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I directed a weekly youth panel discussion show on ebs tv. 20 30 targeted youth in their 20's and 30's to engage in conversations about issues that impact their day to day lives. This particular episode was about the impacts of Covid-19.


another entertainment piece - We showed a tour of a famous landmark around addis ababa locally called 'Portuguese bridge'


an entertainment piece - a food tour in addis ababa, showing how food crops are brought in to the market from different parts of the country and then we proceeded to show different restaurants in the city.


a follow up to the feature showing addis ababa residents who were pushed out of their homes. This time, we showed the numerous financial and material support donated by individuals and businesses in the city.


a small feature piece on different addis ababa residents who were pushed out of their homes and were staying in churches. The reason was the regional governments opposing to the expansion of the capital city into the neighboring Oromia region.

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