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Yu Jiang

Uppsala, Sweden
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About Yu
Jiang Yu is a journalist based in Uppsala, Sweden.
English Japanese Chinese (Mandarin)
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Politics Current Affairs Sports

Ecological Efficiency Measurement and Technical Heterogeneity Analysis in China: A Two-Stage Three-Level Meta-Frontier Network Model Based on Segmented Projection

10 Jan 2024  |  mdpi.com
The study introduces a segmented projection three-layer meta-frontier analysis method to examine ecological efficiency, emissions inefficiency, and technology gaps across 30 Chinese provinces from 2016 to 2020. It reveals disparities in management eco-efficiency, with central provinces outperforming the east. Advanced technology in the east contributes to superior eco-efficiency. Temporal analysis highlights the positive role of scientific and technological development. The study suggests prioritizing environmental governance, strengthening regional collaborations, and implementing policies to bridge technology gaps.

Global genetic diversity, introgression, and evolutionary adaptation of indicine cattle revealed by whole genome sequencing

10 Oct 2023  |  Nature
The study sequenced 297 new genomes of indicine and taurine cattle, revealing higher genetic diversity in indicine cattle. It identified significant genetic adaptations in indicine cattle to various environmental conditions, including heat tolerance and disease resistance. The research highlighted the introgression of genes from wild bovine species into indicine cattle, aiding their adaptation to tropical and humid environments. The study also traced the historical migration patterns of indicine cattle, suggesting a coastal route for their entry into East Asia. The findings expand the understanding of genetic variants and evolutionary history of indicine cattle, emphasizing their adaptability and resistance to harsh conditions.

Core fucosylation regulates alveolar epithelial cells senescence through activating of transforming growth factor-β pathway in pulmonary fibrosis

18 Sep 2023  |  aging-us.com
The study investigates the role of core fucosylation in regulating alveolar epithelial cells senescence and its impact on pulmonary fibrosis. It demonstrates that core fucosylation mediates the modification of TGF-βR I, a critical module in the TGF-β pathway, and regulates cell senescence induced by bleomycin both in vivo and in vitro. The research suggests that inhibition of cellular senescence by eliminating the FUT8 gene could attenuate pulmonary fibrosis, indicating that activated core fucosylation modification leads to cellular senescence in lung disorders with fibrosis.

Macron's Successful Reelection, but the Future of Franco-Chinese Relations Remains Uncertain

27 Apr 2022  |  美国之音
Emmanuel Macron has been reelected as the President of France, marking the first successful reelection in nearly two decades. His victory has maintained political stability in France and Europe. Macron's second term ensures continuity in France's foreign policy towards China, although human rights remain a significant issue in Franco-Chinese and EU-China relations. Macron's previous visits to China and his stance on the Beijing Winter Olympics are noted. The EU-China investment deal, praised by KPMG but frozen by the European Parliament due to human rights concerns, is unlikely to progress. Experts from Institut Montaigne and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs believe human rights will continue to be a persistent issue in EU-China relations. Macron's internal challenges include winning a majority in the upcoming June national assembly elections, acknowledging that many voted for him to prevent the far-right from winning.

What does the French election result mean for China?

21 Apr 2022  |  美国之音
The French presidential election's second round could potentially shift the political balance in Europe and reshape France's relations with Russia and China, even affecting ties with Taiwan. The current France-China relationship is multifaceted, with China seen as a partner, competitor, and adversary in different contexts. Macron's potential re-election is viewed as maintaining a pragmatic stance towards China, balancing bilateral relations while supporting a tougher EU stance on issues like 5G, trade, and human rights. Le Pen's victory could introduce uncertainty, given her vows to confront China in the Indo-Pacific and preference for Russia over China. Her Eurosceptic stance could also weaken EU cohesion, which might indirectly benefit China's interests in Europe. The election outcome is pivotal for France and Europe, with traditional left-right political structures collapsing and the rise of extreme parties reflecting public dissatisfaction with mainstream politics.

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