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Yosief Abraham Z.

Asmara, Eritrea
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About Yosief
Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist, news editor, reporter and content management writer for different local and international media outlets and he has been in the field for twelve years in reporting to named media centers across the globe.

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Dehai -- Shabait.com: Eritrea’s Fishing Treasures: Unexploited Opportunities

17 Jul 2021  |  dehai.org
The article discusses the development of Eritrea's fishing sector since the establishment of a government body to oversee maritime activities in 1991. Despite the potential to harvest 60-80,000 tons of fish annually, Eritrea's actual catch has been much lower, with only 13,000 tons reported in 2000. The College of Marine Sciences and Technology suggests that 25,000 tons per year could significantly contribute to food security. The sector has received support from the United Nations, the Government of Japan, and the establishment of national fishing companies. However, challenges remain, including the need for better training, more advanced fishing methods, and combating illegal fishing by neighboring countries. The Eritrean Naval Forces require better resources to patrol the waters effectively. The article emphasizes the importance of the fishing sector for Eritrea's food security and economic development.

Dehai -- Shabait.com: Developmental Packages for Guaranteeing Marine Diversities

17 Jul 2021  |  dehai.org
The article discusses the rich marine biodiversity along the Eritrean Red Sea coast, highlighting the presence of mangroves, coral reefs, and diverse marine species. It emphasizes the importance of mangroves in supporting the marine ecosystem and mentions the Eritrean Center for Strategic Studies' research on the subject. The article also describes the Eritrean coastline's geographical features and the various marine species found there, including commercially valuable fish. Dr. Zekaria, the Dean of College of Marine Sciences and Technology, is cited regarding the abundance of reef fishes. The article further outlines the Eritrean government's efforts, through the Ministry of Fisheries, to manage and protect marine resources by implementing regulations and laws. It underscores the government's commitment to preserving marine diversity and ensuring sustainable fisheries.

The 2017 assessment on African highways

17 Jul 2021  |  Madote
The article discusses the plans for connecting various African countries through a network of transcontinental highways. It highlights that Eritrea, Somalia, and South Sudan need to link their main roads to neighboring countries like Djibouti or North Sudan to be part of the nine planned African highways. The projects, developed by UNECA, ADB, and the African Union, aim to promote trade and reduce poverty. However, there are concerns about prioritizing these highways over addressing internal issues such as instability, corruption, and youth unemployment. James Mercado, a former apprentice at Wuhan Transportation University, suggests that countries should focus on local infrastructure projects. The article also mentions skepticism about relying on financial aid from former colonial powers for such infrastructure projects.

“I shall never forget the ambition, grace, and intelligence that characterized my students”

17 Jan 2018  |  Madote
The article by Yosief Abraham Z discusses a book that contains memoirs of former Peace Corps members who served in Eritrea. The book, presented to HorMid reading club, includes personal stories and experiences that highlight the cultural exchange and the deep connections formed between the volunteers and the Eritrean people. Contributors like Curt Peterson, Wayne Kessler, Tom Gallagher, Cynthia Kimberlin, and Paul E. Huntsburger share their nostalgic memories and the profound impact Eritrea and its people had on their lives. The narratives cover a range of topics from the co-existence of Eritreans, the Italian colonial legacy, to the musical heritage of the country. The book aims to connect Eritrean values with current generations and preserve the legacy of Eritreanism through the eyes of those who lived and worked there during the 1960s and 1970s.

Eritrean Cyclists Dominate as Tour of Eritrea Kicks Off

16 Apr 2016  |  TesfaNews
The 2016 Tour of Eritrea, officially recognized by UCI, began on April 16 with eight teams participating. The race started from Foro and ended in Ghindae. Despite challenging mountain races and hot weather, Eritrean cyclists dominated the event, with Michael Habtom winning the day's race and naming his newborn son 'Mekseb' in celebration. Adhanom Zemichael and Million Amanuel finished second and third, respectively. The Rwandan National Team, coached by American Jonathan 'Joke' Boyer, faced additional challenges due to the weather. The Sudan team, coached by an Eritrean, and other teams like Egypt and Rwanda also competed, with Eritreans securing the top ranks. The Tour of Eritrea will continue with the 'Massawa-Circuit' on April 17.

J.K. Marcel Claxton on Eritrea: From the 1960s to the Silver Jubilee

24 Feb 2016  |  dehai.org
The article is an interview with J.K. Marcel Claxton, the author of an E-book about Eritrea, covering the nation's journey from pre- to post-independence. Claxton discusses his arrival in Eritrea in 1962, his observations of political movements, and the economic focus areas at the time. He highlights the role of Eritrean women in socio-economic development, comparing them with women in other countries he has visited. Claxton also expresses admiration for Eritrean teachers of the 1960s and notes the country's progress post-independence, especially in Massawa. He addresses the negative portrayal of Eritrea in the media and mentions his efforts to share Eritrea's story through pictorial exhibitions. The article concludes with Claxton's reflection on the presence of superpower embassies in Asmara and the quest for truth.

Pristine Dahlak Kebir beach

18 Feb 2016  |  dehai.org
The article describes the Dahlak Archipelago in Eritrea as one of the last unspoiled destinations in the world, highlighting its natural beauty and rich biodiversity. The archipelago consists of over 200 islands, offering a paradise for yacht cruising, diving, and observing marine life. The Dahlak Kebir island has a history of pearl fishing dating back to ancient Egyptian times. The islands are characterized by their desert-like conditions, with early inhabitants having carved cisterns to collect drinking water. The marine life includes unique species of fish and corals, and the islands are also a breeding ground for various seabirds. The article emphasizes the importance of preserving this environmental treasure.

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