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Yousef Gharibi

Idlib, Syria
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About Yousef
Yousef Gharibi is a journalist based in Idlib, Syria.
Arabic English
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Politics Current Affairs War Reporter

SPOTLIGHT 101 | Photojournalist Yousef Gharibi | Danish Siddiqui Foundation | War Photography

An enchanting trip under the fresh waters of Darkush for spear fishing and diving In Syria, Idlib

Oud maker Syria

Idlib – Youssef Gharibi

15 Mar 2023  |  Enab Baladi
The article by Youssef Gharibi discusses the impact of widespread gun possession among civilians in Idlib, Syria. It recounts the story of Ibtisam Ali Pasha, whose daughter was paralyzed by a stray bullet from celebratory gunfire. Despite laws against such practices, the Salvation Government's (SG) regulations have had little effect, with weapons still being common due to the ongoing war. The interior minister, Ahmed Latouf, acknowledges the risks but also cites self-defense as a reason for civilians bearing arms. The article also covers the SG's recent decision to close weapon shops, although enforcement is questionable. The proliferation of weapons among civilians has led to numerous incidents of violence and accidents, raising concerns about safety and the need for more effective control and awareness.



The Syrian infant, born under the rubble, is recovering

My new cooperation with KBSnews I have documented the stories of three children whose lives were changed by the earthquake

Beauty you have never seen before for the nature of Idlib

Why did you choose to become a photojournalist?

15 Sep 2022  |  Danish Siddiqui Foundation
The article is an interview with a photojournalist who began their career due to the necessity of reporting human rights violations during the Syrian war. The journalist describes their most challenging story as shooting a documentary on architectural irregularities in Idlib. They recall the displacement of over 1.2 million people in early 2020 as a memorable story. The journalist's work style is realistic with a focus on hope and professionalism. They face challenges such as security risks, gaining trust from international newsrooms, and dealing with the indifference of press organizations. The journalist uses Canon cameras and engages with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share their work and build relationships. They stay motivated by the dynamic nature of journalism and prepare for assignments with research and equipment checks, although risk assessment is often not possible due to the constant threat of bombing. The journalist emphasizes the importance of curiosity, effort, and ethical reporting without bias.

La angustia de vivir entre miles de bombas sin explotar en Siria

Pictures you haven't seen before..Night and Eid in the eye of a bird #idlib #wer #syria

Amani Al-Ali, the story of a Syrian cartoonist

03 Feb 2022  |  fr.euronews.com
Amani Al-Ali, a 37-year-old Syrian artist, has faced significant challenges in pursuing her passion for caricature in a society unaccustomed to freedom of expression. Despite receiving criticism and mockery, she persevered and now aims to share the Syrian people's suffering and stories through her international exhibitions, with a notable one in Italy. Al-Ali aspires to open a school for caricature, teach the art academically, and encourage more female cartoonists to join her. She remains hopeful and content with her achievements, believing in her future recognition.

The best cappuccino is in Idlib, we discovered it

12 Jan 2022  |  es.euronews.com
In Idlib, Syria, roadside stalls offer a variety of teas, coffees, and snacks, with the creamy cappuccino being the most popular. Mohamed Al-Mahmoud, a coffee stall owner, has gained popularity for his unique cappuccino creations, adding ingredients like coconut, biscuits, pistachios, cashews, chocolate, and honey. Each stall offers its own distinctive touch, competing on appearance, consistency, and taste. Despite the challenges of war and poverty, locals like Mohamed Al-Khateeb find solace in this small luxury, making the cappuccino a cherished part of their daily routine.

I paint hope: Young Syrian painter dreams of a European escape

20 Dec 2021  |  www.euronews.com
In Sarmin near Idlib, 16-year-old Roaa Tanari uses painting to escape the harsh realities of life in war-torn Syria. Despite the lack of art schools and equipment, she has taught herself to paint, creating her own materials. Roaa dreams of moving to Europe to study art professionally, as she sees no future for herself as an artist in Syria.

In a conservative society where adulterous relationships are not accepted, the deteriorating economic conditions might also be a reason for children being abandoned, according to Younes Abo Amin, manager of "House of the Child".

Syrian displaced fear the arrival of winter

10 Nov 2021  |  es.euronews.com
Syria's continuous summer weather signals long-term climate change issues and immediate concerns for northwest residents facing their eleventh winter amid war, with 2.8 million displaced, 1.7 million in camps. With a cold winter expected, inadequate shelter and lack of promised aid for heating leave residents unprepared, relying on plastic bags and twigs for warmth. Most camps lack proper drainage, exposing them to severe weather damage. NGOs' aid covers only a third of survival needs, with families earning around two dollars a day. The Emergency Response Team's winter campaign director, Firas Mansour, highlights the absence of international aid programs for heating and the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe if the international community does not act.


They don't accept the idea of ​​women being at the fore Maryam Kaddour.. She does not submit to pressure and continues her dream in the camp

Remnants of war.. Latent death in Idlib

Coronavirus pandemic could reshape the global order

01 Nov 2021  |  Middle East Eye
The article discusses the fears and challenges faced by refugees in the Atmeh camp in northern Syria and other camps in the Middle East and Europe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Aid workers are seen disinfecting tents, but the cramped living conditions, lack of healthcare infrastructure, and limited access to basic hygiene facilities make the refugee populations highly vulnerable to the virus. The World Health Organisation has declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and experts like Adam Coutts from Cambridge University highlight the neglect of refugees in the global response. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Greece and Islamic Relief in Syria express concerns about the ability to contain the virus in overcrowded camps and the lack of medical supplies. The Syrian government has not confirmed any cases, but skepticism remains. The article includes additional reporting from Yousef Gharibi at the Atmeh refugee camp.

For generations, water buffalo breeding flourished in the Hama countryside in northwest Syria. But in recent years, the animal has become endangered due to the ongoing war and has impacted the livelihoods of shepherds

an investigation about the uncontrolled urban development in Idlib


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