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Yosief Abraham Z.

Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist, news editor, reporter and content management writer for different local and international media outlets and he has been in the field for twelve years in reporting to named media centers across the globe.

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  • China's Puzzles, US Equations and Taiwan' s Calculations: Result?

    London, Britain Current Affairs 29 Dec 2023

    History is now witnessing reversed historical landscapes. Back in May 1949, Taiwan was under a Martial law that was declared by the new relocated central government. Back then, the US government had an eroded interest on the effects of the repressing law and it's aggressive impacts. Reversely,... Read more

  • Kuwait City: A Confluence of Amusements and Legacies

    London, Britain Travel 29 Dec 2023

    With its legacies that engulf visitors to its foundation in 1613, the smell of history is there soothing you with its first inhabitants who had to deal with the artistry of fishing and selling pearls. Sat at the city's modern boulevards is a time to unfold it's past legacies in linking major trade... Read more

  • Iran: Scenarios from the 'Economics is for Donkeys' to Shaking with 'Left Hand'

    London, Britain Current Affairs 25 Feb 2033

    When the first Iranian supreme leader, Roullah Khomeini, regarded economics as concerning matter 'for donkeys' only, many buffled, others confused. This man who played critical role in shaping the Iranian landscape to painfully terraced mountains of difficulties during his term from 3 December 1979... Read more

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