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Yoe Suárez

Havana, Cuba
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About Yoe
Yoe Suárez is a journalist based in Havana, Cuba.
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Documentaries Content Writing
Politics War Reporter Media Training

The Cuban Who Was Imprisoned for Competing with ETECSA

01 Mar 2024  |  Cubanet
Raudel García Bringas, a Cuban entrepreneur, was arrested in 2012 for creating an independent digital network that competed with the state-run telecommunications monopoly, ETECSA. His arrest and subsequent imprisonment for 'illicit economic activity' highlight the Cuban government's repressive measures against private enterprise. García Bringas recounts his experiences of psychological torture and forced medication during his imprisonment, which he details in his memoir. Despite these challenges, he has continued to pursue his professional and academic goals, maintaining a resilient and positive outlook.

Spiral Descents by Jorge Olivera and Nancy Alfaya

16 Feb 2024  |  Cubanet
Jorge Olivera and Nancy Alfaya, born during the Cuban Revolution, were expected to be examples of the 'new man' envisioned by Che Guevara. However, they broke away from the socialist mold. Jorge served in the Angolan civil war and later became a dissident, facing censorship in Cuban media. Nancy, after a life-changing accident, devoted herself to Christianity. They both became prominent figures in the Cuban pro-democracy movement, with Jorge being imprisoned during the Black Spring of 2003. Nancy joined the Ladies in White, a group demanding the release of political prisoners, which faced severe repression. Despite hardships, their faith and activism continued, leading to international recognition. Eventually, they were forced into exile, where they continue their advocacy for a free Cuba.

Collaborator of the Political Police in Guantánamo Now Lives in the U.S.

01 Oct 2023  |  Cubanet
Anabel Campos de Castro, who collaborated with the political police in Guantánamo to imprison evangelical pastors Ramón Rigal and Ayda Expósito, now resides in the United States. Campos de Castro, who has a history of working with the Cuban regime's propaganda and repressive activities, allegedly entered the U.S. through a fraudulent marriage. The article highlights her involvement in political repression and the broader issue of Cuban regime collaborators entering the U.S. amidst the southern border crisis. The piece also recounts the persecution faced by the Rigal-Expósito family for their educational choices and religious leadership.

Fight to Prevent the 'Forced Abortion' of Cuban Political Prisoner

01 Oct 2023  |  Evangelico Digital
A Spanish journalist, Luis Losada, has organized a petition to support Cuban political prisoner Lisdany Rodríguez, who is being pressured by the Cuban socialist regime to undergo an abortion. Rodríguez, imprisoned for participating in the 11J protests, is nine weeks pregnant. Losada and the NGO Prisoners Defenders have brought the case to international attention, including the United Nations and the OAS, labeling the forced abortion as 'state murder.' The campaign aims to pressure the Cuban government to provide necessary medical care for Rodríguez or ideally, to release her. The situation has garnered support from various evangelical groups and pro-life advocates.

An Enemy of the Socialist State

04 Apr 2023  |  yucabyte.org
The author, labeled an enemy of the Cuban socialist state, recounts the repression faced for practicing independent journalism, including threats, surveillance, and restrictions on travel. Despite the challenges, the author continued to write and expose the regime's abuses, finding strength in faith and family. Ultimately, the author and family were forced into exile, leaving Cuba for the United States in 2022. The narrative highlights the broader exodus of Cubans fleeing repression and economic crisis, with many seeking refuge in the US and other countries.

'11J': A turning point in the repression of evangelicals in Cuba

30 Jan 2022  |  cubanamericanvoice.com
On July 11, 2021, widespread protests erupted in Cuba, marking a significant moment for civil society in the country. Among the demonstrators were evangelical and Protestant Christians, including Pastor Carlos Macías, who faced dilemmas about engaging in political protest while fulfilling religious duties. The protests led to increased tensions between evangelical leaders and the state, with many pastors detained and facing persecution. The article details the experiences of several pastors and their families, the response of religious organizations, and the broader implications for religious freedom and civil society in Cuba.

Protestants Are Now Cuba's Most Repressed Religious Group, Tally Finds

19 Jan 2022  |  religionunplugged.com
The article discusses the increasing repression of Protestant Christians in Cuba, particularly following the July 11, 2021 protests. Methodist pastor Carlos Macias and other religious leaders joined the demonstrations demanding civil rights, food, and medicine. The Cuban government has since intensified its persecution of Protestant pastors, viewing religious groups as a significant threat to its control. The article highlights the tension between the state and religious communities, with churches like the Methodist Church and Pentecostal Assemblies of God openly criticizing the government's actions. The narrative underscores the courage of religious leaders in standing up for their rights despite the risks.


It is an investigative text about torture in Cuba.

Video about ciber surveillance in Cuba. This video was filmed in order ro support an investigative text.


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