment at the anti-coup protests in Sudan. In a separate event, the French army has killed a leading jihadist in Niger, who was suspected in the murder of eight people, including six French nationals. Additionally, Egyptian authorities have implemented a ban on shishas in cafes to combat Covid-19.

Fighting breaks out as French far-right candidate Zemmour launches 2022 bid with rally

05 Dec 2021  |  www.france24.com
Eric Zemmour, a far-right candidate for the French presidential election, held his first campaign rally in Villepinte, Paris, where he emphasized reducing immigration and criticized President Emmanuel Macron. The event saw violent clashes, with protesters from SOS Racisme being attacked. Zemmour's campaign has faced declining poll numbers and controversies, including distancing from key far-right figures. The rally aimed to regain momentum, with Zemmour reiterating his stance on immigration and the 'great replacement' theory. The political landscape remains uncertain, with Marine Le Pen and Valerie Pecresse also significant contenders.

Senegal's book industry celebrates Mohamed Mbougar Sarr's Goncourt prize

25 Nov 2021  |  France 24
Senegal's book industry is celebrating as Mohamed Mbougar Sarr wins the Goncourt prize, marking a significant achievement for the author and the nation's literary scene.

What Sudanese farmers feel about the coup roiling their country

24 Nov 2021  |  www.france24.com
Entrepreneurs in the Central African Republic are exploring methods to increase Cassava production amidst dwindling supplies due to the pandemic. In the Ivory Coast, the development of Abidjan's new metro system has led to the displacement of residents, who now face uncertainty about their future.

Coup protests in Sudan turn deadly

17 Nov 2021  |  france24.com
The death toll in Sudan has risen as security forces crack down on anti-coup protesters. In the DR Congo, Islamist attacks persist in Beni, causing both casualties and stigmatization of the local Muslim community. In Senegal, the pandemic slowdown has positively impacted the conservation of baby turtles, with nests flourishing due to reduced tourism, fishing, and construction.

Namibian lawmakers debate German genocide deal

23 Sep 2021  |  www.france24.com
Namibian lawmakers are currently deliberating on whether to accept a compensation deal from Germany for a genocide that started in 1904, with Germany offering €1.1 billion for projects as atonement. Meanwhile, Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni aims for a 10 percent Covid-19 vaccination rate by year's end. In Somalia, the National Theatre in Mogadishu celebrates its first public film screening in 30 years.

TV series show: Jessica Chastain stars in story about a marriage falling apart

31 Aug 2021  |  France 24
Jessica Chastain stars in a TV series about a marriage falling apart. The Spanish series 'Casa de Papel' or 'Money Heist' is releasing its fifth and final season on September 3, promising more action and violence. The Series Mania Festival, France's largest event for TV series, is free and available both in person and online until September 2 in Lille, France.

Killing of farm worker highlights ever-present racial divisions in South Africa

16 Oct 2020  |  France 24
The recent killing of a white farmer has intensified racial tensions in South Africa. In Nigeria, protests against police brutality have entered their ninth day. Kenya has seen a positive trend in wildlife conservation, with the elephant population doubling over the past 30 years.

Two found guilty, one acquitted in Kenya Westgate mall attack trial

07 Oct 2020  |  www.france24.com
A Kenyan court convicted two men for aiding al Shabaab in the 2013 Westgate mall attack that resulted in 67 deaths. Tunisia, once a leading phosphate exporter, now imports the mineral due to COVID-19 and social movements affecting its phosphate industry. Madagascar's tourism is hit hard by the pandemic, providing lemurs a respite from tourists.

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