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Yunus Aslan

Diyarbakır, Turkey
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About Yunus
Yunus Aslan is a journalist based in Diyarbakır, Turkey.
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Construction workers working in unhealthy conditions in Turkey have an accident

Sinanköy residents in Diyarbakır's Bismil district have been fighting for their rights since 2004. The villagers have been renting and processing the 110 thousand decares of village land from the village chief for years, and this is how they earn their li

With the AKP government's transfer of electricity distribution to companies close to the government, the public suffered billions of lira in 10 years. Billions are poured into these companies from public funds. Distribution companies have collapsed into a

After meeting with Erdogan, on the night of Barzani's visit to England, Turkey launched a cross-border operation, which it called a claw-lock. Erdogan and Barzani's main focus is oil, gas and liquidation.

From Surp Giragos Church, Ohannes Ohanyan: Let no one be oppressed

27 Dec 2022  |  bianet.org
Surp Giragos Church in Diyarbakır, the largest Armenian church in the Middle East, reopened for worship in May 2022 after seven years of closure due to damage sustained in street clashes in 2015. Ohannes Gafur Ohanyan, a board member of the Surp Giragos Armenian Church Foundation, detailed the church's restoration, which was supported by Armenians worldwide and local communities without institutional aid. The church, originally built in 1376 and repurposed variously throughout history, had been in disrepair until 2011-2012 when it was first restored and reopened. Despite the challenges faced by the Armenian community in Turkey, including identity changes among 30-40 individuals in the last 12 years due to pressures, the church's reopening has been a significant event, with Armenians from around the world attending the celebrations. Ohanyan expressed hope for a world where no one is oppressed or exploited, in line with the spirit of the Christmas celebration.

Diyarbakır Residents React to Trusteeship: No Respect for the Dead

09 Sep 2022  |  bianet.org
Residents of Diyarbakır's Sur district are expressing their dissatisfaction with the neglected state of the Çifte Havuz Cemetery, fearing that the overgrown grass could lead to fires. A local merchant criticized the trusteeship's lack of respect for the living and the dead, linking it to the suicides of many young people and increasing poverty. A former municipal worker, dismissed by the trusteeship, called for the protection of the cemeteries. Süleyman Duman, known locally as the cemetery caretaker, reported multiple unaddressed complaints about the cemetery's condition, which has become a haven for drug addicts and is in disrepair. He noted that the cemetery, once an Armenian settlement, received better care under elected officials than under the trusteeship.

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