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Yosief Abraham Z.

Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist, news editor, reporter and content management writer for different local and international media outlets and he has been in the field for twelve years in reporting to named media centers across the globe.

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Short and deep interview with a foreign expert.


A reflection on travel and cruising articles.


Briefings on Eritrea’s Fishing Treasures and Unexploited Opportunities.


Too briefed analysis of the hundreds pages report on Eritrea's marine diversities issues.


Gathering news on sportive and other breaking news of the country.


Regarding cultural and social experiences of American Volunteer Services In Eritrea.


On major African infrastructural impediments and their crucial impacts on over all developments of the continent.



  • Iran: Scenarios from the 'Economics is for Donkeys' to Shaking with 'Left Hand'

    London, Britain Current Affairs 25 Feb 2033

    When the first Iranian supreme leader, Roullah Khomeini, regarded economics as concerning matter 'for donkeys' only, many buffled, others confused. This man who played critical role in shaping the Iranian landscape to painfully terraced mountains of difficulties during his term from 3 December 1979... Read more

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